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A Report from

South and East Turkey, 19th to 29th May 2006,

Thomas Lindblad

Great White Pelicans Aktas Gölu 26th May 2006

Thomas Lindblad, Lund, Sweden,
Pär Vamborg, Brussels, Belgium,


Birding in Turkey is very attractive especially from the point of some in the Western Palearctic scarce breeding birds. Travelling in late May means that most of the migration has passed and the focus will therefore be on breeding birds and late migrants, especially for us some target species marked in bold in the species list. Since we have been to Lesbos (and Sapin) before we did not spend time to try to find birds that are common for both Lesbos and this part of Turkey, e.g. Krüper’s nuthatch. Also we avoided Red-wattled lapwing due to the unstable political climate in the region. We undertook a relatively standard itinerary trip which this report will cover and highlight important new information especially with respect to the two Gosney guides covering the area (Dave Gosney – “Finding birds in Turkey, Ankara to Birecik” [1991-1996], and “Finding birds in Eastern Turkey” [1992]) as well as Green & Moorehouse – “A birdwatchers guide to Turkey” [1995]. In total we saw 234 species.


We flew with Turkish airlines from Copenhagen and Brussels, respectively, to Istanbul and connected there to Adana on 19th May 2006. Important information is that if your luggage is checked to final destination you should not leave the international terminal, i.e. pass through the passport area but rather connect from within that terminal. Although we asked several people they guided us through to domestic terminal and we had to rebook our connecting flight, which was ok but unwanted. The return trip went from Trabzon via Istanbul to our separate final destinations.

Car rental and driving

We rented a car via Filo car rental (, a Ford Focus with unlimited mileage. This costed 65 Euros/day plus 145 Euros for the one-way fee (picking up at Adana and drop at Trabzon). This is expensive and we spoke with others who had a more reasonable cost for the car but it was sincerely difficult to find a company willing to assist in a one-way fee and furthermore, the competition is greater in e.g. Antalya and hence lower prices although it will mean more mileage. Petrol is expensive in Turkey. We paid approximately 2.90 YTL per litre which is about 1.6 euro.

Driving in Turkey is no problem at all nowadays. We had some small incidents with people doing bad overtakings when the sight was limited but apart from that everything was fine. The fees for using the larger motorways are small (between 1 and 5 YTL) and they are in good shape. If you, like we, are in shortage of time, decreasing the time on the road is of great importance. Turkey seems to be going through a serious infrastructural improvement. We passed loads of roadworks which slowed us down but in the end this will improve driving in Turkey in the future.

We drove a total of 3831 km.


We did not prebook anything but we found hotels quite easy along the way. Three places require comments however. In Çukurbag (Demirkazik) we stayed with Safak pension. Dinner in the evening, accomodation, breakfast, lift to the mountain and guiding costed 100 Euros/person. In the light of what food and accomodation cost in the rest of Turkey we found this expensive. We learned from others that some bargaining is possible with Hasan Safak.

It has been difficult to find accomodation in the vicinity of Isikli/Durnalik and the best option might be to stay in Gaziantep. However, if you drive through Isikli and a further couple of kms you come to a house with a sign “Tourist Centre”, signposted already at the main road. Here you can find Imam Deliler, a very nice Danish, German and French speaking person. We stayed at his house for a small fee which included an evening meal and breakfast. He is currently also refurbishing his house to be able to offer accomodation to birders on the second floor of his house. We can recommend this place for people who would like to stay close to Isikli/Durnalik.The third place is well described in other reports, Hotel Mirkelam in Birecik. Although Birecik offer other hotels and this one is not “top quality” the others are said to be of lower quality.

General information

In eastern Turkey close to the borders of Iran, Armenia and Georgia you will definitely encounter many military control stations along the road. The military are very friendly and by showing your passport, stating your home country’s name, preferably in Turkish, and saying “tourist” there should not be a problem.

When stopping in areas where people pass by you will normally be approached. The people we encountered were never offensive or causing any problems, a handshake and “hello” will solve most situations. If you let them look in your scope you will definitely have some friends and they will offer you tea, çay.

Dogs can be an irritating thing. Especially in Van marshes there are stray dogs that has caused other visitors some trouble. They seem to be hostile and the best tip is to arm yourself with some pebbles just in case.

We had breakfast and lunch in the field, and only occasionally had lunch in a restaurant. Dinner in restaurants averaged about 15 YTL per person. We found it cheaper the further northeast we went. Food is overall good.

Itinerary (all dates are in May 2006)


Arrival Adana, drove to Göksu, 180 km


Göksu, Silifke and vicinity, drove to Demirkazik, Silifke – Nigde – Demirkazik 390 km


Demirkazik, drove to Isikli, 390 km


Durnalik, drove to Birecik, 100 km


Birecik area, drove to Tatvan, 530 km


Nemrut Dagi (by lake Van), drove to Bulanik, 120 km, drove to Van, 240 km


Van area, Ercek Gölu, drove to Ishak Pasa, 200 km


Ishak Pasa, drove to Aktas Gölu, 290 km, night in Oltu, 170 km


Oltu – Erzurum – Gelinkaya – Ovitdagi, 330 km


Ovitdagi, drove to Trabzon, 100 km


Departure Trabzon

Trip report and diary

Friday 19th May

We arrived in Adana around 9:30 pm having to rebook in Istanbul due to bad information at the airport. Rebooking was however not a problem. After checking out the car and some repacking we had a quick meal and left Adana at 11 pm. We drove to Tasucu and arrived at 1 am. The nigh was spent in the car.

Saturday 20th May

The morning was spent around the Göksu delta. Several Black francolins were calling in the scrub. A pair was seen when we were standing in the tower halfway down the air strip. Distances in the delta can be large and the heat makes birdwatching later than early mornings difficult in this huge lake at this time of the year. We continued along the beach and Spur-winged lapwings were common along the gravel road. A bit farther away, when passing a small house and a creek, we visited another lake to the right of the road. There we saw the only Flamingoes of the trip and also a good collection of waders.

North of the lake we visited a swamp with a lot of reed. At least two Moustached warblers were seen and heard singing. At the same site there was a Night heron roost.

Just east of Silifke there is a good spot for White-throated kingfisher. About a kilometer east of the chukar roundabout in Silifke there is a large drainpipe heading south. Next to it there is gravel road. Drive down here until you see the river and then walk another 1-2 km. White-throated kingfisher seem to hold a territory here and was quite obliging.

