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A Report from


Jan Vermeulen

This list follows the taxonomy, names and sequence of "Neotropical Rainforest Mammals, A Field Guide" by Louise H. Emmons. Numbers quoted are estimates of the minimum numbers seen.

1.     GREATER BULLDOG BAT, Noctilio leporinus, Grote Bulldogvleermuis
Common at Hato El Cedral.

2.     COMMON OPOSSUM, Philander opossum, Noord-Amerikaanse Opossum
A single sighting in a hole in a tree at Hato El Cedral.

3.     SOUTHERN TAMANDUA, Tamandua tetradactyla, Zuidelijke Tamandua
A single one at Hato El Cedral.

4.BROWN CAPUCHIN MONKEY, Cebus paella, Bruine Capucijneraap
5 at Junglaven.

5.     BROWN BEARDED SAKI MONKEY, Chitopotes satanus,  Bruine Baardaap
Twice a small group in the forest at Junglaven.

6.     RED HOWLER MONKEY, Alouatta seniculus, Rode Brulaap
Up to 4 a day at Hato El Cedral.

7.     GIANT OTTER, Pteronura brasiliensis, Reuzenotter
Mammal highlight of the trip. A single one in the lagoon at Junglaven and a party of six during our boat trip on the Ventuari River.

8.     PINK RIVER DOLPHIN, Inia geoffrensis, Orinocodolfijn
15+ around our boat during the boat trip on the Ventuari River.

9.     WHITE-TAILED DEER, Odocoileus virginianus, Witstaarthert
Fairly common at Hato El Cedral and 2 at Laguna Mucubaji.

10.  RED-TAILED SQUIRREL, Sciurus granatensis, Roodstaarteekhoorn
3 at the Santo Domingo Valley.

11.  CAPYBARA, Hydrochaeris hydrocheris, Capybara
Abundant at Hato El Cedral.

12.  RED-RUMPED AGOUTI, Dasyprocta agouti, Agouti
A single one at Junglaven.

13.  GRAY (SAVANNAH) FOX, Urocyon cinereoargenteus, Grijze Vos
3 at Hato El Cedral and 2 on the road in the forest at Junglaven!

14.  CAPE HARE, Lepus capensis, Haas
A single one at Hato El Cedral.

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