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A Report from

Uganda 14th July-5th Aug 2004,


Phil Benstead, Norfolk, UK


I spent the period between 14th July and 5th August 2004 birding in Uganda on a privately organised trip with five other people. We used Herbert Byaruhanga of Uganda Bird Safaris as our ground agent and would not hesitate to recommend him to others, we had a great time. Herbert can be contacted on Our itinerary was designed in consultation with Herbert and worked reasonably well - possible improvements are discussed below. Herbert accompanied us throughout the trip and is a useful guy in the field and knows all the major sites and a number of great little stop-offs en route to places. Herbert was flexible during the trip and happy to make changes to the itinerary. Make sure you get Herbert to lead your trip if you use his services! Herbert has a network of local guides that he uses wherever possible and on the whole these guys are very good and definitely added value to our trip. We only had reservations about the guide at Bwindi who failed to measure up to the high standards set by the majority. Herbert charged us an all-inclusive $2780 per person (including gorilla permits) which as it was timed with a fall in the value of the US dollar worked out reasonably well.

We flew with British Airways - booking well in advance secured the best seat prices (560). Remember to get a visa in advance - available for Uganda High Commission in London - and do check that you are up to date with all your vaccinations. We all took Doxycycline as a malaria prophylaxis.

We could not heed Sam Woods' excellent advice re timing of trips due to other commitments but can only reinforce what he says on the subject. July/August is great for seeing grassland species (eg bishops and widows) in full plumage, and the weather is benign, but it is a very hard time to be birding generally, especially during dry spells. We had little response to tapes and found things very difficult, especially at Bwindi. Consider going in April/May (during short wet season) or September (just at start of big wet) for better birding (although the roads may be tricky at this time - best to check with Herbert). African green broadbill nests are usually located in April/May and staked out at Mubwindi.

We found the people of Uganda to be very welcoming and experienced no trouble of any kind. The recent successful attacks on the Lords Republican Army by the UPDF in the Sudan are likely to signal the end of this movement and may ensure that the Foreign Office advisory against travel to and within Murchison Falls NP will soon be lifted.

Strategy and tips

We followed the itinerary outlined below:

Day 1 Overnight flight from London Heathrow arrived in the early morning. Herbert picked us up and drove us onto to Mabamba for the shoebill. Afternoon spent resting in Kampala (Red Chilli Lodge) - OK birding in garden.
Day 2 Drove to Lake Mburo - stopping off en route for brief look at Mpanga Forest (just outside Kampala) and at Kaaku Swamp. Birding into Mburo during late afternoon. Night walk for owls in vicinity of campsite.
Day 3 Pre-dawn session for nightjars. Boat trip out onto Lake Mburo and brief (but successful) search for red-faced barbet before heading to Bwindi - arriving at dusk.
Day 4 Gorilla tracking at Buhoma in the early morning. A quick finish meant the rest of day up main track birding.
Day 5 All day birding up main track at Buhoma.
Day 6 Birding to Ruhiza, great birding en route including the forest at The Neck. Afternoon spent on track through good disturbed forest. Evening drive for mammals.
Day 7 The descent to the Mubwindi Swamp and the big dip experience. Evening drive for nightjars and owls.
Day 8 Birding through bamboo zone at Ruhiza, stop at Lake Bunyoni and on to Kisoro, late pm spent at wetland near Kisoro.
Day 9 All day birding Mgahinga.
Day 10 Drive to Queen Elizabeth NP. Stopping en route along shores of Lake Bunyoni. Arrive at QENP (Mweya) at dusk. Spotlighting around campsite in evening.
Day 11 Game drives during the morning. Boat trip along Kazinga Channel in the afternoon.
Day 12 Drive over to Jacana Lodge, pm spent birding in Maramagembo Forest.
Day 13 Drive to Bundibugyo, birding in Semliki Forest en route.
Day 14 Birding Kirumia Trail (Semliki NP) all day.
Day 15 Birding Hot Springs Trails (Semliki NP) all day, drive out birding scarp forest to Fort Portal.
Day 16 am spent birding nearby Kithingama Swamp before drive to Budongo (arrival at dusk).
Day 17 All day birding Royal Mile and cultivated areas thereabouts.
Day 18 All day birding Busingiro section and Royal Mile. Evening spotlighting session for mammals along Royal Mile.
Day 19 Birding along road to Butiaba escarpment and on into Murchison Falls NP.
Day 20 am boat to delta for shoebills, pm game drive to Falls, dusk at bat cave and night drive back for nightjars.
Day 21 All day north of Nile on game drives (we cancelled our afternoon boat ride to the base of the falls).
Day 22 Drive south, stopping at Kanio Pabidi (Budongo) for chimp and Puvel's illadopsis en route to Kampala.
Day 23 am birding Mabira Forest, quick visit to source of Nile before lunch and early return to Kampala.
Day 24 Flight home

In hindsight I would offer the following advice:


We used the following field-guides during the trip (mostly the first but dipping into the others of an evening or during long drives):

Stevenson and Fanshawe (2002) Field Guide to the Birds of East Africa. T & A D Poyser.
Zimmerman et al. (1996) Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanzania. Helm.
Borrow and Demey (2002) A Guide to the Birds of Western Africa. Helm.
Kingdon (1997) The Kingdon field guide to African mammals. Academic Press.

We used gen included within:

Roussouw and Sacchi (1998) Where to watch birds in Uganda. Uganda Tourist Board.
Sam Woods (2002) Uganda 5th-26th August. Unpublished trip report available on birdtours website.
Jan Vermeulen (2002) Uganda, July 2002. Unpublished trip report available on birdtours website.
Most of the essential bird songs and calls are included on the epic CD collection:
Chappuis (2000) Birds of North, West and Central Africa and neighbouring Atlantic Islands. SEOF.
We also bought a BLOWS recording of the African Green Broadbill for good measure. To order contact Richard Ranft (British Library of Wildlife Sounds).


My thanks go to primarily to Herbert and the members of his excellent guide network who did their utmost to get us onto as many birds as possible. The dips were sadly mostly our fault! I also thank the rest of the crew - it would have been a very different trip without you guys - so thanks go to Gordon Allison, Nigel and Carol Mears and Graeme and Moira Wallace. Thanks also too to Pete, Alan, Ashley and Neil for gen and advice at Budongo and Murchison. Finally thanks to Sam Woods and Jan Vermeulen for putting their web gen out there.

Sites visited

14/7 Mabamba

Close to Kampala we visited this site on our first morning, fresh from an overnight flight! We just sat in the boat and enjoyed the shoebill basically. Other highlights included: African pygmy-goose, purple swamphen and Weyn's weaver.

15/7 Mpanga Forest

Just outside Kampala - we stopped here for a couple of hours en route to Lake Mburo, it was the only place we saw yellow-mantled weaver and looks like a great spot although Mabira Forest is obviously much better.