After a quick trip up to Demircili and some nice birds, e.g. Olive-tree warbler, we drove directly to Nigde. In the large lake/dam we saw Whiskered terns and White-headed ducks. We headed to Demirkazik and Safak pension where we spent the night.

Sunday 21st May

Hasan Safak will run you through a standardised program that will give you the birds you want. The ride up started at 4 am and it is bumpy but will save you time if time is precious. We birdwatched with Safan between 5 and 8:30 and had all the birds there rather easy with an obliging Radde’s accentor, several Caspian snowcocks with one flying between two ridges. It is a truly spectacular bird. We walked down the gorge which might be tricky if you are unwilling to do easy climbing. We started at around 8:30 and were down 10:20. In the opening before you enter the gorge we had Red-fronted serin and in the gorge Wallcreeper. This standard program will bring you back to Safaks house around lunch which we had there.

We headed for Durnalik/Isikli area with a quick stop at Toprakkale for raptor migration. That proved to produce absolutely nothing and overall it seemed as raptor migration were at its end. We arrived in Isikli where we stayed at Imam Deliler’s place, see above. A short walk in the evening in the vicinity produced White-throated robins and a flock of Pale rock sparrows.

Pär enjoying evening tea with Imam in Isikli

Monday 22nd May

We left Imam at 5 am and entered the Durnalik valley at 5:30. It is highly recommended to make this excursion a morning trip. Others who do the same walk later in the day come back with a much shorter list. We also met some other people who had some hostile encounters here and this is also the place where most people seem to have problems with car burglary. However, a very early morning can decrease the risk.

We saw all target species here including Kurdish wheatear in the so called lunar landscape. It is possible to drive all the way up here by following a road that passes the valley entrance. Go further up and take the first road to the right. You will now have the valley to your right and a small hill to the left. Walking along the road on the far side of the hill produced the wheatear. Birds worth mentioning here were two Desert finches in the upper end of the valley, both Rock nuthatches, many Pale rock sparrows and Cinereous buntings.

Upcher’s warbler, Durnalik valley

In the afternoon we drove to Birecik. In Birecik we tried to visit the ibis centre but it was closed due to the breeding season of the ibises. During the afternoon we visited a wadi that starts a bit north of the ibis centre at a place called Iski, where there is also a restaurant. This wadi is described in Klaus Malling Olsens report from 2005. We had two See-see partridges here. We also visited the fish ponds south of Birecik. They are not really difficult to find, just try to find your way south as close to the river as possible and finally you will get there. There were a lot of herons, Pygmy cormorants and other pond birds. Among a flock of sparrows we found 2 Dead sea sparrows. There was also a Laughing dove. We then drove north out of Birecik in the direction towards Halfeti. Following the directions in Gosney we made some stops along the road and saw a Chestnut-shouldered petronia.

In the afternoon and early evening we spent a fair amount of time looking for Pallid scops owl. It seems as there is no longer anyone guiding. We asked several people at the café and although they knew about the bird no-one could find it. Sadly enough we had to leave the café without the owl that day. Night at hotel Mirkelam, 45 YTL for 2 persons.

Tuesday 23rd May

A very early start proved to be lucky for us. We went up well before sunrise (3:30 am) for a serious try for Pallid scops owl. We headed for the park, just south of the café. One European scops owl was calling, but suddenly another bird with a weaker and slightly different call was found. In the torch light one Pallid scops owl was found and while watching it, another came flying up to the first one, maybe for feeding. The sweet feeling of success came upon us!

After the succesful start the rest of the morning was spent in the wadi that starts just north of the Ibis centre. Except for nesting Bald ibises and several Ménétries's warblers in the beginning of the wadi, not much was seen.

Pygmy cormorant, Birecik

We left Birecik to go to Halfeti, which is about 35 km north of Birecik. On the way we stopped where there, according to Gosney, have been Cream-coloured cursors. This place, however only produced larks. Halfeti is a very interesting place and earlier in the spring it is probably very good, e.g. several birders have reported many species of wheatears. At this time of the year the vegetation has become dry and the weed on the ground was an absolute pain, penetrating even quite strong footwear. Some amazingly huge crickets were seen and several Eastern rock nuthatches but otherwise rather quiet.

We left Halfeti around noon to head for Tatvan which we reached at 8 pm, including one lunch break and one quick stop, a trip of about 520 km. We stayed at a rather bad hotel for 25 YTL for 2 persons.

Wednesday 24th May

The aim for the morning was getting into the crater of Nemrut Dagi. There are two roads up to the crater, one is described in Gosney but we found it in too bad condition so we turned around and headed for the other road. In the crater we met other birdwatchers who had taken the Gosney road so both are accessible. We choose to go further north towards Alat along Van lake and then turn left/west where there is a brown sign to Nemrut. In the crater we saw many good species e.g. Red-fronted serin (close to the big crater lake), Finsch's wheatear and Radde's accentor. In the crater we were stopped by the military but they only wanted to show us the greatness of the Nemrut Dagi including a guided tour (free of charge) to the volcano chimneys.

Nemrut Dagi crater, Rufous-tailed rock thrush, Finsch’s wheatear

We left Nemrut Dagi around noon and drove a fairly bad road over Alat, north to Malazgirt and then west towards Bulanik. We spent 4 hours in the Bulanik area overlooking the river to try to see Demoiselle crane but without luck. Highlights included a big colony of Sandwich terns and two Great bustards.

We aimed for a night in Van, east of the Van lake. The road was quite good and 240 km and 2½ hours later we arrived in Van. After a search for a hotel, skipping the worst, we found a moderately bad one for 30 YTL for 2 persons.

Thursday 25th May

The morning was spent at South Van marshes. The target species was Paddyfield warbler and we saw relatively easy 2 singing individuals. Also, quite unexpected, we had a Common grasshopper warbler. Around the castle, Van Kalesi, several Lesser kestrels were seen. We visited the north marshes as well, but they are rather unproductive and also relatively hard to get an overview of.

Van hill east of Van was our next target. Grey-necked bunting was the main attraction here and after some work we saw several behind the hills towards the railtrack and the mine.

After Van hills we drove north to Ercek Gölu where we had excellent views of White-headed ducks and White-winged terns. We then continued north for a "shortcut". This was a very bad move and we soon found ourselves driving on imaginary roads over high hills. After getting help from a teacher which resulted in tea drinking with the headmaster we found ourselves on good roads after some hours where the actual distance travelled was less 20 km.

We drove to Bendimahi marshes which was a nice visit. This site has been good and accessible before but we realised that it is becoming more and more difficult to access and with new roads under construction this will be accentuated. We found an acceptable road down to the marshes in the small village just north of the marshes. There you can access a part of the marshes.

