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Where to watch birds - Worldwide:


Where to Watch Birds in Britain
Simon Harrap, Nigel Redman: Buy from or

  • A superb and well researched update of the original book. Lots of new sites have been added. The experts have been consulted. An indispensible guide to British twitcher or foreign visitor. All the key sites are covered, usually with good maps complete with a season by season guide of what to see where.

Where to Watch Birds in Yorkshire: Including the Former North Humberside
John R. Mather: Buy from or

  • This is a detailed account of over 100 of the best birdwatching sites in the great county on Yorkshire. The sites range from Spurn Point in the south-east, northwards along the coast to Flamborough Head and the Tees estuary and inland along the Pennine Chain with its many reservoirs and the high barren moorlands to the rolling hills of the North York moors. Every site is described with directions for access and distances for travel as well as lists of all species to be found at the various seasons.

Where to Watch Birds in Scotland
Mike Madders: Buy from

  • Scotland has my favourite birding in the whole of the UK. This book, now updated, contains more than 140 key sites and numerous additional sites accompanied by maps and line drawings. It concludes with an up-to-date list of local birds Recorders and reports, useful addresses and a code of conduct for birdwatchers. The guide has become indispensable for anyone birdwatching in Scotland.

Where to watch birds in Southern and Western Spain
Ernest Garcia and Andrew Paterson: Buy from or

  • The reprint and update of this excellent book have been long awaited. I have birded in this region of Spain many times and yet I still have much to learn, Garcia and Paterson are the experts. Where else in Europe can you see five species of swift in one day? Did you know that Ruppel's Griffon Vulture is now regular in part of the region? New sites have been added and access details thoroughly updated. Areas covered include birding hotspots such as Extremadura, Gibraltar and Ronda. A "must buy" if you are traveling to Southern Spain.

Where to Watch Birds in North and East Spain
Michael Rebane, Stephen Message: Buy from or

  • North and east Spain embraces an impressive range of habitats from the Pyrenees to the sun-drenched Catalan coast. As a consequence the area is rich in birdlife and full of potential for visiting birders. The 189 sites are described in terms of habitat, access and the species to be seen. The 104 major sites are accompanied by a map as well as maps of the region to show the location of each site.

Where to Watch Birds in Italy (LIPU)
Lega Italiana Protezione Uccelli: Buy from

  • Produced by the LIPU, a leading bird conservation organization in Italy, and published in association with the RSPB, this text represents a joint conservation initiative. 103 sites are covered in this guide which aims to highlight areas of interest to a visiting birdwatcher.

Where to Watch Birds in Switzerland
Marco Sacchi: Buy from or

  • Famous for its alpine bird specialities such as Wallcreeper, Alpine Accentor, Alpine Chough and Nutcracker, Switzerland has much to offer any birder. This is a guide to 45 of the best birdwatching sites with species information, suggested times to visit and details on transport and accommodation. Each site has a map with itineraries indicated so that no time is wasted once there.

Where to Watch Birds in Ireland
Clive Hutchinson: Buy from

  • Provides an up-to-date guide to the best places to watch birds in Ireland. The book gives details of 62 major sites and 81 others worthy of attention. The major sites have at least one map and are covered in considerable detail. The lesser sites are generally less well watched areas with potential for interesting birds. Introductory chapters provide a background to Ireland's avifauna and birdwatching in the North and the Republic. There is also advice on travel and accommodation and suggestions for one- and two-week trips. Clive Hutchinson has also written "Birds in Ireland" and was founder of the journal "Irish birds".

Where to Watch Birds in Wales
Dave Saunders: Buy from or

  • This is a guide to birdwatching in Wales with site descriptions and information on habitat, species to be seen and access. Appendices describe minor sites, national and local conservation organizations, bird clubs and societies and a complete list of bird species mentioned in the book.


Where to Watch Birds in Australasia and Oceania.
Nigel Wheatley (The Where to Watch Birds Series): Buy from

  • The fourth guide in a series covering birdwatching sites in the great continents. It describes almost 150 sites in detail and many more in passing. It's primary aim is to help birders make the most of their trips, detailing the endemic and "special" birds to be found at each site as well as the more common and "usual" species. Countries are treated alphabetically, with all the practical information required to make the most of a trip and to avoid wasted time. Included are detailed maps and line drawings.


