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The Following Reports are available from Argentina:
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Argentina Tour Report
2nd to 18th November

  • Costanera is a marvellous marshland reserve that gives an excellent introduction to Argentina's bird life - particularly some of the more common species.  Wildfowl were particularly well represented, including Coscoroba and Black-necked Swans, Fulvous Whistling-Ducks, Silver Teal, Speckled Teal, Red Shoveler....Gerry Griffiths reports for Avian Adventures.

Southern and Central Argentina December 25th 2006-January 22nd 2007

  • A big detailed report by Peter Collaerts including itinerary, maps, birds etc...

Northern Argentina, land of small brown birds 10 January to 6 February 6 2006

  • As I had never been in the ‘south cone’ of South America before, my aim was to enjoy seeing a lot of bird species new to me. To me, essential for this enjoyment is the ‘spontaneous encounter’ in birdwatching....Jan den Held reports.

Argentina - Iguazu, Ibera, Buenos Aires, San Luis December 2-12, 2005

  • Between December 2 and 12, 2005 I had the great pleasure to be birding in Argentina.... With limited time in this large and diverse country, we restricted our birding to four areas:  Iguazu, the edge of the Ibera marshes, Costanera Sur reserve in Buenos Aires and southeastern San Luis Province....Francis Toldi reports.
Magellanic woodpecker

Argentina: Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, Iguazu and Buenos Aires province 20th March – 9th April 2005

  • The birding highlights included Black-fronted Piping Guan, White-throated Caracara..... The forest birding at Iguazu was really superb with a steady stream of high quality birds...Richard Rae reports

Argentina 5 January to 6 february 2005

  • This was a first trip to South America for both of us, the purpose of the trip was to get a good introduction to South American avifauna as well as to experience the range of scenic and habitat diversity in the southern part of the continent. Our trip covered many of the top birding sites and we made special effort to find many of the specials and endemics...Duan Biggs reports

North-west Argentina 19th October-7th November 2003

  • The Abra Pampa area is a great base from which to bird the surrounding high puna and get up to La Quiaca. We stayed at the Residencial Cesarito which was great fun and cooked the best Milanesa in Argentina. Do not ignore the marsh situated to the west of Abra Pampa. It was very dry when we were here but there were plenty of birds tucked away on small pools....Phil and Charlotte Benstead report.

Argentina Nov-Dec 2001

  • A photographic tour of Argentina featuring some of the birds and mammals encountered. Miguel Angel Benedicto Calpe reports.

Argentina and Chile (and Brazil) July 2001

  • The following day we went made our way to the Iguazu Falls.  We first took a short boat ride to see the Devil's Throat (the most powerful part of the falls).  On the way I picked up Olivaceous Cormorant and White-winged Swallow as well as the large numbers of Black Vultures rising on the updrafts created by the falls.  From the look-out over the Devil's Throat we could view Great Dusky Swift shooting in and out from behind the falls...Saul Cowen reports.
Surucua Trogon

Argentina November 2000 (Recently updated)

  • We drove around the coast road calling at Puerto Valdez, Caleta Valdez and Punta Norte. Highlights included 10 or so Southern Right Whales, some with calves and a small pod of Orcas just offshore. We had several Chubut Steamers near the Penguin colony at Caleta Valdez, and watched an American Kestrel mobbing a much larger Aplomado Falcon...Peter Nash reports...Photos too.

Argentina Buenos Aires province 21-25 October 2000

  • On the way back from his Bolivia trip, John van der Woude made a short excursion into the Buenos Aires province, an area of grasslands and wetlands. This is a summary of the full report.

Costanera Sur Reserve, Buenos Aires 6 and 7 May  2000

  • I was on a trip in Latin America and I decided to stay the weekend in Buenos Aires to bird in the Costanera Sur Reserve at the borders of the Rio de la Plata river.  I had been there several times  before and expections where high as this is a unique area with rich bird life so close to Buenos Aires' city centre...Ignaas Robbe reports

Argentina Trip report: 25th Dec - 7th Feb '99

  • Greg Roberts spent six weeks in Argentina, traveling widely and in the end seeing almost 600 species....

Argentina June 5th and 26th 1999

  • Between June 5th and 26th 1999 I visited Argentina together with my girlfriend Marieke Wiringa. The main goal was to have a good and pleasant vacation, with some occasional birding. The itinerary was cunningly planned and while visiting nice places, I made it possible to see as many as possible endemics plus some of the better species shared with neighbouring countries...Jan van der Laan reports

Argentina 11th February to 4th March 1995

  • David Cooper gives his itinerary and detailed bird lists from his trip to Argentina

Argentina November-December '94

  • Argentina is a vast country, the eighth largest country in the world and one of the most exciting for the naturalist and is currently one of the most accessible countries of South America. Argentina possesses an enormous range of habitats, from the subtropical rainforest in the north, to the wild moorlands of Tierra del Fuego; from the high peaks of the central Andes to the vast grasslands of the Pampas; the glaciers and mountain lakes to the semi-desert plateau of Patagonia...Jan Vermeulen reports


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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Argentina:
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Illustrated Checklist: Birds of Southern South America and Antarctica
Martin de la Pena: Buy from or

  • This field guide illustrates and describes 1140 species of bird found in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, southern Brazil and Uruguay. The text details what kind of habitat the birds are found in, key identification features and notes on the songs and calls of each species.

A Guide to the Birds and Mammals of Coastal Patagonia
Graham Harris: Buy from or

  • This is a guidebook to the birds and mammals of the coastal region of Patagonia, an area at the southern tip of South America. It describes the 185 species of birds and 61 species of mammals known to inhabit the land and sea along 2000 miles of the Patagonian coast, from Peninsula Valdes to the Strait of Magellan. It contains information on identifying all the birds and mammals of the region, as well as details of the natural history of some of the more common species.

The Birds of South America Vol 1: The Oscine Passerines
Robert S. Ridgely, Guy Tudor, Russell E. Train: Buy from

  • This volume, first in a series of four, outlines the habitat, range, habits and voices of the songbirds in South America. It starts from a museum approach and then examines specimens of each subspecies, comparing them visually. This is the first time that the birds of South America have been described in a single, published source. At a time when rapid development is devastating millions of acres of tropical habitat in South America, a record of this endangered resource becomes crucial.

Where to Watch Birds in South America
Nigel Wheatley, N. Wheatley: Buy from or

  • Covers over 200 sites in the continent of South America. An introduction includes, general travel information as well as details of habitat and bird diversity. The site accounts cover the places to go, and the birds to look for when there.

Recommended travel books for Argentina

Argentina (Bradt Travel Guides) Available direct from Bradt travel guides
Erin McCloskey: Buy from or

  • Bradt travel guides are aalways wildlife friendly - this one starts with a section on Ecology and Natural History and finishes with a Patagonian Wildlife Guide. Inbetween are the National Parks and all the superb travel information we have come to expect from Bradt.

Argentina: the Rough Guide
Danny Aeberhard, Andrew Benson, Lucy Phillips: Buy from or

  • This guide covers jungle areas such as Misiones Province to sub-antarctic Tierra del Fuego, as well as the highest point in South America (Aconcagua) to the lowest (Gran Bajo de San Juli). It focuses on National Parks and Patagonia, and also includes incursions into Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Insight Guide Argentina
Insight Guides Staff (Editor): Buy from or

  • Beautiful photos, good history, not for your suitcase Photographs (all in color) and narrative provide a wonderful introduction to Argentina and its history.....
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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?