We headed for Dogubayazit and Ishak Pasa and drove quite slowly north east. This is a spectacular trip and worth taking some time. It also takes time since you will be stopped often by military police but they are friendly. Just north of Caldiran there are small ponds/marshes on both sides of the road. We saw some ducks and a Citrine wagtail here. Between Caldiran and Tendureli Gecidi there are huge lava fields. It is a good idea to stop here for every bird you see, which isn't a lot but with high quality, i.e. Horned lark, White-winged snowfinch, Radde's accentor, Crimson-winged finch and Mongolian finch. We made occasional stops here and saw all the mentioned species although Radde's accentor and Mongolian finch on the next day.

Thomas and guiding teacher, Tendureli Gecidi (above), lava fields north of Caldiran

We entered Dogubayazit where there are several hotels along the road, being a major passage way between Iran and Turkey. Our room costed 32.50 YTL for the night. We spent the late afternoon/early evening at Ishak Pasa or rather beyond it. The classical place to see Mongolian finch is to pass the monastery and drive as far as you can to a parking place. There one should climb the hill slopes and look for the finches. We did not see any Mongolian finches but had good views of Grey-necked buntings. It is highly recommended to visit the hills at dusk since the sunset behind Ishak Pasa is very beautiful.

Friday 26th May

Early morning in the hills behind Ishak Pasa. We spent 5 hours together with 3 Belgian birders searching for the Mongolian finches. We saw none but had excellent views of a lot of other montaneous species here, e.g. Red-fronted serin, Chukar, Lammergeier, Horned lark etc.

After this depressing experience we went back to Tendureli Gecidi and there we had brief but acceptable views of two Mongolian finches. Also, one Radde's accentor and several Horned larks. We headed north with Cildir Gölu and Aktas Gölu as targets. We left Dogubayazit at noon and 290 km and 5½ hours later we arrived at Aktas Gölu. This part of Turkey is undervisited. It is hilly but not montaneous and there are a lot of grassy slopes with many ponds and puddles. We stopped at several places along the road where we saw lots of waders, wagtails, ducks and flocks of Rose-coloured starlings.

Cildir Gölus main attraction is Velvet scoter. The lake is big and you need luck or very good light conditions to see the ducks. We would recommend a morning watch and the southern part of the lake standing along the roadside east of the lake. We saw 2 strong suspects but due to the distance and light they will remain just suspects.

Aktas Gölu can easily be reached driving over a hill and down through a small village. Be careful not to go too far since the far side of the road and lake is on Georgian territory. Military came and stopped almost instantaneously when we got our tripods up but they just pointed towards Georgia and said "no photos" and then they left. We saw both species of pelicans, over 30 Great white and at least 3 Dalmatian. This is also supposed to be a good spot for Velvet scoter but no luck for us this time. We continued 170 km west and stayed overnight in Oltu, 25 YTL.

Saturday 27th May

We left Oltu at 5 am heading for Erzurum, Gelinkaya and finally Sivrikaya. A quick stop in the morning sun just south of Oltu gave Quail and Rose-coloured starling. We drove over a mountain area and at the pass Kirecli Gecidi we stopped and immediately had a Radde's accentor and also an Alpine accentor. Along the road in some pools we saw Citrine wagtails and also closer to Erzurum we had two roadside Lesser grey shrikes, the only we saw during the trip.

Citrine wagtail between Oltu and Erzurum

Next stop was Gelinkaya. Several Mountain chiffchaffs were identified and since there are common Chiffchaffs as well you can practice on the small but distinct difference in song. Mountain chiffchaff is more repetitive and sharper in the voice. A nest with a Penduline tit was well seen in the stream walking east just north of the bridge.We stopped at many places towards Ispir and searched for Semi-collared flycatcher. Although some places looked really good for flycatchers we saw none. Only bonus was two Levant sparrowhawks. In several trip reports Ispir has been described as a bad place. We did not find it particularly different from any other place we visited and hence we might even call it friendly. However, for an overnight stay we recommend Hotel Genesis on the other (north) side of the pass, Ovitdagi Gecidi. We went over and hired a room, 60 YTL including breakfast. Back to Ispir for more flycatcher search but we were surprised by a sudden change of weather and it suddenly started to be very windy with fog and rain. At this time of the year the road over the pass can still be under snow. It was clear that the road had not been open for a long time before we came but there was no snow on the road except on some places. Going back to the hotel we stopped and by the help of the 3 Belgian people we managed to see one Caucasian grouse inbetween the rain showers. The distance from Oltu to Ovit Gecidi is 300 km and from Ovit to Hotel Genesis another 20 km.

Sunday 28th May

A sunny morning, birding started at 5 am. Main attraction of the day was of course to get better views of the Caucasian grouse. It seems relatively easy to see the grouses from the road displaying on the hilly slopes and on a clear day as we had it should be no problem. We stopped exactly 4.9 km south from the minaret in Sivrikaya, i.e. towards the pass. There you have good viewing possibilities on both sides of the gorge and also a good mountain wall by the road often visited by Wallcreepers. From this spot we saw 5 Caucasian grouse, 2 Caspian snowcocks and Wallcreeper. However, at about 6 am the grouses were gone and after daybreak more luck is needed for viewing the birds. A few hundred meters closer to Sivrikaya we had a Radde's accentor and in the pass, Ovitdagi Gecidi, we saw several Alpine accentors. For a closer look of the grouses you need to go up the hills. The paths are well described in e.g. Gosney and several trip reports.

Pär searching for Caspian snowcocks and Caucasian grouse, Sivrikaya

We went back to the hotel for breakfast and after that we entered the wood behind the hotel. Just follow the tracks up in the woods, it is not difficult to find your way. There you have a good opportunity to hear and see Greenish warbler of the nitidus race. We saw at least 6 in the woods with an additional one in the very front of the hotel.

We headed for Trabzon and made numerous stops along the road but very few birds were seen. This trip is 100 km. We had some hours left before Pär had to leave since his flight left on the Sunday evening. We spent these on going to the Sumela monastery which is a trip of 50 km one-way. Main attraction here besides the superb and spectacularly built monastery is Greenish warbler. However, at the same time we came to the monastery there came fog covering the view which was an enormous disappointment. We heard about 7 Greenish warblers (nitidus) but otherwise nothing new.

Back in Trabzon Pär was dropped off at the airport and Thomas spent the night in a luxury hotel for 62 YTL. The trip home was uneventful and a superb birding trip had come to an end.

