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A Report from

SW. Turkey -Patara, 21/8/95 - 4/9/95 ,

John Bateman

Summary of bird species seen whilst on holiday at Patara SW Turkey.

Patara is a small holiday village approximately 25km from the holiday resort of Kalkan. It is 5km from the beach, which is well known.  It is also well known as a site of historical interest.  Access to both areas is quite easy.

The village itself is not to commercialised and still retains a rural atmosphere and the locals are extremely friendly. Accommodation is served by several methods, large hotels, family hotels and pensions.

Patara lies on a plain of agricultural land behind the open sea and is flanked by foothills before rising to the range of mountains which surround it.

Access to various sites of interest in the near vicinity, (historical, holiday resorts and larger towns) is easy as most of them are serviced by the local Dolmus which is cheap and regular.

Daily Summary:

21/8/95   Journey from Dalman to Patara.

22/8/95   Patara, small marsh and lagoon near to the entrance of the ruins (6.15 - 9.00am)

Hillside overlooking the marsh:

Walk to Patara beach through the ruins and sand dunes:

23/8/95   Patara Marsh  (6.30 - 8.30am)

24/8/95  Walk through the forest to the beach.

Walk through ruins and sand dunes (pm. )

25/8/95  Patara Marsh  (7.15 - 8.30am)


26/8/95  Walk through forest to beach and sand dunes

Evening (16.30 -18.30pm) Patara Marsh

27/8/95 Dolmus to Xthanos (20 minutes from Patara) we visited the ruins:

Afternoon walk along the river bank to the village of Kinick - habitat was farmland on each side

28/8/95  Patara Marsh  (6.30 - 8.30am)

Evening (16.30 -19.00pm)

29/8/95  Walked to Cay Azig public beach.  

(Take the road out of Patara, Approx two miles north take the dirt track on the left side of the road (marked public beach district of Ova).  The track is bordered on one side by the river and on the other by stubble fields before rising to a stony hillside covered by scrub and edged by trees.

Reed fringed riverbank:

30.8/95   Excursion to Myra rock tombs and Ucagiz:

Ucagiz: wetland near to the beach.

32/8/95   Patara Lagoon and reedbed, watched from the road on the east side of the village. (9.00 - 12.00am)


1/9/95  Walk to Cay Azig, this time along the fields at the base of the hillside.

Stubble Fields:  (warning! this area is used by shooters using hedge and trees for concealment)

2/9/95  Patara Marsh / Lagoon and reedbed  (7.00 - 8.30am)

3/9/95  Walk through forest to beach (9.00 - 12.00am)

Final visit to Patara Marsh - Evening

Full Species List

· Little Grebe
· Bittern
· Night Heron
· Little Bittern
· Little Egret
· White Stork
· Grey Heron
· Purple Heron
· Glossy Ibis
· Honey Buzzard
· Short-toed Eagle
· Bonelli's Eagle
· Marsh Harrier
· Montagu's Harrier
· Spotted Eagle
· Lesser Spotted Eagle
· Goshawk
· Long-legged Buzzard
· Golden Eagle
· Osprey
· Lesser Kestrel
· Kestrel
· Saker Falcon
· Lanner Falcon
· Peregrine Falcon
· Hobby
· Water Rail
· Moorhen
· Coot
· Mallard
· Garganey
· Red-crested Pochard
· Little-ringed Plover
· Ringed Plover
· Black-winged Stilt
· Redshank
· Greenshank
· Marsh Sandpiper
· Green Sandpiper
· Wood Sandpiper
· Common Sandpiper
· Yellow-legged Gull
· Wood Pigeon
· Collared Dove
· Turtle Dove
· Alpine Swift
· House Martin
· Swallow
· Red-rumped Swallow
· Sand Martin
· Kingfisher
· Bee Eater
· Roller
· Hoopoe
· Syrian Woodpecker
· Middle Spotted Woodpecker
· Crested Lark
· Skylark
· Tawny Pipit
· Yellow Wagtail
· White Wagtail
· Rufous Bush Robin
· Whinchat
· Isabelline Wheatear
· Black-eared Wheatear
· Pied Wheatear
· Northern Wheatear
· Rock Thrush
· Blue Rock Thrush
· Blackbird
· Mistle Thrush
· Cetti's Warbler
· Reed Warbler
· Great Reed Warbler
· Olivaceous Warbler
· Olive Tree Warbler
· Fan-tailed Warbler
· Sardinian Warbler
· Ruppell's Warbler
· Lesser Whitethroat
· Melodious Warbler
· Willow Warbler
· Blackcap
· Spotted Flycatcher
· Coal Tit
· Blue Tit
· Great Tit
· Rock Nuthatch
· Jay
· Nutcracker
· Hooded Crow
· Golden Oriole
· Red-backed Shrike
· Masked Shrike
· Great Grey Shrike
· Lesser Grey Shrike
· Woodchat Shrike
· Spanish Sparrow
· Rock Sparrow
· Goldfinch
· Linnet
· Corn Bunting
· Reed Bunting
· Yellow-vented Bulbul


My impression of Patara is that the birdwatching potential is very good indeed.  Most of these species were seen within a five mile radius of the village but also using the Dolmus to move slightly further afield.  Anyone who has transport could really open up the area and increase the number of species to be seen.  The mountains are only a two hour drive away.  The area seems to be definitely under watched.

John Bateman    Lancaster.

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