15-16/7 Lake Mburo

This fantastic site deserves more time than we were able to give it. We stayed in the tented camp, which was great for night birding. In the morning the boat trip was great but then we had very little time to chase down the many species that just creep into Uganda in this park (eg long-tailed cisticola). Highlights included: African finfoot (boat), coqui francolin, wood sandpiper, emerald-spotted wood-dove, African scops-owl, red-faced barbet, Nubian woodpecker, green-backed woodpecker, African reed warbler, white-winged warbler (boat), red-faced crombec, marico sunbird, papyrus gonolek (boat), spectacled weaver and red-headed weaver.

16-21/7 Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

This is the spot to chase down the Albertine Rift endemics and we had an awful time of it. Conditions were very dry and on some days bird activity was very low. Tape response was poor - although perhaps an artefact that every guide uses playback, which must be making birds tape-shy? Buhoma was very hard work generally but is a great spot. We stayed at the basic but acceptable "Bwindi View" bandas. Buhoma is the base for the famous gorilla tracking activities and we were not disappointed on this front, getting excellent views just behind our accommodation! Gorilla tracking permits cost $250 per person and must be arranged as far in advance as you can manage. We picked up Emmy as a guide here (and he stayed with us through to Mgahinga).

Ruhiza was excellent. Herbert's mobile catering unit (a chef on a moped) kicked into action and we had a very pleasant stay in the basic hostel here. We could have used another day at Ruhiza however to try and track down the African green broadbill - a monstrous dip that left us all in a sour mood.

Highlights a plenty at Bwindi however included: mountain buzzard (Ruhiza), Ayre's hawk-eagle (Buhoma), handsome francolin (Ruhiza), black-billed turaco, barred long-tailed cuckoo (Ruhiza), African wood-owl (Ruhiza), Rwenzori nightjar (Ruhiza), scarce swift (Buhoma), bar-tailed trogon, cinnamon-chested bee-eater, black bee-eater (Buhoma), western green tinkerbird (Ruhiza), Tullberg's woodpecker, Elliot's woodpecker (Buhoma), African broadbill (Buhoma), Petit's cuckoo-shrike (Buhoma), grey cuckoo-shrike (Ruhiza), Ansorge's greenbul (Buhoma), equatorial akalat (Buhoma), red-throated alethe (Buhoma), white-bellied robin-chat (Buhoma), olive thrush (Ruhiza), white-tailed ant-thrush, Grauer's rush-warbler (Ruhiza), short-tailed warbler (Buhoma), black-faced rufous warbler, Grauer's warbler, banded prinia, black-throated apalis (Buhoma), mountain masked apalis, yellow-eyed black-flycatcher, ashy flycatcher (The Neck), dusky-blue flycatcher (Buhoma), chinspot batis (Ruhiza), Rwenzori batis, black-and-white shrike-flycatcher (Buhoma), white-bellied crested-flycatcher, mountain illadopsis (Buhoma), African hill-babbler (Ruhiza), dusky tit, blue-throated brown sunbird (Buhoma), blue-headed sunbird (Buhoma), northern double-collared sunbird (Buhoma), grey-headed sunbird (Buhoma), Mackinnon's fiscal, sooty boubou (Buhoma), pink-footed puffback (Buhoma), Doherty's bush-shrike (Ruhiza), white-naped raven (Ruhiza), montane oriole (Ruhiza), African golden oriole (Ruhiza), Stuhlmann's starling (Ruhiza), narrow-tailed starling (Buhoma), Waller's starling (Ruhiza), strange weaver (Ruhiza), brown-capped weaver, black-billed weaver, dusky crimsonwing (Ruhiza), yellow-bellied waxbill (Ruhiza), magpie mannikin (Buhoma), yellow-crowned canary (Buhoma), thick-billed seedeater, streaky seedeater (Ruhiza) and oriole finch (Buhoma).

21/7 and 23/7 Lake Bunyoni

Quick stops here produced some entertaining birding (plus great views of spot-necked otter). Highlights included: little rush warbler and northern masked weaver (the latter apparently expanding its range in Africa).

21/7 wetland near Kisoro

We visited this spot at the end of a day largely spent in the minibus. A pleasant wetland site. Highlights included: little grebe, lanner and "Jackson's pipit" (race of grassland pipit).

22/7 Mgahinga

We elected to visit this site in order to have a chance of Rwenzori turaco, which are very easy here. We walked to the gorge and back but would have liked to have gone round the loop trail (too far according to Herbert). Other highlights included: dusky turtle dove, Cape robin-chat, Kivu ground-thrush, white-tailed crested-flycatcher and Rwenzori double-collared sunbird.

23/7 Echuya Forest

Great stop en route to Mgahinga. Try an do it early in the morning though as the road is dusty and once the traffic starts up it gets pretty unpleasant. We saw a lot of birds here during a short space of time including our best views of white-browed crombec and my only olive woodpecker.

23-26/7 Queen Elizabeth NP

We spent two nights at the hostel at Mweya and one night at the delightful Jacana Lodge on the outskirts of the park. Game drives from Mweya were poor on the whole, although we did see giant hog around the HQ area and in the park and kob are plentiful throughout. Birding here was also rather disappointing on the whole. We only had a short amount of time in the Maramagembo Forest (close to Jacana Lodge), which would have repaid more work I suspect. Highlights included: great white pelican, little egret, yellow-billed stork, glossy ibis, blue quail, African crake, collared pratincole, crowned lapwing, Kittlitz's plover, common greenshank, African skimmer, alpine swift, Narina trogon (Maramagembo Forest), least honeyguide (Maramagembo Forest), rufous-naped lark, red-capped lark, little grey greenbul (Maramagembo Forest), brown-chested alethe (Maramagembo Forest), red-capped robin-chat, brown-backed scrub-robin, stout cisticola, yellow-bellied wattle-eye (Maramagembo Forest and my bird of the trip!), purple-headed starling, lesser masked weaver, little weaver, compact weaver, red bishop and common waxbill.

26-28/7 Semliki NP

To do this site justice you need to give it a few more days and camp along the Kirumia trail but we did not regret our quick snapshot at the avifauna. We stayed in a basic hotel in Bundibugyo, which was at least an hour away from the park and meant that we never got into the field very early. We spent one day along the Kirumia trail with the splendid Godfrey (easily the best birder out of our many guides during the trip. The next day was spent along the Hot Springs trail where despite Godfrey's absence we managed to see a number of great birds bit it was generally quieter. What you really need is at least three whole days camping up the Kirumia trail. Highlights here included: piping hornbill, red-billed dwarf hornbill, white-crested hornbill, black-casqued wattled hornbill, red-rumped tinkerbird, rufous-sided broadbill, icterine greenbul, swamp palm bulbul, crested malimbe and blue-billed malimbe.

29/7 Kithingama Swamp

We overnighted at Fort Portal en route to Budongo and this allowed us a morning at this site just outside town. Habitat here consists of a swamp surrounded by low, scrubby secondary forest and cultivation. It is a good site for a number of birds that are hard to find elsewhere and we scored with speckle-breasted woodpecker, Cabanis's greenbul and joyful greenbul (all of which we failed to find at other sites).