List of species

Names used are from Holarctic bird list from Eurobirdnet [].

Little Grebe

Tachybaptus ruficollis

3ex 22/5 + 4ex 23/5 Birecik, 2ex Van south marshes + 3ex Bendimahi marshes 25/5,

Great Crested Grebe

Podiceps cristatus

3ex Göksu delta + 2ex Nigde 20/5, 2ex Van south marshes + 10ex Ercek Gölu + 8ex Bendimahi marshes 25/5, 15ex in a pond on the road Igdir-Kars 26/5

Red-necked Grebe

Podiceps grisegena

1ex in a pond on the road Igdir-Kars 26/5

Black-necked Grebe

Podiceps nigricollis

3ex Nigde 20/5, 4ex Bendimahi 25/5, 20 ex in a pond on the road Igdir- Kars 26/5

Great White Pelican

Pelecanus onocrotalus

30+ex Aktas Gölu 26/5

Dalmatian Pelican

Pelecanus crispus

3ex Aktas Gölu 26/5

Great Cormorant

Phalacrocorax carbo

4ex Aktas Gölu 26/5

Pygmy Cormorant

Phalacrocorax pygmeus

20ex 22/5 + 10 ex 23/5 Birecik

Little Bittern

Ixobrychus minutus

2ex 22/5 Birecik

Black-crowned Night Heron

Nycticorax nycticorax

30ex Göksu delta 20/5, 1ex 23/5 Birecik, 1ex in a marsh west part of Van lake 24/5

Cattle Egret

Bubulcus ibis

2 ex Bulanik 24/5

Squacco Heron

Ardeola ralloides

10ex Göksu delta 20/5, 3ex 22/5 + 8ex 23 /5 Birecik, 4ex 25/5 Ercek Gölu

Little Egret

Egretta garzetta

observed in any wetland area

Great Egret

Egretta alba

2ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Purple Heron

Ardea purpurea

10ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 1ex 22/5 Birecik, 1ex in marsh west part of Van lake 24/5, 2 ex Van south marshes + 6ex Ercek Gölu + 2ex Bendimahi 25/5

Grey Heron

Ardea cinerea

10ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 5ex in a marsh west part of Van lake 24/5, 5ex Van south marshes + 6ex Ercek Gölu + 4ex Bendimahi

Black Stork

Ciconia nigra

1ex 26/5 on the road Ardahan- Göle

White Stork

Ciconia ciconia

observed almost all days, for example 20 ex Göksu delta 20/5

Glossy Ibis

Plegadis falcinellus

3ex Nigde 20/5, 5ex in marsh west part of Van lake 24/5

Northern Bald Ibis

Geronticus eremita

20ex 22/5 + 20 ex 23/5 Birecik

Eurasian Spoonbill

Platalea leucorodia

2ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Greater Flamingo

Phoenicopterus roseus

20ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Greylag Goose

Anser anser

3ex 24/5 Bulanik

Common Shelduck

Tadorna tadorna

2ex Van south marshes + 4ex Ercek Gölu

Ruddy Shelduck

Tadorna ferruginea

observed in almost all wetland areas, for example 20ex 20/5 Göksu delta


Anas strepera

4ex in a marsh west part of Van lake 24/5, 4ex in a pond on the road Igdir- Kars 26/5

Northern Pintail

Anas acuta

2ex 25/5 Bendimahi marshes

Northern Shoveler

Anas clypeata

1ex 24/5 in marsh west part of Van lake 24/5,4ex 26/5 in a pond on the road Igdir- Kars

Common Teal

Anas crecca

2ex 20/5 Göksu delta


Anas platyrhynchos

observed in small numbers in most wetland areas


Anas querquedula

10ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 2ex 24/5 in marsh west part of Van lake, 2ex Van south marshes + 2ex Ercek Gölu + 2ex Bendimahi 25/5, 6ex in a pond on the road Igdir- Kars 26/5

Marbled Duck

Marmaronetta angustirostris

2ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Red-crested Pochard

Netta rufina

200ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Common Pochard

Aythya ferina

2ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 20ex in marsh west part of Van lake 24/5, 5ex Van south marshes + 15ex Ercek Gölu + 20ex Bendimahi 25/5

Ferruginous Duck

Aythya nyroca

2ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Tufted Duck

Aythya fuligula

2ex Caldiran 25/5, 10ex in a pond on the road Igdir- Kars 26/5

White-headed Duck

Oxyura leucocephala

1♂ 20/5 Göksu delta, 6♂+1♀ Ercek Gölu 25/5

European Honey Buzzard

Pernis apivorus

1ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi, 3ex 25/5 Van south marshes

Black Kite

Milvus migrans

1ex 20/5 on the road Demircili-Nigde, 1ex 24/5 Bulanik, 1ex 26/5 on the road Igdir-Kars 26/5


Gypaetus barbatus

2ex 26/5 Ishak Pasa, 1ex on the road Ispir-Sivrikaya


Pandion haliaetus

1ex on the road Sanliurfa-Diyarbakir

Short-toed Eagle

Circaetus gallicus

2ex Göksu delta + 2ex on the road Demircili-Nigde 20/5

Western Marsh Harrier

Circus aeruginosus

observed in most wetland areas, e.g. 10ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Montagu's Harrier

Circus pygargus

1♂23/5 Birecik, 4ex 24/4 Bulanik, 1♂ 26/5 on the road Dogubayazit-Igdir

Long-legged Buzzard

Buteo rufinus

2ex Durnalik + 2ex on the road Isikli-Birecik 22/5, 1ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi, 2ex 25/5 Ercek Gölu, 2ex 26/5 on the road Igdir-Kars

Common Buzzard

Buteo buteo

1ex Göksu delta + 1ex on the road Demircili-Nigde 20/5, 2ex 26/5 on the road Igdir-Kars, 4ex 27/5 on the road Oltu-Erzerum

Golden Eagle

Aquila chrysaetos

2ex 20/5 + 2ex 21/5 Demirkazik

Levant Sparrowhawk

Accipiter brevipes

2ex 27/5 on the road Gelinkaya-Ispir

Lesser Kestrel

Falco naumanni

2ex 25/5 Van Kalesi

Common Kestrel

Falco tinnunculus

observed all days, for example 4ex 23/5 Birecik

Red-footed Falcon

Falco vespertinus

1ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Eurasian Hobby

Falco subbuteo

1ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 1ex 21/5 on the road Demirkazik-Pozanti, 2ex 25/5 on the road Bendimahi-Selale Waterfalls

