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The Following Reports are available from Tunisia:
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Tunisia 23 February 6 March 2008

  • Here is a short account of my recent trip to Tunisia. The itinerary we followed was biased by my interest in desert birds and the typical North African species...Ernesto G. Occhiato reports.

Tunisia November 2006 -Trip report in French - Bruno Veillet (3.2 Mb pdf - BIG!)

Tunisia 9th - 15th April 2006

  • After we picked up our car we decided to head north east up to Cap Bon. First stop was the lagoon at Tuzerka where we had 4 Greater Flamingo, 2 Common Shelduck and several Slender-billed Gulls...Bob Swann reports.

Northern Tunisia 16 – 23 February 2005

  • Ninety two species were recorded during the holiday - which was not intended to be a total birding experience.  I had just returned from duty in Iraq and it was a chance to unwind with my family and take in some of the Tunisian historical sights and the sun - which there wasn't much of in an unseasonably poor winter...Mark Easterbrook reports

Tunisia 19th-26th December 2004

  • Birding was easy, although I did miss a couple of species which I thought were almost definite (marbled duck and red-rumped wheatear). Views were generally good to excellent but I often spent a little less time with each species than I would have liked as there was often somewhere else to move on to....Ken Tucker reports

Birding Trip to Tunisia 3rd to 31st March 2004

  • Why don't more birders go?  It's a major migration route for many species, with huge numbers and quality views.  The people are friendly, the landscape and history fascinating, travel is easy and accommodation is cheap and readily available.  Above all it's safe, and largely hassle free....Kathleen and Ian Johnson report 

Birding Trip to Tunisia Winter 2002-2003

  • Full list of sightings from a winter trip to Tunisia, Jens Hjerrild Hansen reports

Tunisia December 9th - 15th 2002

  • We saw a flock of 12 Sandgrouse flying past and then located 9 on the ground. There were lots of cranes on the flats and many more flying over head. In total we saw 243 in the area. Additionally there was a small flock of Dotterel in the ploughed area...Chris Cameron reports.

Tunisia March 18th - 24th 2001

  • I started birding on the balcony of the hotel at 5 PM with good numbers of Cory's Shearwaters (270), 6 Levantines, 16 Gannets, 1 light phase Arctic Skua, about 50 Sandwich, 3 Little and 2 Capian Terns...Nicolas Selosse reports

Tunisia (Cap Bon) 26/04 - 03.05.2000

  • After an early-morning flight of about 2.30hours, during the landing you can already see the first birds : Greater Flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber) in the Salinas of Monastir. During the bus trip towards Hammamet, a Collared Pratincole (Glareola pratincola) and several Eurasian Hoopoes (Upupa epops) were spotted... Belgian birder Dirk Raes reports

Birding Trip to Tunisia 7th-15th March, 1999

  • William Oliver and companions saw 140 Species during their March '99 trip to Tunisia, including some much sought after desert species...


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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Tunisia:
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Birds of Europe with North Africa and the Middle East
Lars Jonsson: Buy from or

  • A highly illustrated guide covering all but a few of the Western Palearctic's breeding birds, and includes information on all regularly encountered vagrants.

Collins Bird Guide
Lars Svensson et al: Buy from or

  • Europe's best Field guide. If you only carry one field guide on a trip into Europe then this should be it. It provides all the information needed to identify any species at any time of the year, with detailed text on size, habitat, range, identification and voice. Accompanying every species entry is a distribution map and numerous illustrations to show the species in all the major plumages (male, female, immature, in flight, at rest, feeding, etc).

A Field Guide to the Raptors of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa
William S. Clark: Buy from or

  • The birds of prey must rank among the most imposing birds to be found anywhere in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. In this guide, the author presents the latest information on tried and tested field marks for identifying the diurnal raptors, both perched and in flight. Forty-eight colour plates, especially painted for this volume by artist N. John Schmitt, depict all the plumages for every raptor found in the Western Palearctic region,

Travel Information for Tunisia

Lonely Planet Tunisia
Anthony Ham, Abigail Hole: Buy from or

  • Includes accommodation and restaurant listings for all budgets and tastes; useful information on getting around, including 4WD desert tours; the lowdown and what to buy and where, from birdcages to silver jewellery and carpets; special features on Tunisia's Roman, Berber and Islamic architecture; and language sections.

Michelin Country Map 958: Algeria / Tunisia
Buy from or

  • Apparently the best of the available Maps.


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