29/7 - 1/8 and 4/8 Budongo

Splendid forest birding here and the surrounding cultivation is good too. We stayed three nights in a basic hostel near the Royal Mile whilst birding the Royal Mile itself as well as the great forest in the Busingiro section. On our last day we drove to Murchison via the Butiaba escarpment - a very enjoyable day's birding. We elected to bird the outlying Kanio Pabidi section later on the drive between Murchison and Kampala and this worked well. Whilst at the Royal Mile we used the excellent Vincent as a guide and he put us onto to a lot of great birds. Highlights included: crested guineafowl (Kanio Pabidi), Nahan's francolin (Busingiro section), red-headed lovebird, Madagascar lesser cuckoo, black cuckoo, mottled swift, Eurasian swift, mottled spinetail, Cassin's spinetail, shining-blue kingfisher, white-thighed hornbill, Cameroon sombre greenbul, spotted greenbul, Uganda woodland warbler, lemon-bellied crombec, yellow longbill, grey longbill, rufous-crowned eromomela, whistling cisticola, black-capped apalis, forest flycatcher, chestnut-capped flycatcher, brown illadopsis, Puvel's illadopsis (Kanio Pabidi), superb sunbird, grey-headed oliveback, brown twinspot and Cabanis's bunting. Two of us scored with chimp at Kanio Pabidi.

1-4/8 Murchison Falls NP

Fantastic park. We stayed in the comfortable Red Chilli Lodge on the south side of the Nile. North of the Nile the game numbers are more like you would expect from an east African savannah and there are plenty of birds to keep you occupied on both sides. Make sure you do a drive to the falls for dusk (bathawk) and the drive back is good for nightjars. The boat ride to the delta was excellent for shoebill. Highlights included: little bittern, Madagascar pond-heron (one in small roadside pool after dropping off the Butiaba escarpment en route to park), black-crowned night-heron, intermediate egret, osprey, shoebill (3-4), white-headed vulture, Eurasian marsh harrier, eastern chanting-goshawk, dark chanting-goshawk, bat hawk, Heuglin's francolin, harlequin quail, Senegal thick-knee, rock pratincole, vinaceous dove, Namaqua dove, spotted eagle-owl, long-tailed nightjar, swamp nightjar, horus swift, giant kingfisher, swallow-tailed bee-eater, red-throated bee-eater, northern carmine bee-eater, black scimitarbill, Abyssinian ground-hornbill, white-headed barbet (Butiaba escarpment), black-billed barbet (Butiaba escarpment), spotted mourning-thrush, northern crombec (Butiaba escarpment), rattling cisticola, singing cisticola (Butiaba escarpment), red-faced cisticola (Butiaba escarpment), foxy cisticola, red-winged grey warbler, silverbird, brown babbler (Butiaba escarpment), beautiful sunbird, grey-headed bush-shrike (Butiaba escarpment), lesser blue-eared starling, rufous sparrow, speckle-fronted weaver, white-browed sparrow-weaver, chestnut-crowned sparrow-weaver, vitelline weaver, cardinal quelea, northern red bishop, black-winged red bishop, red-winged pytilia, bar-breasted firefinch, black-rumped waxbill, black-faced waxbill, cinnamon-breasted rock bunting (Butiaba escarpment) and brown-rumped bunting.

5/8 Mabira Forest

This was our last site and we were more than a little tired, nevertheless a morning here allowed us to fill a few gaps in the list - most notably I caught up with Jameson's wattle-eye after failing to see it at Semliki. We used Ibrahim as our guide and he took us some distance from the HQ in the van to a track leading off the main road. The birding here was fantastic. Highlights included: forest wood-hoopoe, buff-spotted woodpecker, purple-throated cuckoo-shrike, blue-shouldered robin-chat, Jameson's wattle-eye and red-headed bluebill.

Birds recorded in Uganda between 14th July and 5th August 2004

Sites visited: Mabamba (MB) 14/7; Mpanga Forest (MP) 15/7; Lake Mburo (LM) 15-16/7; Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Buhoma (BH) and Ruhiza (RZ) 16-21/7; Lake Bunyoni (LB) 21/7 and 23/7; wetland near Kisoro (KW) 23/7; Mgahinga (MG) 22/7; Echuya Forest (EF) 23/7; Queen Elizabeth NP (QE) 23-26/7; Semliki (SM) 26-28/7; Kithingama Swamp (KS) 29/7; Budongo (B) 29/7 - 1/8 and 4/8; Murchison Falls NP (MU) 1-4/8; and Mabira Forest (MF) 5/8.