Eleonora's Falcon

Falco eleonorae

1ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Caucasian Grouse

Tetrao mlokosiewiczi

2♂+1♀ 27/5 Sivrikaya, 5♂ 28/5 Sivrikaya

Caspian Snowcock

Tetraogallus caspius

8ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 2ex 28/5 Sivrikaya


Alectoris chukar

5ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 2ex 25/5 on the road Caldiran- Dogubayazit, 2ex 26/5 Ishak Pasa

See-see Partridge

Ammoperdix griseogularis

2ex 22/5 Birecik

Black Francolin

Francolinus francolinus

10ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 1ex 22/5 Birecik

Common Quail

Coturnix coturnix

6 ex 24/5 Bulanik, 1ex 25/5 Van south marshes, 1ex 26/5 Aktas Gölu, 1ex 27/5 on the road Oltu-Erzerum

Water Rail

Rallus aquaticus

2ex 25/5 Van south marshes

Common Moorhen

Gallinula chloropus

4ex 22/5 + 4ex 23/5 Birecik, 4ex Van south marshes + 2ex Ercek Gölu + 4ex Bendimahi 25/5, 2ex 26/5 in a pond on the road Igdir- Kars  

Purple Swamp-hen

Porphyrio porphyrio

10ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Eurasian Coot

Fulica atra

observed in most wetland areas, numerous in Göksu delta 20/5

Common Crane

Grus grus

1ex 24/5 Bulanik

Great Bustard

Otis tarda

2ex 24/5 Bulanik

Eurasian Oystercatcher

Haematopus ostralegus

6ex 24/5 Bulanik

Black-winged Stilt

Himantopus himantopus

numerous in Göksu delta around Van lake and Ercek Gölu

Pied Avocet

Recurvirostra avosetta

4ex 25/5  Ercek Gölu


Burhinus oedicnemus

1ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 1ex 24/5 Bulanik

Little Ringed Plover

Charadrius dubius

1ex 20/5 Nigde, 1ex 24/5 Bulanik, 1ex 25/5 Van south marshes

Common Ringed Plover

Chariadrus hiaticula

1ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Kentish Plover

Charadrius alexandrinus

numerous in Göksu delta, 3ex 20/5 Nigde

Spur-winged Lapwing

Hoplopterus spinosus

25ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 3ex 24/5 Bulanik

Northern Lapwing

Vanellus vanellus

numerous east of Tatvan


Calidris alpina

8ex Göksu delta + 2ex Nigde 20/5

Curlew Sandpiper

Calidris ferruginea

30 ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 5ex 24/5 in marsh west part of Van lake

Little Stint

Calidris minuta

200ex Göksu delta + 4ex Nigde 20/5, 2ex 24/5 Bulanik, 10ex Van south marshes + 5ex Ercek Gölu + 5ex Bendimahi 25/5


Philomachus pugnax

25ex Göksu delta + 5ex Nigde 20/5, 5ex in marsh west part of Van lake + 5ex Bulanik 24/5, 20ex 25/5 Van south marshes

Common Redshank

Tringa totanus

2ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 2ex in marsh west part of Van lake + 8ex Bulanik 24/5, common in wetlands east of Tatvan

Wood Sandpiper

Tringa glareola

1ex 24/5 Bulanik, 1ex 25/5 Ercek Gölu

Common Sandpiper

Actitis hypoleucos

3ex 27/5 on the road Gelinkaya-Ispii

Black-tailed Godwit

Limosa limosa

1ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 1ex 24/5 in marsh west part of Van lake

Black-headed Gull

Larus ridibundus

2ex 25/5 Van north marshes, 100ex 26/5 in a pond on the road Igdir- Kars  

Yellow-legged Gull

Larus michahellis

5ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Armenian Gull

Larus armenicus

1ex 23/5 Birecik, numerous east of Tatvan, for example 500ex 26/5 Cildir Gölu

Gull-billed Tern

Gelochelidon nilotica

200ex 24/5 Bulanik,1ex 25/5 Van south marshes

Common Tern

Sterna hirundo

10ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 2ex 24/5 Bulanik, 1ex Van south marshes + 2ex Bendimahi 25/5

Little Tern

Sterna albifrons

5ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 1ex 24/5 Bulanik, 2ex 25/5 Van south marshes

Caspian Tern

Sterna caspia

2ex 25/5 Bendimahi marshes

Whiskered Tern

Chlidonias hybrida

5ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Black Tern

Chlidonias niger

20ex 20/5 Göksu delta

White-winged Tern

Chlidonias leucopterus

3ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 40ex Ercek Gölu + 10ex Bendimahi marshes 25/5, 20ex 26/5 in a pond on the road Igdir- Kars  

Rock Dove (incl. Feral Dove)

Columba livia

observed all days

Common Wood Pigeon

Columba palumbus

1ex 23/5 Birecik

Eurasian Collared Dove

Streptopelia decaocto

common west of Tatvan for example 30ex 20/5 Göksu delta

European Turtle Dove

Streptopelia turtur

common west of Tatvan for example 50ex 20/5 Göksu delta, east of Tatvan 3ex 27/5 on the road Oltu-Erzerum

Laughing Dove

Streptopelia senegalensis

1ex 22/5 Birecik

Common Cuckoo

Cuculus canorus

1ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 1ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi, 1ex Van south marshes + 2ex Van hills + 3ex Ercek Gölu + 9ex on the road Bendimahi-Caldiran

Pallid Scops Owl

Otus brucei

2ex 23/5 Birecik

European Scops Owl

Otus scops

1ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 2ex 22/5 + 1ex 23/5 Birecik

Little Owl

Athene noctua

1ex 20/5 Demircili, 1ex 25/5 on the road Caldiran-Dogubayazit

Long-eared Owl

Asio otus

3ex 22/5 + 1ex 23/5 Birecik

European Nightjar

Caprimulgus europaeus

1ex 26/5 on the road Göle-Oltu

Common Swift

Apus apus

observed all days

Alpine Swift

Apus melba

observed almost all days both in wetland and mountainous areas, for example 40ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 40ex 26/5 Ishak Pasa 

Little Swift

Apus affinis

30ex 22/5 + 10ex 23/5 Birecik

Common Kingfisher

Alcedo atthis

1ex 25/5 Bendimahi marshes

White-throated Kingfisher

Halcyon smyrnensis

1ex 20/5 Göksu delta

European Bee-eater

Merops apiaster

observed all days besides the 28th, for example 30ex 26/5 on the road Dogubayazit-Aktas Gölu

European Roller

Coracias garrulus

observed all days besides 20th and 28th, for example 30ex 24/5 on the road Nemrut dagi-Bulanik