Where to Watch Birds in Europe and Russia
Nigel Wheatley: Buy from

  • Over 250 major sites are treated in this book, and many more in passing from Iceland across Europe through Georgia to Ussuriland in southeast Russia. Countries, archipelagos and islands are treated alphabetically, the introduction to each being accompanied by a map showing major routes and the distribution of sites. Each site account lists the birds to be seen and how and where to find them, particularly the specialities

Where to watch birds in Asia
Wheatley, Nigel: Buy from or

  • This guide to birdwatching in Asia deals with over 250 sites in detail, and more in passing, from Turkey to Thailand and India to Indonesia. It is designed as much for pre-planning birding trips as for use in the country or countries on the itinerary. The countries are dealt with alphabetically and after a general introduction, there are site details, which include a list of birds to be seen, organized under the headings "Endemics", "Specialities" and "Others"; a list of "Other Wildlife" is also included where there is something of particular interest.


Where to Watch Birds in Ethiopia
Claire Spottiswoode et al: Buy from or

  • Ethiopia is one of Africa's top birding destinations, harbouring dramatic scenery, a wonderful diversity of habitats, over 30 endemic species, and a number of other regional specialities that cannot be easily seen anywhere else in the world. No self-respecting world lister can afford not to go there! This new book is a comprehensive site guide to the 50 best birding sites in the country. The book is completed with an annotated checklist of all the country's birds and more than 150 photographs of birds, habitats and even some of Ethiopia's other fauna and flora.

Where to Watch Birds in Africa
Nigel Wheatley: Buy from or

  • One of a series of guides devoted to birdwatching, this book contains site accounts, plans, maps, lists of birds in the regions and advice on planning bird-watching trips. It deals with over 200 sites in detail, and mentions many others. Each country is covered alphabetically, including archipelagos and isolated islands off the African mainland, for example, the Azores. Bird lists are included under the headings "Endemics", "Specialities", "Others" and also "Other Wildlife", if relevant. Access details are given, often with detailed site maps. The emphasis of the book is "bird finding", that is, where to go for the "best" species.

South and Central America:

Field Guide to the Birds of Chile
Alvaro Jaramillo, Peter Burke et al: Buy from or

  • This guide features concise, identification-focused text positioned opposite the colour plates to allow quick and easy reference. Detailed distribution maps are provided for every species, completing the essential field guide to the birds of this spectacular and tourist-friendly country.

Birds of Belize
H. Lee Jones, Dana Gardener (Illustrator): Buy from or

  • "This is a first-class book that will enable users to identify any bird they encounter in Belize." Birds of Belize provides the first complete guide to the identification of all currently known species--574 in all. The birds are grouped by families, with an introduction to each family that highlights its uniquely identifying characteristics and behaviors. (Picture is of USA edition)

Where to Watch Birds in South America
Nigel Wheatley, N. Wheatley: Buy from or

  • Covers over 200 sites in the continent of South America. An introduction includes, general travel information as well as details of habitat and bird diversity. The site accounts cover the places to go, and the birds to look for when there.

Where to Watch Birds in Mexico
Steve Howell, Sophie Webb (Illustrator): Buy from or

  • Mexico is one of the best birdwatching destinations in the world. The country's species list comprises a wide range of resident birds and many migrants from South and Central America. This guide covers over 100 birdwatching sites from Baja California to the Yucatan Peninsula. Over 950 species can be seen including virtually all the endemics and regional specialities. as with other guides in this series. This book also provides information on travel, accessibility, location of species and when it is best to see them. There are also suggested itineraries for birding holidays in Mexico. Steve Howell co-authored "A Guide to the Birds of Mexico".

Where to Watch Birds in Central America & the Caribbean
Nigel Wheatley, David Brewer: Buy from or

  • This guide covers the best birding sites in Central America and the Caribbean. In a format familiar to readers of this very popular series, each site is considered in terms of 'Habitat', 'Timing', 'Access' and 'Calendar', allowing birders to plan excursions to maximise the chances of getting the best out of each site and each region. The book includes detailed maps of the larger sites, plus general maps of the regions covered, and it is illustrated with line drawings.

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