Great white pelican Pelecanus onocrotalus QE
Pink-backed pelican P. rufescens widespread
Little grebe Tachybaptus ruficollis KW
Great cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo widespread
Long-tailed cormorant P. africanus widespread
African darter Anhinga rufa MU, Kampala area
African finfoot Podica senegalensis LM - female and juvenile from boat
Little bittern Ixobrychus minuta MU
Black-crowned night-heron Nycticorax nycticorax MU
Cattle egret Bubulcus ibis widespread
Common squacco heron Ardeola ralloides widespread
Madagascar pond-heron A. idea single on small roadside pool en route to MU on 1/8 was a big surprise
Striated heron Butorides striatus LM, MU
Rufous-bellied heron Ardeola rufiventris single at Kaaku Swamp (en route to LM), another en route to MU on 1/8
Little egret Egretta garzetta QE
Intermediate egret Mesophoyx intermedia MU
Great egret Casmerodius albus Kaaku Swamp, QE, MU
Goliath heron Ardea goliath MB, LM, QE, MU
Purple heron A. purpurea widespread
Grey heron A. cinerea widespread
Black-headed heron A. melanocephala widespread
Hamerkop Scopus umbretta widespread
Yellow-billed stork Mycteria ibis QE
Wooly-necked stork Ciconia episcopus Kabale, en route to RZ
African open-billed stork Anastomus lamelligerus widespread
Saddle-billed stork Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis QE, MU, en route to Kampala
Marabou stork Leptoptilos crumeniferus widespread
Shoebill Balaeniceps rex single at MB, at least three at MU
Sacred ibis Threskiornis aethiopicus widespread
Hadada ibis Bostrychia hagedash widespread
Glossy ibis Plegadis falcinellus QE
African spoonbill Platalea alba KW, QE
Egyptian goose Alopochen aegyptiacus KW, QE, MU
Spur-winged goose Plectropterus gambensis Kaaku Swamp, MU
Knob-billed duck Sarkidiornis melanotos Kaaku Swamp, QE, MU
African pygmy-goose Nettapus auritus 2 at MB
White-faced whistling-duck Dendrocygna viduata MB, MU
Hottentot teal Anas hottentota Kaaku Swamp
Yellow-billed duck A. undulata widespread
Black kite Milvus migrans widespread
Black-shouldered kite Elanus caeruleus MG, MU
African fish-eagle Haliaeetus vocifer widespread
Palm-nut vulture Gypohierax angolensis widespread
Osprey Pandion haliaetus MU (single)
Hooded vulture Necrosyrtes monachus Kampala area
White-headed vulture Trigonoceps occipitalis 2 birds (adult female and sub-adult) in the vicinity of a kill at MU
African white-backed vulture Gyps africanus QE, MU
Ruppell's griffon vulture G. rueppellii LM, QE, MU
Lappet-faced vulture Torgos tracheliotus QE, MU
Black-chested snake-eagle Circaetus pectoralis Kaaku Swamp, QE
Brown snake-eagle C. cinereus singles at QE and en route to MU
Western banded snake-eagle C. cinerascens single en route to MU
African marsh harrier Circus ranivorus MB, Kaaku Swamp, MU
Eurasian marsh harrier Circus aeruginosus single female at MU
Eastern chanting-goshawk Melierax poliopterus MU
Dark chanting-goshawk M. metabates MU
Lizard buzzard Kaupifalco monogrammicus MB, QE, B
Shikra Accipiter badius MB, Kampala, en route to MU
African goshawk A. tachiro BH, EF, B. There was some confusion at Buhoma over the identity of an immature raptor (being claimed by local birders as a Congo serpent eagle) - examination of photographs when we got home revealed that it was in fact this species.
Great sparrowhawk A. melanoleucos LB (pair), B (three birds)
Bat hawk Macheiramphus alcinus single at dusk at the bat cave at MU
African harrier-hawk Polyboroides typus widespread
Augur buzzard Buteo augur widespread
Mountain buzzard B. oreophilus RZ
Tawny eagle Aquila rapax single going south along the escarpment near Butiaba on 1/8
Wahlberg's eagle A. wahlbergi widespread
Ayre's hawk-eagle Hieraaetus ayresii BH (single)
Bateleur Terathopius ecaudatus LM, en route to Bwindi, QE, MU
Long-crested eagle Lophaetus occipitalis widespread
Martial eagle Polemaetus bellicosus singles at QE and en route to MU
African crowned eagle Stephanoetus coronatus BH (single), B (2 pairs)
Common kestrel Falco tinnunculus single en route to Bwindi
Grey kestrel F. ardosiacus en route to LM, MU area (including one taking bats at the bat cave)
African hobby F. cuvieri 3 from garden of Red Chilli Lodge, Kampala
Eurasian hobby F. subbuteo single from garden of Red Chilli Lodge, Kampala
Lanner falcon F. biarmicus 2 birds at KW
Peregrine falcon F. peregrinus single hunting successfully in Bundibugyu
Helmeted guineafowl Numida meleagris LM, QE, MU
Crested guineafowl Guttera pucherani B - three birds in response to proactive playback at Kanio Pabidi
[Scaly francolin] Francolinus squamatus [QE]
Nahan's francolin F. nahani B - three birds whistled in by Vincent gave good views
Handsome francolin F. nobilis RZ - single taped in at the end of the bamboo zone
Coqui francolin F. coqui single seen well at close range at LM
Heuglin's francolin F. icterorhynchus [B], MU - 4+ birds seen during game drives including a very amorous male in full display
Crested francolin F. sephaena LM, MU area (numerous in habitat)
Red-necked spurfowl F. afer LM, QE
Harlequin quail Coturnix delagorguei MU - single on track
Blue quail C. adansonii QE - single fluttered across track to Jacana Lodge
Common button-quail Turnix sylvatica QE, MU (patchily common at both sites)
White-spotted flufftail Sarothrura pulchra [QE], KS, B, [MF]
African crake Crex egregia QE - 2 birds from game drives
Black crake Amaurornis flavirostris widespread
Purple swamphen Porphyrio porphyrio MB
Common moorhen Gallinula chloropus Kaaku Swamp, KW
African jacana Actophilornis africanus widespread
Grey crowned crane Balearica regulorum widespread in south
Black-bellied bustard Eupodotis melanogaster LM, MU (singles)
Water thick-knee Burhinus vermiculatus LM, QE
Senegal thick-knee B. senegalensis MU (single)
Collared pratincole Glareola pratincola QE
Rock pratincole G. nuchalis MU
Spur-winged lapwing Vanellus spinosus QE, MU
Long-toed lapwing V. crassirostris MB, Kaaku Swamp, MU
African wattled lapwing V. senegalensis LM, QE, MU
Crowned lapwing V. coronatus QE
Black-headed lapwing V. tectus en route to MU, MU
Senegal lapwing V. lugubris LM, QE
Brown-chested lapwing V. superciliosus LM (6), QE (2)
Kittlitz's plover Charadrius pecuarius QE
Three-banded plover C. tricollaris QE, SM
Common sandpiper Actitis hypoleucos QE, MU
Wood sandpiper Tringa glareola LM
Common greenshank Tringa nebularia QE
Grey-headed gull Larus cirrocephalus MB, QE
African skimmer Rhynchops flavirostris QE
White-winged tern Chlidonias leucopterus MB, QE, MU
African green pigeon Treron calva widespread
Speckled pigeon Columba guinea Kampala, Kisoro
Afep pigeon C. unicincta [SM], B
Olive pigeon C. arquatrix RZ, BH, EF, SM
Feral pigeon C. livia widespread
Emerald-spotted wood-dove Turtur chalcospilos LM
Blue-spotted wood-dove T. afer BH, QE, B
Black-billed wood-dove T. abyssinicus en route to MU, MU
Tambourine dove T. typanistria widespread
Namaqua dove Oena capensis en route to MU, MU
Ring-necked dove Streptopelia capicola LM, QE, MU
Red-eyed dove S. semitorquata widespread
African mourning dove S. decipens QE, SM, MU
Vinaceous dove S. vinacea MU (single)
Laughing dove S. senegalensis QE, MU
Dusky turtle dove S. lugens MG
Brown parrot Poicephalus meyeri LM, Kampala, Masindi
Grey parrot Psittacus erithacus BH (pair flying over high), Bundibugyo (pair), B (70+ flying to roost)