Eurasian Hoopoe

Upupa epops

observed all days besides 21st and 28th, e.g.  20ex 26/5 on the road Dogubayazit-Aktas Gölu

European Green Woodpecker

Picus viridis

1ex 28/5 on the road Sivrikaya-Kalkandere

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Dendrocopos major

1ex 27/5 + 1ex 28/5 Sivrikaya (Camlik)

Syrian Woodpecker

Dendrocopos syriacus

1ex 21/5 Isikli, 2ex 22/5 Durnalik, 1ex 24/5 on the road Nemrut Dagi-Bulanik, 2ex 25/5 Van south marshes, 1ex 26/5 on the road Igdir-Kars, 3ex 27/5 on the road Gelinkaya-Ispir

Calandra Lark

Melanocorypha calandra

observed in all plain areas, for example 10ex on the road Demircili-Nigde

Bimaculated Lark

Melanocorypha bimaculata

observed in all plain areas in and east of Durnalik, for example 10ex 23/5 on the road Halfeti-Tatvan

Greater Short-toed Lark

Calandrella brachydactyla

5ex Göksu delta + 5ex on the road Demircili-Nigde 20/5, 2ex 21/5 Toprakkale, 4ex on the road Birecik-Halfeti + 2ex on the road Halfeti-Tatvan 23/5, 2ex Nemrut Dagi + 8ex Bulanik 24/5, 2ex Ercek Gölu + 2ex Van hills 25/5,

Lesser Short-toed Lark

Calandrella rufescens

2ex 23/5 on the road Birecik-Halfeti, 20ex 24/5 Bulanik, 2ex Van hills + 2ex Ercek Gölu 25/5

Crested Lark

Galerida cristata

observed all days

Eurasian Skylark

Alauda arvensis

observed east of Tatvan, for example10ex 24/5 Nemrut dagi  and 1ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Wood Lark

Lullula arborea

10ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi, 1ex 25/5 + 4ex 26/5 Ishak Pasa

Horned Lark

Eremophila alpestris

6ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 20ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi, 6ex Tendureli Gecidi + 2ex Ishak Pasa 25/5, 15ex Ishak Pasa + 10ex Tendureli Gecidi,1ex 27/5 Kirecli Gecidi,2ex 28/5 Sivrikaya

Sand Martin

Riparia riparia

observed all days, enormous amounts in Bulanik

Eurasian Crag Martin

Ptyonoprogne rupestris

50ex 22/5 Demirkazik, 10ex 24/5 Nerut Dagi, 2ex Van hills + 8ex Ishak Pasa 25/5, 2ex 26/5 Ishak Pasa, 2ex 27/5 on the road Ispir- Sivrikaya , 4ex 28/5 Sivrikaya

Barn Swallow

Hirundo rustica

observed all days

Red-rumped Swallow

Hirundo daurica

3ex 21/5 on the road Demirkazik-Toprakkale, 5ex on the road Isikli- Birecik + 2ex Birecik 22/5

Common House Martin

Delichon urbicum

observed all days besides the 28th

Tawny Pipit

Anthus campestris

6ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi, 2ex 26/5 on the road Igdir-Kars

Tree Pipit

Anthus trivialis

2ex Kirecli Gecidi+2ex on the road Gelinkaya-Ispir 27/5

Water Pipit

Anthus spinoletta

2ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 2ex 25/5 Ishak Pasa, 2ex 26/5 Ishak Pasa, 4ex 28/5 Sivrikaya

Yellow Wagtail

Motacilla flava feldegg

8ex Göksu delta + 2ex Nigde 20/5, 4ex in marsh west part of Van + 6ex on the road Nemrut Dagi-Bulanik + 10ex Bulanik24/5, 6ex Van south marshes + 5ex Ercek Gölu + 6ex Bendimahi + 6ex Caldiran Kalesi 25/5, 20ex on the road Dogubayazit-Aktas Gölu 26/5, 20ex on the road Oltu-Erzerum 27/5

Grey Wagtail

Motacilla cinerea

1ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 15ex 28/5 on the road Sivrikaya-Kaldere

White Wagtail

Motacilla alba

observed in small numbers all days best day 28/5 10ex in Sivrikaya and on the road Sivrikaya-Kaldere

Citrine Wagtail

Motacilla citreola

1♀25/5 Caldiran Kalesi, 2ex 27/5 on the road Oltu-Erzerum

White-spectacled Bulbul

Pycnonotus xanthopygos

4ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 1ex Toprakkale + 2ex Isikli 21/5, 5ex Durnalik + 3ex on the road Isikli-Birecik + 2ex Birecik 22/5

White-throated Dipper

Cinclus cinclus

1ex on the road Oltu-Erzerum + 2ex on the road Gelinkaya-Sivrikaya 27/5, 2ex 28/5 on the road Sivrikaya-Kaldere

Winter Wren

Troglodytes troglodytes

2ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 2ex 27/5 + 4ex 28/5 Sivrikaya(Camlik)


Prunella modularis

2ex 27/5 + 4ex 28/5 Sivrikaya (Camlik)

Radde's Accentor

Prunella ocularis

3ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 1ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi,1ex 26/5 Tendureli Gecidi, 1ex 27/5 Kirecli Gecidi,1ex 28/5 Sivrikaya

Alpine Accentor

Prunella collaris

3ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 1ex 27/5 Kirecli Gecidi, 3ex 28/5 Sivrikaya (Ovitdagi Gecidi)

Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin

Cercotrichas galactotes

18ex Göksu delta + 2ex on the road Demircili-Nigde

European Robin

Erithacus rubecula

2ex 27/5 on the road Gelinkaya-Ispir, 3ex Sivrikaya (Camlik) + 2ex on the road Sivrikaya-Kaldere 28/5

Common Nightingale

Luscinia megarhynchos

3ex Göksu delta + 2ex Demircili 20/5, 1ex Demirkazik + 2ex Isikli 21/5, 1ex 22/5 Durnalik, 2ex on the road Oltu-Erzerum + 8ex on the road Gelinkaya-Ispir 27/5

White-throated Robin

Irania gutturalis

3ex 21/5 Isikli, 12ex Durnalik + 7ex on the road Durnalik-Isikli-Birecik + 1ex Birecik, 4ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi

Black Redstart

Phoenicurus ochruros

observed in all mountainous regions in small numbers best day 27/5 with 5ex


Saxicola rubetra

2ex 27/5 Kirecli Gecidi, 1ex Sivrikaya + 2ex on the road Sivrikaya-Kaldere 28/5

Common Stonechat

Saxicola torquatus

3ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi, 2ex 25/5 Van hills

Isabelline Wheatear

Oenanthe isabellina

observed in plain and subalpine mountainous regions best day 26th 10ex Ishak Pasa and 2ex Tendureli Gecidi + 8ex on the road Dogubayazit-Aktas Gölu

