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The Following Reports are available from Papua New Guinea / West Papua :
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West Papua July 29- August 16, 2013

  • Most of the birds we saw are those usually and easily seen on a standard trip to Papua New Guinea. We had hoped to see many of the West Papua endemics as well as specialty New Guinea endemics that are not readily seen in PNG...Gary and Marlene Babic report.

West Papua 26 July - 27 August 2011

  • Ever since I visited Papua New Guinea in 2008 I intended to visit the western, Indonesian part of New Guinea. I almost made the trip in the mid nineties of the last century but because of civil turmoil I had to cancel that trip...Henk Hendricks reports.

Australia & Papua New Guinea (independent trip) 10 Sept – 8 Oct, 2010

  • Highlights: Almost too many to mention, as both countries have a wealth of beautiful, distinctive, rare and sought-after birds, of which we saw many....Remco Hofland reports.

Papua New Guinea, 22-27 June and 8-12 September, 2008

  • A great feature of the lodge is the largest bird table you have ever seen where Brown Sicklebills, Ribbon-tailed Astrapias, Brehm’s Tiger-parrots, Common Smoky Honeyeaters and Belford’s Melidectes etc were visiting all day....Dominic Chaplin reports.

Papua New Guinea 23 July to 22 August 2006

  • Travelling to Papua New Guinea to observe among others a multitude of Birds of Paradise was a long standing wish of mine....Henk Hendriks reports

Goldie’s Bird-of-paradise

Papua New Guinea, March 7 – 26, 2004

  • The focus today was to find the Goldie's Bird-of-paradise, a little seen BOP with a total world population of only about 500 birds. Normally these birds are up on some low ridges around Normanby and Fergusson Islands (endemic to these 2 islands) at about 300m elevation and above...Ron Hoff reports

Papua New Guinea April 30 – May 18, 2002

  • One afternoon the legendary guide Joseph, takes us on the Waterfall Trail at the Lodge. We get to see this exquisite resort and some birds at the same time. The waterfall itself is stunning and the trail yields new birds including Large and Buff-faced Scrubwrens, Blue-gray Robins galore, calling Tit Berrypecker and our only sightings of Yellow-browed Melidectes at the top of the trail. Birding does not get better than this and I will be back...Garry George reports.

Bougainville, Bismarck Islands, Manus Island 19 Jan. - 3 Feb. 2002

  • Greg Roberts visits the Island Chain to the NE of Papua New Guinea

Irian Jaya, New Guinea 2001

  • 'I'm going to Irian Jaya', 'where the hells that'? That was the usual start of the conversation.  It is the western half of New Guinea, which is the second largest island in the world after Greenland.  It lies not too far north of Australia just south of the equator....Dave Hanford reports.

Papua New Guinea: 27th June 2000 - 25th July 2000

  • All three of us left with Samuel for a boat trip to try another site for King Bird Of Paradise. On mooring the boat Samuel could hear a King Bird displaying. After some initially frustrating views the bird's favoured display loop vine was located, when spectacular views were obtained - bird of the trip... David Cooper reports....

Papua New Guinea: 4 - 16 October 1998

  • With the engine turned off we could float and enjoy a tremendous stillness and silence while we watched Australian Darter, Striated Heron, White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Ornate Fruit-Dove, Channel-billed Cuckoo and Glossy-mantled Manucode. Surely the most spectacular bird we saw on our way back, and one of the best of the trip, was an impressive New Guinea Eagle only 10 metres from the boat. It had been quite a day, but there was more to come. When we were almost back in Kiunga we spotted a single Pesquet's (Vulturine) Parrot, the only one of our trip...Jan Vermeulen reports


Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Papua New Guinea:
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Birds of New Guinea
Bruce Beehler, Thane Pratt, Dale Zimmerman: Buy from or

  • This book is the essential reference work for Papua New Guinea

Birds of Paradise
Clifford B. Frith et al: Buy from or

  • The Birds of Paradise provides the first comprehensive, up-to-date, and scientifically accurate overview of the behaviour, biology, ecology, biogeography, and history of the most ornate and dramtic group of birds on earth. The book is illustrated with 12 superb, specially commissioned, colour plates inlcuding all 42 species of birds of paradise, original line drawings of many behaviours never before recorded, maps, graphs, sonograms, and photographs.

A Naturalist in New Guinea
Bruce M. Beehler, John Anderton (Illustrator): Buy from or

Where to watch birds in Australasia & Oceania 
Nigel Wheatley: Buy from or

  • The fourth guide in a series covering birdwatching sites in the great continents. It describes almost 150 sites in detail and many more in passing. It's primary aim is to help birders make the most of their trips, detailing the endemic and "special" birds to be found at each site as well as the more common and "usual" species. Countries are treated alphabetically, with all the practical information required to make the most of a trip and to avoid wasted time. Included are detailed maps and line drawings

Recommended travel books for Papua New Guinea:

Lonely Planet: Papua New Guinea
Adrian Lipscomb, Rowan McKinnon, Jon Murray, Tony Wheeler: Buy from or

  • Papua New Guinea was one of the last inhabited places on earth to be explored by Europeans. This revised guide offers advice for travellers wanting to explore the landscapes and cultures of this island nation.
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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?