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The Following Reports are available from Chile:
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Albatross Birding and Nature Tours in Chile

We organize birding trips in All Chile, Day Trips around the main cities and Pelagic Trips in several areas of the coast. We can arrange completely tailor made trip that will be designed according to your wishes and needs.

Chilean Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego 21st Dec 2012 - 6th Jan 2013

  • Arriving at the airport at five in the morning we had to wait a couple of hours to pick up the car and decided to walk around the airport itself, see what gives. In the carpark itself we had Austral Thrush, Austral Negrito, Rufous-Collared Sparrow, Black-Faced Ibis and, most remarkably of all a very tame pair of Least Seedsnipe. Amazing start even before picking up the car...Dave Langlois reports.

Chile:Top to bottom 24 in days. Nov. 14 to Dec. 8, 2006

  • Maybe it should be stated up front that it does not have a huge bird list, particularly by South American standards – only some 450 species or thereabouts.  But this turns out to be a trifling quibble.  What the country does have is a diverse avifauna full of specialty birds, many of them quite spectacular...Paul Prevett reports

Chile November 2006

  • The large, reedy pool just below the entrance gate was a particularly worthwhile stop, with yellow-winged blackbird, sedge wren, Chilean pigeon, scale-throated earthcreeper and a Patagonian fox stalking the ducks.  Just outside the gate we had the last of the guanacos, another cinereous harrier and our best views of Darwin’s rheas....Julian and Sandra Hughes report

Chile, 18 January - 31 January 2006

  • After visiting Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego in January 2004, a two week trip to Chile seemed the natural next step, in terms of a gentle introduction to South American birding. As we had visited the far south during our Argentina trip, we limited our time in Chile to northern and central areas...Alex Bevan reports

Chile, December 2005

  • This is a report on birding in central Chile.  It concentrates on logistical information and  updates on established sites and information on sites not covered in Pearman's or Wheatley's guides or trip reports available on the Web, particularly Conguillío National Park and Radal-Siete Tazas National Reserve....Stephen Greenfield reports.

Chile 29th October-14th November 2005

  • This trip covers a 15-day trip to Chile taken by Wim Heylen and David Van den Schoor. Our main aim was to see all the mainland endemics, all possible future-splits and a good variety of typical Andean birds. We didn’t make any plan to visit Patagonia because most specialities are much more easy to see on the Argentinean side...David Van den Schoor reports

Chile (inc. Easter Island) November 2002 - January 2003.

  • Chile is a great place to go birding- the scenery is spectacular, the people friendly and the country has  something of a European feel. Learning a little Spanish helps as many people do not speak much English. There are some great birds and finding most of the goodies is reasonably straightforward....Neil Osborne reports.

Chile 9th– 24th Nov 2002

  • Chile was a destination which Sara and I had fancied for many years - the combination of good birding with lots of Chilean and Patagonian endemics, and a modern infrastructure combined with superb scenery added up to a total experience which seemed hard to beat....Gruff Dodd reports. 

Chile 17-27 May 2002

  • With Glenn Scherf, we flew from Santiago to Arica, where he hired a vehicle, for the northern sector. A second vehicle was hired in Santiago for the central sector. Two days of continuous rain towards the end of the trip scuttled plans to visit El Yeso and limited observations at La Campana....Greg Roberts reports.

Chile Trip November-December, 2001

  • We started out with a trip to Embolso El Yeso. On the way up we had great looks at the endemic Dusky-tailed Canastero. The highlight was three Diademed Sandpiper-Plovers. Another great lifer was Crag Chilia. We had stunning views of 6....John Penhallurick reports.

Chile 31st October - 24th November 2001

  • We saw a pair of Magellanic Plover, even finding their nest containing a single large green egg speckled with brown, on Laguna Cisnes adjacent to the Km19 post north of Porvenir. Magellanic Plover is classified as Near-threatened by BirdLife (2000) .....David Cooper reports

Iquique, Chile Six visits 1997-2001

  • Iquique is seldom visited by birders (I haven't found any tripreport so far). I fell in love with the place due to it's mild climate, its great food, its friendly people and the good quality birding I did here during those six visits.  It's that kind of area "where there is always something to see"...Ignaas Robbe reports.