Northern Wheatear

Oenanthe oenanthe

Common in subalpine-alpine regions

Black-eared Wheatear

Oenanthe hispanica

2ex Demirkazik + 2ex Isikli 21/5, 6ex Durnalik + 2ex on the road Isikli-Birecik + 2ex Birecik 22/5, 5ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi, 2ex Van hills + 2ex Ercek Gölu 25/5, 1ex 26/5 on the road Igdir-Kars, 1ex 27/5 on the road Oltu-Erzerum

Finsch's Wheatear

Oenanthe finschii

5♂+1♀ 24/5 Nemrut Dagi

Kurdish Wheatear

Oenanthe xanthoprymna

1♂ 22/5 Durnalik

Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush

Monticola saxatilis

5ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 3ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi, 1ex 25/5 Tendureli Gecidi, 1ex Ishak Pasa + 1ex Tendureli Gecidi 26/5, 1ex 27/5 Kirecli Gecidi

Blue Rock Thrush

Monticola solitarius

1ex Demircili + 1ex Demirkazik 20/5, 1ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 1ex 22/5 Durnalik, 1ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi, 1ex 27/5 on the road Oltu-Erzerum

Ring Ouzel

Turdus torquatus

1ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 1ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi

Common Blackbird

Turdus merula

observed in small numbers all days besides 24th, best day 28/5 5ex Sivrikaya and on the road Sivrikaya-Kaldere

Song Thrush

Turdus philomelos

1ex 28/5 Sivrikaya (Camlik)

Cetti's Warbler

Cettia cetti

observed all days besides 28/5, best day 27/5 2ex on the road Oltu-Erzerum + 8ex on the road Gelinkaya-Ispir

Graceful Prinia

Prinia gracilis

abundant 20/5 in Göksu delta, 5ex 22/5 + 5ex 23/5 Birecik

Common Grasshopper Warbler

Locustella naevia

1ex 25/5 Van south marshes

Savi's Warbler

Locustella luscinioides

3ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Moustached Warbler

Acrocephalus melanopogon

2ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Sedge Warbler

Acrocephalus schoenobaenus

1ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 8ex Van south marshes + 2ex Bendimahi marshes 25/5

Paddyfield Warbler

Acrocephalus agricola

2ex 25/5 Van south marshes

Marsh Warbler

Acrocephalus palustris

1ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 2ex on the road Oltu-Erzerum + 3ex on the road Gelinkaya-Ispir 27/5, 1ex 28/5 on the road Sivrikaya-Kaldere

European Reed Warbler

Acrocephalus scirpaceus

abundant Göksu delta 20/5, 2ex 22/5 + 2ex 23/5 Birecik, 2ex + 2ex Bulanik 24/5, 6ex van south marshes + 2ex Ercek Gölu + 2ex Bendimahi marshes 25/5,

Great Reed Warbler

Acrocephalus arundinaceus

5ex 20/5 Göksu delta,10ex 22/5 + 5ex 23/5 Birecik, 1ex 24/5 in marsh west part of Van lake, 6ex Van south marshes + 2ex Ercek Gölu + 2ex Bendimahi marshes

Zitting Cisticola

Cisticola juncidis

2ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Olive-tree Warbler

Hippolais olivetorum

1ex 20/5 Demircili, 1ex 22/5 Durnalik

Eastern Olivaceous Warbler

Hippolais pallida

observed all days besides 28/5, best day 23/5 8ex Birecik + 2ex Halfeti

Upcher's Warbler

Hippolais languida

2ex 21/5 Isikli, 6ex Durnalik + 1ex Birecik 22/5, 2ex Halfeti 23/5


Sylvia atricapilla

3ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 3ex 28/5 Sivrikaya (Camlik)

Ménétries's Warbler

Sylvia mystacea

2ex 22/5 + 6ex 23/5 Birecik

Rüppell's Warbler

Sylvia rueppelli

1ex 20/5 Demircili

Eastern Orphean Warbler

Sylvia crassirostris

2ex 20/5 Demircili, 4ex 22/5 Durnalik

Lesser Whitethroat

Sylvia curruca

1ex 20/5 + 6 ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 4ex Isikli 21/5, numerous in Durnalik 22/5

Common Whitethroat

Sylvia communis

2ex 21/5 Isikli, 1ex 22/5 Durnalik, 3ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi, 1ex Ishak Pasa + 2ex on the road Dogubayazit-Aktas Gölu 26/5,3ex on the road Oltu-Erzerum + 12ex on the road Gelinkaya-Ispir 27/5

Eastern Bonelli's Warbler

Phylloscopus orientalis

2ex 21/5 Isikli


Phylloscopus collybita

4ex 27/5 on the road Gelinkaya-Ispir

Mountain Chiffchaff

Phylloscopus sindianus

10ex 27/5 on the road Gelinkaya-Ispir

Greenish Warbler

Phylloscopus trochiloides nitidus

7ex Sivrikaya (Camlik) + 7ex Sumela monastery 28/5


Regulus regulus

2ex 27/5 + 4ex 28/5 Sivrikaya (Camlik), 6ex 28/5 on the road Sivrikaya. Kaldere

Bearded Reedling

Panurus biarmicus

5ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Sombre Tit

Parus lugubris

1ex 21/5 Isikli, 6ex Durnalik + 4ex on the road Durnalik-Isikli

Coal Tit

Parus ater

4ex 21/5 on the road Demirkazik-Pozanti, 1ex 27/5 + 1ex 28/5 Sivrikaya(Camlik)

Eurasian Blue Tit

Parus caeruleus

4ex 27/5 on the road Gelinkaya-Ispir

Great Tit

Parus major

2ex 21/5 Isikli, 8ex Durnalik + 2ex on the road Durnalik Isikli 22/5, 2ex 25/5 Selale waterfalls, 1ex 26/5 on the road Igdir-Kars, 6ex 27/5 on the road Gelinkaya-Ispir, 4ex 28/5 on the road Sivrikaya-Kaldere

Eurasian Penduline Tit

Remiz pendulinus

2ex 27/5 Gelinkaya

Eurasian Nuthatch

Sitta europaea

2ex 27/5 on the road Gelinkaya-Ispir

Western Rock Nuthatch

Sitta neumayer

2ex 20/5 Demircili, 1ex 21/5 Isikli, 6ex Durnalik + 2ex on the road Durnalik-Isikli 22/5, 2ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi, 2ex 25/5 Van hills, 2ex 26/5 Ishak Pasa