Red-headed lovebird Agapornis pullarius B (2 sightings of singles)
Great blue turaco Corythaeola cristata widespread
Ross's turaco Musophaga rossae Kampala, LM, BH, B
Rwenzori turaco Tauraco johnstoni MG (common at this site)
White-crested turaco T. leucolophus B, MU
Black-billed turaco T. schuetti BH, RZ (heard elsewhere)
Bare-faced go-away-bird Corythaixoides personata LM area, QE area
Eastern grey plantain-eater Crinifer zonurus widespread
Black-and-white cuckoo Oxylophus jacobinus single near MF
Madagascar lesser cuckoo Cuculus rochii single seen well at B
Red-chested cuckoo C. solitarius 1 immature at BH, common at B
Black cuckoo C. clamosus 1 at B
Barred long-tailed cuckoo Cercococcyx montanus RZ (single)
Dusky long-tailed cuckoo C. mechowi BH, SM, [B]
Diederik cuckoo Chrysococcyx caprius LM, MU
Klaas's cuckoo C. klaas widespread
African emerald cuckoo C. cupreus MB, BH, B
Yellowbill Ceuthmochares aereus BH, B, MF
White-browed coucal Centropus superciliosus widespread
Blue-headed coucal C. monachus MB, KW, MU
Senegal coucal C. senegalensis B, [MU]
[Black-throated coucal] C. leucogaster [SM]
African wood-owl Strix woodfordii RZ, [Kisoro]
[Barn owl] Tyto alba [B] - almost certainly heard from the hostel pre-dawn but this is viewed with some scepticism by Herbert and Vincent!
African scops-owl Otus senegalensis LM - we walked in on calling birds near the campsite after dusk
Verreaux's eagle-owl Bubo lacteus QE, MU (singles)
Spotted eagle-owl Bubo africanus 2 birds during night drive at MU - note that this cinarescens race is split by Clements as "grayish eagle-owl"
Square-tailed nightjar Caprimulgus fossii LM, QE
Long-tailed nightjar C. climacurus 1 during night drive at MU
Swamp nightjar C. natalensis MU - female hunting at dawn from the Red Chilli Lodge
Rwenzori nightjar C. ruwenzorii RZ - singles noted on two occasions from or on the roads around the resthouse. Lumped into montane nightjar by Clements.
Black-shouldered nightjar C. nigriscapularis LM, B
Pennant-winged nightjar Macrodipteryx vexilllaris QE, B, MU
Little swift Apus affinis widespread
White-rumped swift A. caffer widespread
Horus swift A. horus 2 over falls at MU
Mottled swift A. aequatorialis single swift over B during weather related passage of swifts was considered to be this species
Alpine swift A. melba QE
Eurasian swift A. apus B (small numbers)
Scarce swift Schoutedenapus myoptilus BH - birds flying high over the forest here were considered to be this species
African palm swift Cypsiurus parvus SM, B, MU
Sabine's spinetail Rhaphidura sabini B (small numbers over forest), MF
Cassin's spinetail R. cassini B (2 over forest)
Speckled mousebird Colius striatus widespread
Blue-naped mousebird Urocolius macrourus LM, QE, MU
Narina trogon Apaloderma narina QE (Maramagembo)
Bar-tailed trogon A. vittatum BH, RZ
Pied kingfisher Ceryle rudis widespread
Striped kingfisher Halcyon chelicuti MB, LM, [B], MU
Grey-headed kingfisher H. leucocephala widespread
Giant kingfisher Megaceryle maxima single bird on Nile at MU.
Woodland kingfisher Halccyon senegalensis en route to RZ
Blue-breasted kingfisher H. malimbica QE, [SM], B
Chocolate-backed kingfisher H. badia SM, [B]
Malachite kingfisher Alcedo cristata MB, LM, LB
African pygmy-kingfisher Ispidina picta MB, QE, MU
African dwarf-kingfisher I. lecontei QE, SM, B
Shining-blue kingfisher Alcedo quadribrachys [SM], B
Little bee-eater Merops pusillus LM, QE
Cinnamon-chested bee-eater M. oreobates BH, RZ
Blue-breasted bee-eater M. variegatus MB, LB, MU
White-throated bee-eater M. albicollis Kampala, QE, B
Swallow-tailed bee-eater M. hirundineus MU area
Black bee-eater M. gularis BH (2)
Madagascar bee-eater M. supercilosus QE, MU
Red-throated bee-eater M. bulocki MU
Northern carmine bee-eater M. nubicus MU
Broad-billed roller Eurystomus glaucurus MB, MU area
Blue-throated roller E. gularis The Neck (flight view), SM (single perched)
Lilac-breasted roller Coracias caudata en route to LM
Green wood-hoopoe Phoeniculus purpureus QE, MU
Forest wood-hoopoe P. castaneiceps MF (single)
Black scimitarbill Rhinopomastus aterrimus MU
African grey hornbill Tockus nasutus LM, MU area
Crowned hornbill T. alboterminatus MB, MP, MG, SM
African pied hornbill T. fasciatus MB, MP, SM, MU
Piping hornbill Bycanistes fistulator SM
Red-billed dwarf hornbill Tockus camurus SM
White-crested hornbill Tropicranus albocristatus SM
Black-and-white casqued hornbill Bycanistes subcylindricus widespread
White-thighed hornbill B. cylindricus B
Black-casqued wattled hornbill Ceratogymna atrata SM
Abyssinian ground-hornbill Bucorvus abyssinicus MU (pair)
Yellow-rumped tinkerbird Pogoniulus bilineatus widespread
Yellow-throated tinkerbird P. subsulphureus widespread
Red-rumped tinkerbird P. atroflavus SM
Western green tinkerbird P. coryphaeus RZ
Speckled tinkerbird P. scolopaceus widespread
Grey-throated barbet Gymnobucco bonapartei BH, MF
Yellow-fronted tinkerbird Pogoniulus chrysoconus Kampala, QE, MF
Spot-flanked barbet Trcholaema lacrymosa LM, QE, MU area
Hairy-breasted barbet T. hirsuta MP, BH, MF
Yellow-spotted barbet Buccanodon duchaillui [MP], BH, B
White-headed barbet Lybius leucocephalus en route to MU
Black-billed barbet L. guifsobalito en route to MU
Red-faced barbet L. rubrifacies LM (single)
Double-toothed barbet L. bidentatus Kampala (2), MU (1)
Yellow-billed barbet Trachylaemus purpuratus SM, [B], MF
Greater honeyguide Indicator indicator LM, en route to MU
Lesser honeyguide I. minor QE, KS, en route to MU
Willcock's honeyguide I. willcocksi BH, B
Least honeyguide I. exilis QE (Maramagembo) - single
Tullberg's woodpecker Campethera tullbergi BH, RZ
Buff-spotted woodpecker C. nivosa MF
Brown-eared woodpecker C. caroli QE, SM, B
Nubian woodpecker C. nubica LM
Green-backed woodpecker C. cailliautii LM
Cardinal woodpecker Dendropicos fuscescens BH, RZ, QE
Elliott's woodpecker D. elliottii BH
Speckle-breasted woodpecker D. poecilolaemus single female at KS
Yellow-crested woodpecker D. xantholophus BH, SM, B, MF
Grey woodpecker D. goertae QE, MU
Olive woodpecker D. griseocephalus [MG], EF
African broadbill Smithornis capensis BH - single bird displaying in response to proactive tape playback
Rufous-sided broadbill S. rufolateralis SM - single bird displaying in response to proactive tape playback
[African green broadbill] Pseudocalyptomena graueri [RZ] - single bird heard and seen flying in and out of tree in response to tape playback - could we get views though? Disappointing result
Rufous-naped lark Mirafra africana QE
Flappet lark M. rufocinnamomea QE, MU
Red-capped lark Calandrella cinerea QE
Rock martin Hirundo fuligula highlands
Plain martin Riparia paludicola LM, QE, MU
Banded martin R. cincta LM, MU
Mosque swallow Hirundo senegalensis QE, Fort Portal
Rufous-chested swallow H. semirufa LM, QE
Lesser striped swallow H. abyssinica widespread
Barn swallow H. rustica QE, MU
Angola swallow H. angolensis lowlands
Wire-tailed swallow H. smithii QE, MU
Black saw-wing Psalidoprocne holomelas BH, RZ, MG
White-headed saw-wing P. albiceps LM, QE, MU
African pied wagtail Motacilla aguimp widespread
Cape wagtail M. capensis MB, BH
Yellow-throated longclaw Macronyx croceus MB, LM, QE, MU
Grassland pipit Anthus cinnamomeus LM, "Jackson's pipit" near KW
