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The Following Reports are available from Cameroon:
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Cameroon 8th-29th March 2008

  • Cameroon is one of the primary birding destinations in West Africa with a wide variety of endemics, regional specialities and pan-African species and it remains a major destination for all serious West African birders ...Martin Wootton reports.

Cameroon 29/01/06 to 28/02/06

  • After a windy night, a nice sunny day again, we packed and began our descent stopping several times but it was particularly birdy above the village where we arrived at 2pm; Harrier Hawk, Levaillant’s Cuckoo, Bate’s Swift, Gabon Woodpecker, White-tailed Flycatcher, Banded Prinia, Cameroon Sunbird…Hervé and Noëlle JACOB report

A birding trip to Cameroon    December 1997

  • Cameroon is probably the most accessible country in West-Central Africa and a top birding destination. Lying at the junction between West and Central Africa, Cameroon and its highland chain supports over 900 bird species, amongst them seven endemic species. Cameroon has a little of everything that Africa has to offer, from the southern tropical rainforests to the Sahelian region in the north, and from rolling plains to volcanic beaches and mangrove swamps. Most of the speciality species, including the endemics, are concentrated in the forests of the south. The total of 535 species seen and 4 heard during the 23 days trip was well in excess of our pre-trip expectations and included most of the key species. Jan Vermeulen reports
  • Appendices: The Birds - The Mammals


The Kingdon Pocket Guide to African Mammals


Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Cameroon:
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The Birds of Western Africa
Nik Borrow, Ron Demey: Buy from or

  • A major new fieldguide, and a classic from the "Helm" stable that will set the standard for Western Africa for years to come. It covers all the 1282 species expected to be seen in the c.20 nations inside a triangle enclosing The Congo, Chad and Mauritania. It is the only field guide available which covers all the birds of Cameroon in one book. Nicely illustrated with over 3000 drawings on 142 colour plates which cover all the species described apart from a few vagrants. Distribution maps are provided for the majority of species. As the first comprehensive guide to the region in over 25 years this is a "must buy" for any serious birder visiting Western Africa.

A Field Guide to the Birds of the Gambia and Senegal
Clive Barlow, Tony Disley: Buy from or

  • This field guide covers a proportion of the birds seen in Cameroon that are not readily found in other field guides. This is one of the better african field guides.

Birds of Eastern Africa
Ber van Perlo: Buy from

  • More than 80% of the birds of Cameroon can be found in this book. Invaluable for anyone making a trip to the area. The text details what kind of habitat the birds are found in, key identification features and notes on the calls and songs of each species. Maps are also included for every species to show where the species occurs in the area

Where to Watch Birds in Africa
Nigel Wheatley: Buy from

  • One of a series of guides devoted to birdwatching, this book contains site accounts, plans, maps, lists of birds in the regions and advice on planning bird-watching trips. It deals with over 200 sites in detail, and mentions many others. Each country is covered alphabetically. Bird lists are included under the headings "Endemics", "Specialities", "Others" and also "Other Wildlife", if relevant. Access details are given, often with detailed site maps. The emphasis of the book is "bird finding", that is, where to go for the "best" species.

The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals
Jonathan Kingdon: Buy from or

  • Kingdon combines his long personal experience of life in Africa and his artistic talent with the best that modern natural history and biological science can offer. With over 480 colour pictures and 280 maps covering some 1150 mammal species, this book is an essential companion to all visiting Africa or with an interest in the mammals of the continent.

Recommended travel books for Cameroon:

The Rough Guide to West Africa
Richard Trillo, Jim Hudgens: Buy from or

  • This is a marvellous guide to the region, packed with hard-nosed advice and information, streets ahead of any other travel guide. For the bird watcher and game viewer in Senegal, sections on the Waza, Korup, Benoue and Bouba Ndjida National Parks are particularly useful. The Korup National Park alone harbours some 327 different species of birds!

Cameroon with Egbert
Dervla Murphy: Buy from

  • This is an account of the author's journey in March 1987 to the remote West African country of Cameroon, little known apart from being the shelter of six million refugees from Chad. The book recounts her travels through various terrains in order to learn more about the native people.
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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?