Eastern Rock Nuthatch

Sitta tephronota

2ex 22/5 Durnalik, 8ex 23/5 Halfeti


Tichodroma muraria

3ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 1ex 28/5 Sivrikaya

Eurasian Golden Oriole

Oriolus oriolus

2ex 22/5 Durnalik, 4ex 25/5 Van south and north marshes, 1ex 26/5 on the road Igdir-Kars, 2ex on the road Oltu-erzerum + 8ex on the road Gelinkaya-Ispir 27/5

Red-backed Shrike

Lanius collurio

4ex 20/5 Göksu delta,1ex 21/5 on the road Demirkazik-Isikli, 1ex 22/5 on the road durnalik-Birecik, 3ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi, 2ex 25/5 Ercek Gölu, 2ex 26/5 on the road Igdir-Kars, 2ex 27/5 on the road Oltu-Erzerum

Lesser Grey Shrike

Lanius minor

2ex 27/5 Erzurum

Woodchat Shrike

Lanius senator

2ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 2ex Durnalik + 2ex on the road durnalik-Birecik 22/5, 2ex Birecik + 2ex on the road Halfeti-Tatvan 23/5

Masked Shrike

Lanius nubicus

2ex 20/5 Göksu delta

Eurasian Jay

Garrulus glandarius

3ex 20/5 Demircili, 2ex 21/5 on the road Demirkazik-Pozanti, 2ex on the road Oltu-Erzerum + 3ex on the road Gelinkaya-Ispir 27/5, 10ex Sivrikaya and on the road to Kaldere 28/5 

Common Magpie

Pica pica

observerd all days

Alpine Chough

Pyrrhocorax graculus

20ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 2ex 25/5 + 10 26/5 Ishak Pasa

Red-billed Chough

Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax

10ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 50ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi

Western Jackdaw

Corvus monedula

observed all days besides 21/5


Corvus frugilegus

10 ex 20/5 on the road Demircili-Nigde, observed every day in small numbers east of Birecik

Hooded Crow

Corvus corone cornix

observed all days

Common Raven

Corvus corax

1ex 20/5 Demircili

Common Starling

Sturnus vulgaris

observed all days

Rose-coloured Starling

Sturnus roseus

20ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 2ex 23/5 on the road Halfeti-Tatvan, 50ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi, 200ex 26/5 on the road Igdir-Kars, 6ex 27/5 on the road Oltu-Erzerum

House Sparrow

Passer domesticus

observed all days

Dead Sea Sparrow

Passer moabiticus

2ex 22/5 Birecik

Eurasian Tree Sparrow

Passer montanus

2ex 22/5 Birecik

Pale Rock Sparrow

Petronia brachydactyla

10ex 21/5 Isikli, 20ex 22/5 Durnalik

Chestnut-shouldered Petronia

Petronia xanthocollis

3ex 22/5 Birecik

Rock Sparrow

Petronia petronia

observed all days besides 28/5, best day 21/5 5ex Demirkazik + 10ex Isikli

White-winged Snowfinch

Montifringilla nivalis

1ex 20/5 + 15ex 21/ Demirkazik, 2ex Tendureli Gecidi + 4ex Ishak Pasa 25/5, 8ex Ishak Pasa + 4ex Tendureli Gecidi, 2ex 27/5 on the road Gelinkaya-Sivrikaya, 2ex 28/5 Sivrikaya

Common Chaffinch

Fringilla coelebs

10ex 21/5 on the road Demirkazik-Pozanti, 2ex on the road Oltu-Erzerum + 2ex on the road Gelinkaya-Sivrikaya 27/5, 20ex 28/5 Sivrkiaya and on the road to Kaldere

Red-fronted Serin

Serinus pusillus

2ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 2ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi, 3ex 26/5 Ishak Pasa

European Serin

Serinus serinus

20ex 21/5 on the road Demirkazik-Pozanti

European Greenfinch

Carduelis chloris

2ex 20/5 Göksu delta, 5ex 21/5 on the road Demirkazik-Isikli, 4ex 22/5 Durnalik, 2ex 23/5 Birecik, 1ex 27/5 on the road Gelinkaya-Ispir

European Goldfinch

Carduelis carduelis

observed all days

Common Linnet

Carduelis cannabina

observed all days in small numbers best day 26/5 2ex Ishak Pasa + 2ex Tendureli Gecidi + 4ex on the road Igdir-Kars + 2 Aktas gölu


Carduelis flavirostris

2ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi, 7ex 25/5 Tendureli Gecidi, 4ex Ishak Pasa + 2ex Tendureli Gecidi

Crimson-winged Finch

Rhodopechys sanguineus

5ex 21/5 Demirkazik, 3ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi, 1ex 25/5 on the road Caldiran Dogubayazit, 1ex 26/5 Tendureli Gecidi

Desert Finch

Rhodospiza obsoleta

2ex 22/5 Durnalik

Mongolian Finch

Bucanetes mongolicus

2ex 26/5 Tendureli Gecidi

Common Rosefinch

Carpodacus erythrinus

1ex 26/5 Ishak Pasa, 2ex on the road Oltu-Erzerum + 13ex on the road Gelinkaya-Sivrikaya 27/5, 10ex Sivrikaya and on the road to Kaldere

Common Crossbill

Loxia curvirostra

6ex 27/5 + 10 ex 28/5 Sivrikaya (Camlik)

Rock Bunting

Emberiza cia

3ex 24/10 Nemrut Dagi, 1ex 27/5 on the road Oltu- Erzerum

Cinereous Bunting

Emberiza cineracea

10ex 22/5 Durnalik, 1ex 23/5 Halfeti

Ortolan Bunting

Emberiza hortulana

20ex 24/5 Nemrut Dagi, 3ex 26/5 Ishak Pasa, 2ex on the road Oltu-Erzerum + 4ex on the road Gelinkaya-Ispir 27/5

Grey-necked Bunting

Emberiza buchanani

4ex 25/5 Van hills, 7ex 26/5 Ishak Pasa

Cretzschmar's Bunting

Emberiza caesia

1ex 21/5 on the road Demirkazik- Pozanti, 4ex Durnalik + 1ex on the road Durnalik-Isikli 22/5

Common Reed Bunting

Emberiza schoeniclus

3ex 25/5 Van south marshes

Black-headed Bunting

Emberiza melanocephala

common in most areas

Corn Bunting

Emberiza calandra

common in most areas


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