Argentina and Chile (and Brazil) July 2001

  • The following day we went made our way to the Iguazu Falls.  We first took a short boat ride to see the Devil's Throat (the most powerful part of the falls).  On the way I picked up Olivaceous Cormorant and White-winged Swallow as well as the large numbers of Black Vultures rising on the updrafts created by the falls.  From the look-out over the Devil's Throat we could view Great Dusky Swift shooting in and out from behind the falls...Saul Cowen reports.

Chile North 15-19 October 2000

  • As a side trip from his Bolivia trip, John van der Woude made a short excursion into Northernmost Chile, a great area ranging from coastal desert to extreme highlands.

Trip report: Chile 30 October - 20 November 1999

  • This is a report of the trip of Peter Browne of Ottawa and Han Spoel of Toronto, Canada, written by Peter. I am a keen, long-time, listing birder, and Han is just getting into the sport. I had wanted to visit Chile (my 100th country) for many years, mainly because of the chance to see six families of birds which were missing from my life list: Diving-Petrels, Magellanic Plover, Seedsnipes, Sheathbills, Tapaculos, and Plantcutters.

Chile: January 24th and February 14th 1998

  • Between January 24th and February 14th 1998 I visited Chile....The itinerary was cunningly planned and while visiting nice places, I made it possible to see all 10 Chilean endemics plus the most wanted charadrid in South America, the Diademed Sandpiper-Plover....Jan van der Laan reports



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Some Useful bird books for Chile:
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Field Guide to the Birds of Chile
Alvaro Jaramillo, Peter Burke et al: Buy from or

  • This guide features concise, identification-focused text positioned opposite the colour plates to allow quick and easy reference. Detailed distribution maps are provided for every species, completing the essential field guide to the birds of this spectacular and tourist-friendly country.

Birds of Patagonia, Tierra Del Fuego and Antarctic Peninsula: The Falkland Islands and South Georgia
Enrique Couve, C. Vidal: Buy from or

  • This is a comprehensive field guide to all the resident, migrant and vagrant birds of Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and Antarctic Peninsula, including the Falklands and South Georgia Islands. The guide describes over 400 species with over 2000 colour photographs. Descriptive accounts are provided for each species, covering identification, status, range and habits. Distribution maps are also included.

Illustrated Checklist: Birds of Southern South America and Antarctica
Martin de la Pena: Buy from or

  • This field guide illustrates and describes 1140 species of bird found in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, southern Brazil and Uruguay. The text details what kind of habitat the birds are found in, key identification features and notes on the songs and calls of each species.

A Guide to the Birds and Mammals of Coastal Patagonia
Graham Harris: Buy from or

  • This is a guidebook to the birds and mammals of the coastal region of Patagonia, an area at the southern tip of South America. It describes the 185 species of birds and 61 species of mammals known to inhabit the land and sea along 2000 miles of the Patagonian coast, from Peninsula Valdes to the Strait of Magellan. It contains information on identifying all the birds and mammals of the region, as well as details of the natural history of some of the more common species.

Where to Watch Birds in South America
Nigel Wheatley, N. Wheatley: Buy from or

  • Covers over 200 sites in the continent of South America. An introduction includes, general travel information as well as details of habitat and bird diversity. The site accounts cover the places to go, and the birds to look for when there.

Recomended Travel Books for Chile:

Lonely Planet: Chile and Easter Island
Carolyn Hubbard, brigitte Barta, Jeff Davis: Buy from or

  • I have used several Lonely Planet Guides over the last few years, but the best by far is the guide to Chile. For mainland Chile,as well as Chilean and Argentine Tierra del Fuego it is a fantastically accurate, well considered travellers handbook. Maps are clear and easy to use, reccomended hotels and restaurants are almost invariably good.
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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?