Plain-backed pipit A. leucophrys B, MU
Black cuckoo-shrike Campephaga flava BH, SM, QE
Red-shouldered cuckoo-shrike C. phoenicea QE, MU
Purple-throated cuckoo-shrike C. quiscalina MF
Petit's cuckoo-shrike C. petiti BH
Grey cuckoo-shrike Coracina caesia RZ
Western nicator Nicator chloris SM, B
[Yellow-throated nicator] N. vireo [SM]
Common bulbul Pycnonotus barbatus widespread
Yellow-whiskered greenbul Andropadus latirostris BH, RZ, MF
Little greenbul A. virens widespread
Mountain greenbul A. nigriceps RZ, BH, MG, EF
Slender-billed greenbul A. gracilirostris widespread
Shelley's greenbul A. masukensis BH, RZ
Yellow-streaked greenbul Phyllastrephus flavostriatus [BH], RZ, SM
Cabanis's greenbul P. cabinisi KS
Ansorge's greenbul Andropadus ansorgei BH
Little grey greenbul A. gracilis QE
Toro olive greenbul Phyllastrephus hypochloris QE, B
Cameroon sombre greenbul Andropadus curvirostris B
Icterine greenbul Phyllastrephus icterinus SM - difficult to separate from the next species without using vocalisations and a little tape playback
Xavier's greenbul P. xavieri QE, SM
Joyful greenbul Chlorocichla laetissima KS
Red-tailed bristlebill Bleda syndactyla QE, [SM], B, [MF]
[Green-tailed bristlebill] B. eximia [SM]
Red-tailed greenbul Criniger calurus BH, RZ, SM, B, MF
White-throated greenbul Phyllastrephus albigularis B, MF
Yellow-throated greenbul Chlorocichla flavicollis MP, B, MU
Swamp palm bulbul Thescilocichla leucopleura SM
Honeyguide greenbul Baeopogon indicator [BH], SM
Spotted greenbul Ixonotus guttatus B
White-starred robin Pogonocichla stellata RZ, MG, EF
Equatorial akalat Sheppardia aequatorialis BH
Forest robin Stiphrornis erythrothorax SM, B
Brown-chested alethe Alethe poliocephala QE
Red-throated alethe A. poliophrys BH
Fire-crested alethe A. diademata SM, B
Cape robin-chat Cossypha caffra MG
White-browed robin-chat C. heuglini widespread
Blue-shouldered robin-chat C. cyanocampter [SM], [KS], MF
Snowy-headed robin-chat C. niveicapilla LM, QE
Red-capped robin-chat C. natalensis QE
Archer's robin C. archeri RZ, MG
White-bellied robin-chat Cossyphicula roberti BH
Olive thrush Turdus olivaceus RZ
African thrush T. pelios widespread (except RZ)
Kivu ground-thrush Zoothera tanganjicae MG - bad views in response to tape playback
White-tailed ant-thrush Neocossyphus poensis [BH], RZ
Red-tailed ant-thrush N. rufus SM, QE, B
Rufous flycatcher-thrush Stizorhina fraseri MP, BH, SM, QE, B
Sooty chat Myrmecocichla nigra widespread
African stonechat Saxicola torquata widespread in uplands
White-browed scrub-robin Cercotrichas leucophrys B, en route to MU
Brown-backed scrub-robin C. hartlaubi QE
Spotted mourning-thrush Cichladusa guttata MU area
Dark-capped yellow warbler Chloropeta natalensis QE, B
Mountain yellow warbler C. similis RZ, MG
Lesser reed warbler Acrocephalus gracilirostris LB, QE
[Greater swamp warbler] A. rufescens [MB], [LM]
African reed warbler A. baeticus LM
White-winged warbler Bradypterus carpalis LM - single seen very well from boat
Cinnamon bracken warbler B. cinnamomeus [RZ], MG (common)
Little rush warbler B. baboecala LB
Grauer's rush-warbler B. graueri RZ
Buff-bellied warbler Phyllolais pulchella LM, en route to MU
Uganda woodland warbler Phylloscopus budongoensis B - tricky canopy species eventually taped into the scope
Red-faced woodland warbler P. laetus BH, RZ, EF
Green hylia Hylia prasina MP, BH, SM, B
Short-tailed warbler Hemitesia neumanni BH - appalling and brief view of this skulking little b****r in response to tape playback
White-browed crombec Sylvietta leucophrys MG, EF
Green crombec S. virens BH, SM
Lemon-bellied crombec S. denti B (single - very tape responsive, coming right out of the canopy to within a few metres)
Yellow longbill Macrosphenus flavicans B
Grey longbill M. concolor B, [MF]
Northern crombec Sylvietta brachyura en route to MU
Red-faced crombec S. whytii LM
Rufous-crowned eromomela Eromomela badiceps B
Black-faced rufous warbler Bathmocercus rufus BH, [MF]
African moustached warbler Melocichla mentalis QE, B, MU
Grauer's warbler Graueria vittata [BH], RZ (one eventually seen after an awful lot of tape playback)
Zitting cisticola Cisticola juncidis MU, QE
Stout cisticola C. robustus QE
Croaking cisticola C. natalensis QE, MU
Rattling cisticola C. chiniana MU area
Winding cisticola C. galactotes MB, en route to RZ, QE
Carruther's cisticola C. carruthersi MB, LM, LB, MU
Singing cisticola C. cantans en route to MU
Red-faced cisticola C. erythrops en route to MU
Chubb's cisticola C. chubbi BH, RZ, MG
Trilling cisticola C. woosnami LM, QE
Whistling cisticola C. lateralis B
Siffling cisticola C. brachypterus LM, QE
Foxy cisticola C. troglodytes MU area
Red-winged grey warbler Drymocichla incana MU - family group taped in on the northside of the Paraa ferry
Tawny-flanked prinia Prinia subflava widespread
White-chinned prinia P. leucopogon BH, RZ, KS
Banded prinia P. bairdii BH, RZ
Grey-capped warbler Eminia lepida [LM], en route to Kisoro, [MU]
Grey-backed camaroptera Camaroptera brachyura widespread
Olive-green camaroptera C. chloronota BH, KS, [B], [MF]
Yellow-browed camaroptera C. superciliaris B, MF
Yellow-breasted apalis Apalis flavida LM, MU
Grey apalis A. cinerea BH, SM, KS, QE, B
Chestnut-throated apalis A. porphyrolaema RZ, MG
Buff-throated apalis A. rufogularis widespread
Collared apalis A. ruwenzorii RZ, EF
Black-throated apalis A. jacksoni BH
Mountain masked apalis A. personata BH, RZ
Black-capped apalis A. nigriceps B
White-eyed slaty flycatcher Melaenornis fischeri BH, RZ, MG
Northern black flycatcher M. edoloides widespread
Yellow-eyed black-flycatcher M. ardesiacus BH, RZ
Pale flycatcher Bradornis pallidus en route to MU
Ashy flycatcher Muscicapa caerulescens The Neck
African dusky flycatcher M. adusta widespread
Lead-coloured flycatcher Myioparus plumbeus QE, B
Grey-throated flycatcher M. griseigularis MP, B
Swamp flycatcher Muscicapa aquatica MB, LB, QE, MU
Cassin's grey flycatcher M. cassini bridge over Ihihizo River at The Neck, river en route to B
Dusky-blue flycatcher M. comitata BH
Sooty flycatcher M. infuscata BH, MF
Forest flycatcher Fraseria ocreata B (3)
Chin-spot batis Batis molitor RZ
Black-headed batis B. minor QE, MU, B
Rwenzori batis
B. diops
African shrike-flycatcher Megabias flammulatus BH, B
Black-and-white shrike-flycatcher Bias musicus BH
Brown-throated wattle-eye Platysteira cyanea widespread
Chestnut wattle-eye Dyaphorophyia castanea QE, SM, B
Jameson's wattle-eye D. jamesoni [SM], MF
Yellow-bellied wattle-eye D. concreta QE - a single in Maramagembo Forest was a real surprise and a tick for Herbert!
African paradise flycatcher Terpsiphone viridis Widespread - watch out for the melanistic population in the Maramagembo Forest (QE)!
Red-bellied paradise-flycatcher T. rufiventer SM, B
Silverbird Empidornis semipartitus MU area
White-tailed crested-flycatcher Trochocercus albonotatus MG
White-bellied crested-flycatcher T. albiventris BH
African blue-flycatcher Elminia longicauda BH, QE, MU
White-tailed blue-flycatcher E. albicauda BH (under-recorded)
Chestnut-capped flycatcher Erythrocercus mccallii B
Scaly-breasted illadopsis Illadopsis albipectus KS, B
Mountain illadopsis I. pyrrhoptera BH
Brown illadopsis I. fulvescens B
