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Our associate resort, Mountain Quail Camp, is a family-run camp located at Pangot 10 km west of the hill station of Naini Tal. The Camp is owned and run by Siddharth Anand, who has lived in Kumaon for most of his life. Siddharth (Sid) speaks fluent English and is an expert naturalist and trek leader.

Both deluxe cottages and tented accomodation are available. Mountain Quail Camp is situated on a ridge in oak, pine and rhododendron forest at an altitude of 2000 metres. The forests at Pangot are among the most extensive in Kumaon or Gahrwal, and are still unspoiled, with only a few small villages. The drive from Camp Corbett to Mountain Quail takes about 90 minutes along a mountain road with spectacular views of the forested foothills and mountains.

For wildlife enthusiasts, the forests around Pangot are rich in wildlife, and are home to Himalayan black bear, leopard, sambhar, barking deer, ghooral, and pine marten. For birdwatchers, the avifauna is quite different from the foothill forest around Camp Corbett. Birds of prey are prominent and include Lammergeier, Griffon Vulture and Golden Eagle. By staying at both Camp Corbett and Mountain Quail Camp you get the chance to appreciate the bird life at different elevations. There is considerable migratory movement between the plains, foothills and mountains according to the seasons, which adds to the birdwatching interest.

Siddharth Anand offers a range of treks from Mountain Quail Camp.These treks range from one to seven days. Enroute you will traverse forested mountain ridges with panoramic views of the Himalayan snow peaks. A recommended trek, especially for Corbett fans and fishermen, is the 7-day trek to Chuka, where we have a basic Camp in a spectacular setting next to the Mahakali River. The dense hill forests of this remote area are where Jim Corbett tracked and dispatched the Chuka, Thak and Ladhya man-eating tigers. This area is only accessible by foot and has changed little since Corbett’s day. These treks are customised to your own requirements. Please contact us by e-mail for more details.

The mountain forest trails around Pangot are perfect for pony-trekking, using sturdy Bhotia ponies. Overland jeep safaris to Nepal are also available, including Bardia and Suklaphanta Wildlife reserves, as the border is only a few hours’ drive from the Camp.

The interior of Kumaon is also home to fascinating cultures and to people with traditional ways of life. The amazing complex of hundreds of Hindu temples at Jageshwar are amongst the oldest in India, with the snow peaks of Nanda Devi as a backdrop. The local people are unfailingly kind and hospitable. All this is set amongst magnificent mountain and forest scenery. And yet, Kumaon is still relatively unknown to the outside world. We can show you all this, and more.


UK/Europe Agent, and Naturalist for Camp Corbett and Mountain Quail Camps:
Christopher Salt, Lower Sharptor, Henwood, Cornwall, PL14 5AT, United Kingdom



Camp Corbett, Corbett Nagar, Kaladhungi 263140, Naini Tal District, Uttaranchal, India
Phone: (91)-5942-242126
Fax: (91)-5946-23623

Mountain Quail Camp, Pangot 263001, Naini Tal District, Uttaranchal, IndiaFax: (91)-5942-35493
Phone: (91)-9811-010-616 (mobile)


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