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The Following Reports are available from Ecuador:
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Ecuador November/December 2001

  • For the third time in a row now a Birdquest group obtained excellent close-up views of the rare White-tailed Shrike-Tyrant at its new stake-out north of Quito. A number of other more widespread Andean birds provided the supporting cast in the semi-arid scrub covering the slopes here, and included such attractive species as Black-tailed Trainbearer and Blue-and-yellow Tanager....Paul Coopmans reports

Northern Ecuador 7 September – 23 September 2001

  • It wasn't just the number of birds that made the trip, but the quality. Birds like Ocellated Tapaculo, Andean Cock-of-the-Rock and Hoatzin have seemed almost mythical until now, and it's still difficult to believe that I've actually seen them. A few other statistics to whet your appetites - 62 tanagers and related species, 39 hummingbirds, 26 funarids, 35 antbirds, 14 woodcreepers etc etc....Gruff Dodd reports

Ecuador Tour Report 21st July to 19th August 2001

  • With a four wheel drive hired for four weeks and a 42 page checklist totalling 1583 species, we arrived in Ecuador with the excited anticipation of two kids on Christmas morning. Owing to the wide range of altitude and climates in this Andean country, there are various habitat types, homes for one of the world's most diverse avifaunas..Chris & Alison Hall report

Ecuador (incl. a few sites in coastal Peru) Summer 2001

  • From May through August 2001, I spent 2 incredible months in Ecuador, seeing many unique birds in a vast array of different habitats .I started from Lima, working my way north along a handful of Peruvian coastal sites and got to Ecuador within 10 days. From the adjacent (southwestern) part of Ecuador (El Oro), I pursued a circular counterclockwise route, birding the Loja-Zamora area and from there visiting Andean and Eastern foothill sites on my way north to the lowland rainforests along the Napo River..Frank E. Rheindt reports (Big Report).

Ecuador 13-29 Oct. 2000

  • Tony has a lot of hummingbird feeders around his house as well as in the forest. These attract many species of Hummingbirds. We saw 19 different species at the feeders!... The author of The Hummingbirds once visited Tony and concluded there is no other place like this....Daan Planting reports.

Birds observed in Ecuador 31 August - 8 September 2000

  • The primary destination of this trip was Sacha Lodge on the Rio Napo, but I thought we could also visit some familiar areas during our stay...I settled on revisiting the Tandayapa Valley, Pedro Vicente Maldonado, Yanacocha, and the Papallacta Pass area...Mark and Cindy Lockwood report.

Ecuador 29 January - 4 March, 2000

  • We recorded 806 species, with no visits to the coast or major wetlands.....Our Ecuadorian driver/guide, Juan Carlos Calvachi, was on a learning curve, but knew most of the birds and their calls...Greg Roberts reports

Ecuador 1998, 1995

  • Here are summaries of John van der Woude's reports of his independent trips to this country with its enormous contrast in life zones. The older report is about a cross section of the North, and the newer one about many sites in the intriguing South of the country.

Ecuador - West Slope Dec.1998

  • This was our second trip to the west slope of the Andes. This was a shorter trip that normal and we stayed the entire time at Bellavista Lodge near the small village of Tandayapa. The forest around Bellavista is incredible and the birding is fantastic...Mark Lockwood reports



The Birds of Ecuador

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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Ecuador:
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The Birds of Ecuador Vol 1: Status, Distribution and Taxonomy
Robert S. Ridgely: Buy from or

  • Volume 1: Status, Distribution and Taxonomy contains detailed information on the ecology, status and distribution of all species. Introductory chapters deal with geography, climate and vegetation; bird migration in Ecuador, Ecuadorian ornithology, endemic bird areas in Ecuador and conservation. Individual species accounts treat habitat, distribution and taxonomy.

Paperback edition: Buy from or

The Birds of Ecuador Vol 2: Field Guide
Robert S. Ridgely, Paul J. Greenfield (Illustrator): Buy from or

  • Volume 2: Field Guide contains 96 full-colour plates and facing pages of descriptive text, a colour map of Ecuador, 2 line drawings of bird anatomy, 115 silhouette outlines and nearly 1600 distribution maps. All species are illustrated in full colour, including migrants and vagrants and visually distinctive subspecies. The text focuses on the field indentification aspects of each species,

Paperback edition:: Buy from or

Ecuador and Its Galapagos Islands

Dave Pearson, Les Beletsky: Buy from or

  • Ecotravellers to Ecuador want to experience tropical forests and other stunning habitats and catch glimpses of exotic wildlife, such as toucans and parrots, monkeys and anteaters, frogs and toads, and crocodiles and snakes. On the Galpagos Islands, curious visitors want to see with their own eyes the exotic, unique, and tame wildlife that stimulated Charles Darwin to formulate the theory of evolution. This book provides the information you need to find, identify, and learn about Ecuador's magnificent animal and plant life. The authors, professional biologists, selected for color illustrations more than 500 of Ecuador's most common insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals--the species you are most likely to see.

A Guide to the Birds of the Galapagos
Isabel Castro, Antonia Phillips (Illustrator): Buy from or

  • The Galapagos Islands are renowned for their wildlife and the pioneering work undertaken by Charles Darwin in formulating his theories of natural selection and speciation. This guide covers and illustrates all the bird species to have been recorded on the islands.

A Checklist of the Birds of Northern South America : An Annotated Checklist of the Species and Subspecies of Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Aruba
Buy from or

Recommended travel books for Ecuador:

Lonely Planet: Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands: a Travel Survival Kit
Rob Rachowiecki: Buy from or

  • Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands are covered in this comprehensive travel guide, designed for all budgets. Features of the text include: over 50 detailed regional and city maps; information on Ecuador's national parks and reserves; background essays on wildlife, geography, people and places; and notes on shopping in Indian markets. Advice on accommodation, eating and travelling around is also provided.
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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?