Pale-breasted illadopsis I. rufipennis BH, MF
Puvel's illadopsis I. puveli B - seemingly present throughout the forest here, we saw one well whilst chimp-tracking
African hill-babbler Pseudoalcippe abyssinica RZ area
Arrow-marked babbler Turdoides jardineii LM, QE
Brown babbler T. plebejus en route to MU
Black-lored babbler T. sharpei LM, MG, Kisoro, QE
Dusky tit Parus funereus BH
White-shouldered tit P. guineensis B, MU, MF
Stripe-breasted tit P. fasciiventer RZ, MG
Yellow-white-eye Zosterops senegalensis widespread
Bronze sunbird Nectarinia kilimensis BH, en route to SM
Green-headed sunbird Cyanomitra verticalis BH, QE, MU
Blue-throated brown sunbird C. cyanolaema BH
Blue-headed sunbird C. alinae BH
Northern double-collared sunbird Cinnyris preussi BH
Olive-bellied sunbird C. chloropygia B, BH
Rwenzori double-collared sunbird C. stuhlmanni MG
Regal sunbird C. regia RZ, MG
Green-throated sunbird Chalcomitra rubescens BH, MF
Green sunbird Anthreptes rectirostris BH, B
Olive sunbird Cyanomitra olivacea widespread - split as obscura or western olive sunbird by Clements
Little green sunbird Anthreptes seimundi BH, B
Grey-headed sunbird Deleornis axillaris BH
Copper sunbird Cinnyris cuprea LB, QE, B
Superb sunbird C. superba B - single female
Marico sunbird C. mariquensis LM
Purple-banded sunbird C. bifasciata Kampala
Scarlet-chested sunbird Chalcomitra senegalensis Kampala, QE, MU
Beautiful sunbird Cinnyris pulchella MU area
Red-chested sunbird C. erythrocerca MB, Kampala, LB, QE
Variable sunbird C. venusta Kampala
Collared sunbird Hedydipna collaris BH, B, MU
Common fiscal Lanius collaris widespread
Grey-backed fiscal L. excubitoroides widespread
Mackinnon's fiscal L. mackinnoni BH, RZ
Tropical boubou Laniarius aethiopicus [LM], [Kisoro], QE
Luedher's bush-shrike L. luedheri BH, KS
Black-headed gonolek L. erythrogaster Kaaku Swamp, LM, QE
Papyrus gonolek L. mufumbiri LM, [QE]
Mountain black boubou L. poensis RZ, MG
Sooty boubou L. leucorhynchus BH
Northern puffback Dryoscopus gambensis RZ, B, MU area
Pink-footed puffback D. angolensis BH
Black-crowned tchagra Tchagra senegala QE, MU
Brown-crowned tchagra T. australis single en route to RZ
Marsh tchagra T. minuta QE, B
Sulphur-breasted bush-shrike Malaconotus sulfureopectus LM, QE
Grey-headed bush-shrike M. blanchoti en route to MU
[Lagden's bush-shrike] M. lagdeni [en route to Kisoro]
Doherty's bush-shrike M. dohertyi RZ
Bocages's bush-shrike M. bocagei BH, QE
Fork-tailed drongo Dicrurus adsimilis LM, QE, MU
Velvet-mantled drongo D. modestus MP, BH, MF
Piapiac Ptilostomus afer Houmia, en route to B, en route to MU, MU
Pied crow Corvus albus widespread
White-naped raven Corvus albicollis RZ
African black-headed oriole Oriolus larvatus en route to LM
Montane oriole O. percivali RZ
Western black-headed oriole O. brachyrhynchus SM, B
African golden oriole O. auratus RZ
Yellow-billed oxpecker Buphagus africanus LM, QE, MU
Stuhlmann's starling Poeoptera stuhlmanni RZ
Narrow-tailed starling P. lugubris BH
Waller's starling Onychognathus walleri RZ
Greater blue-eared starling Lamprotornis chalybeus Bundibugyo, SM, QE
Lesser blue-eared starling L. chloropterus common in MU area
Ruppell's long-tailed starling L. purpuropterus widespread
Purple-headed starling L. purpureiceps QE (2-3 near Maramagembo)
Violet-backed starling Cinnyricinclus leucogaster MP, QE, SM, MU
Sharpe's starling C. sharpei RZ, EF
Wattled starling Creatophora cinerea LM, QE
Rufous sparrow Passer rufocinctus MU
Speckle-fronted weaver Sporopipes frontalis MU
Grey-headed sparrow Passer griseus widespread
White-browed sparrow-weaver Plocepasser mahali MU (2)
Chestnut-crowned sparrow-weaver P. superciliosus MU area
Black-headed weaver Ploceus cucullatus LM, QE, SM, MU
Lesser masked weaver P. intermedius QE
Vitelline weaver P. velatus MU area
Northern masked weaver P. taeniopterus LB - small colony present at the outflow of this lake, this species appears to be expanding its range.
Spectacled weaver P. ocularis LM
Black-necked weaver P. nigricollis BH, QE, MF
Baglafecht weaver P. baglafecht widespread
Grosbeak weaver Ambylospiza albifrons widespread
Little weaver Ploceus luteolus QE
Slender-billed weaver P. pelzelni Kaaku Swamp, LM
Yellow-backed weaver P. melanocephalus Kisoro, QE, MU
Northern brown-throated weaver P. castanops Kaaku Swamp, LM, Fort Portal
Compact weaver P. superciliosus QE
Holub's golden weaver P. xanthops LM, en route to RZ, Kisoro, QE, en route to MU
Weyn's weaver P. weynsi MB (small flock near jetty)
Strange weaver P. alienus RZ
Brown-capped weaver P. insignis BH, RZ
Yellow-mantled weaver P. tricolor MP
Black-billed weaver P. melanogaster BH
Viellot's black weaver P. nigerrimus widespread
Red-billed quelea Quelea quelea QE, MU
Cardinal quelea Q. cardinalis MU
Red-headed quelea Q. erythrops B, MU area
Red-headed weaver Anaplectes rubriceps single female at LM
Red-headed malimbe Malimbus rubricollis MP, BH, MF
Crested malimbe M. malimbicus SM
Blue-billed malimbe M. nitens SM - two birds on the Hot Springs trail
Red-collared widowbird Euplectes ardens QE, en route to B
Fan-tailed widowbird E. axillaris MB, Kaaku Swamp, Kisoro
Black bishop E. geirowii QE, en route to B
Yellow bishop E. capensis en route to RZ, MG
Yellow-mantled widowbird E. macrourus en route to B, MU
Red bishop E. orix QE
Northern red bishop E. franscicanus MU area
Black-winged red bishop E. hordaceus MU area
Grey-headed negro-finch Nigrita canicapilla widespread
White-breasted negrofinch N. fusconotata widespread
Green-winged pytilia Pytilia melba QE, MU area
Red-winged pytilia P. phoenicoptera MU area (2 birds in total)
Grey-headed oliveback Nesocharis capistrata B (3)
Brown twinspot Clytospiza monteiri B
Dusky crimsonwing Cryptospiza jacksoni RZ
Red-headed bluebill Spermophaga ruficapilla MF
Black-bellied seedcracker Pyrenestes ostrinus SM, B
Red-cheeked cordonbleu Uraeginthus bengalus MB, LM, B
Red-billed firefinch Lagonosticta senegala widespread
African firefinch L. rubricata QE, B, MU area
Bar-breasted firefinch L. rufopicta MU - pair at regular spot down by Paraa ferry crossing (south side)
Yellow-bellied waxbill Estrilda quartinia RZ
Common waxbill E. astrilid QE
Black-rumped waxbill E. troglodytes MU area
Fawn-breasted waxbill E. paludicola B, QE
Black-crowned waxbill E. nonnula BH, en route to RZ
Black-headed waxbill E. atricapilla RZ, MG
Black-faced waxbill E. erthronotos en route to MU
Bronze mannikin Lonchura cucullata widespread
Black-and-white mannikin L. bicolor en route to RZ, SM, B
Magpie mannikin L. fringilloides BH
Pin-tailed whydah Vidua macroura widespread
Village indigobird V. chalybeata QE, B, en route to MU
Brimstone canary Serinus sulphuratus LB, QE, MF
Yellow-fronted canary S. mozambicus BH (under-recorded)
Yellow-crowned canary S. canicollis BH
Thick-billed seedeater S. burtoni BH, RZ
African citril S. citrinelloides BH, B, LB, MF
White-rumped seedeater S. leucopygius MU
Streaky seedeater S. striolatus RZ
Oriole finch Linurgus olivaceus BH (single)
Cinnamon-breasted rock bunting Emberiza tahapisi single en route to MU (escarpment near Butiaba)
African golden-breasted bunting E. flaviventris BH (nest found), QE
Brown-rumped bunting E. affinis MU - pair north of the Nile
Cabanis's bunting E. cabanisi B - single in cultivated area before Royal Mile.

