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A Report from

New York 27/12/2004- 2/01/2005,

Helen Graham

Went on family holiday and squeezed in some bird watching in between sight seeing shopping etc.
Stayed at Brooklyn Marriot and used tube to travel around.

Central Park

The Rambles feeder area is the best viewing spot. The Jackie Kennedy resevoir is good as well.
American black duck, Ring billed gull, White breasted Nuthatch, American robin, Northern cardinal, Chickadee, Tufted titmouse, House finch, Red bellied woodpecker, Bufflehead, Downy woodpecker, Hairy woodpecker, American goldfinch, American crow. Blue jay, American coot, Fox sparrow, Brown creeper, Mallard, Greater black back gull, Herring gull, Gadwall, House sparrow, Starling. An Iceland gull was seen on resevoir but not observed by me.

Saw the Red tailed hawks from the boating lake. Reports of Coopers hawk from there.
A Boreal owl had been seen most days prior to 1/1/05 and a Saw-Whet Owl was in residence near the Rambles. Neither seen by me.

The Brooklyn Heights

Northern mockingbird, American robin, Starling, House sparrow, Bufflehead, Canvasback, Double crested cormorant, Mallard, Ring-billed gull.

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