Birds we missed and where you might see them

African green ibis Semliki (only)
Spot-breasted ibis Semliki (only)
Hartlaub's duck Semliki (only)
African black duck possible along rivers throughout
Rufous-breasted sparrowhawk Bwindi
Long-tailed hawk Semliki (only)
Cassin's hawk-eagle Mabira Forest, Budongo
Congo serpent-eagle Semliki (only)
Red-chested flufftail Mubwindi Swamp (Ruhiza)
Grey-throated rail Semliki (only)
Nkulengu rail Semliki (only)
Temminck's courser Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls
Bruce's green pigeon Murchison Falls
Western bronze-naped pigeon Buhoma, Semliki
White-naped pigeon forest throughout (rare)
Black-collared lovebird Budongo, Semliki
Olive long-tailed cuckoo Buhoma - silent during the dry season and therefore hard to observe
Yellow-throated cuckoo Semliki (not uncommon)
Fraser's eagle-owl Ruhiza, Buhoma
Red-chested owlet Buhoma, Ruhiza
White-headed wood-hoopoe Buhoma
Black dwarf-hornbill Semliki only
Southern ground-hornbill Lake Mburo (only)
Black-collared barbet Lake Mburo (only)
Scaly-throated honeyguide Bwindi
Dwarf honeyguide Ruhiza (Albertine Rift endemic)
Spotted honeyguide Semliki
Lyre-tailed honeyguide Semliki
Zenker's honeyguide Semliki (rare)
African piculet Semliki
Green-breasted pitta Kibale, Budongo
White-tailed lark Queen Elizabeth
Blue swallow Mabamba
White-throated blue swallow Semliki
Mountain wagtail rivers throughout
Leaf-love Semliki
Lowland akalat Semliki, Queen Elizabeth
Grey-winged robin-chat Buhoma, Queen Elizabeth
White-fronted black-chat Murchison Falls
Papyrus yellow warbler Lake Mburo
Evergreen forest warbler The Neck (Bwindi)
Brown woodland warbler Mgahinga
Long-tailed cisticola Lake Mburo
Broad-tailed warbler Queen Elizabeth
Chapin's flycatcher Buhoma
Yellow-footed flycatcher Buhoma and Budongo
Ituri batis Budongo and Semliki
Black-throated wattle-eye Herbert has never seen this!
Blue-headed crested flycatcher Kithingama Swamp, Mabira Forest
Grey-chested illadopsis Ruhiza and Budongo
Dusky babbler Murchison Falls
Capuchin babbler Semliki
White-winged tit Lake Mburo
Tit-hylia Mabira Forest
African penduline-tit Lake Mburo and Queen Elizabeth
Malachite sunbird Mgahinga
Scarlet-tufted malachite sunbird Mgahinga
Western viollet-backed sunbird Murchison Falls
Fiery-breasted bush-shrike Semliki
Many-coloured bush-shrike Bwindi
Black-winged oriole Semliki
Chestnut-winged starling Budongo area
Slender-billed starling Ruhiza
Golden-backed weaver widespread!
Orange weaver possible at the source of the Nile near Mabira Forest
Red-bellied malimbe Semliki
Pale-fronted negrofinch Semliki
Woodhouse's antpecker Bwindi, Semliki
White-collared oliveback Bwindi, Kithingama Swamp
Dusky twinspot Ruhiza
Shelley's crimsonwing Ruhiza (Albertine Rift endemic)
Papyrus canary Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Bunyoni

Phil Benstead is a freelance birder based in the UK and is available to lead tours to Uganda.


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