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The Following Reports are available from Sri Lanka:
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Reports from 2003 onwards

Sri Lanka 14th to 23rd November 2002

  • In the afternoon birded the rain forest across the river from the Rest House. The river is crossed by standing in a narrow dug out canoe and it may not be to the liking of anyone with a fear of small boats or a poor sense of balance, particularly as the return was made after night fall. Obtained fleeting flight views of Ceylon Frogmouth and Spot-winged Thrush, but failed to see Ceylon Spurfowl although it was calling close by...Neil Money reports

Sri Lanka  1-15 March 2002

  • Sri Lanka has been a well-recognized birdwatcher's paradise for many years, as evidenced by the many quality trip reports that are available.  In my report, I would like to emphasize the advantages of including Bibile, a site not included on larger tours, and relate the extremely high quality of the local Sri Lankan guides whose services are available....Joseph Thompson reports

Sri-Lanka  8-23 November  2001

  • Spent the morning driving at birding pace to Tissamaharama. Highlights en route included a group of 16 Painted Stork, Open-billed Stork, Small Minivet, Blue-faced Malkoha, Forest Wagtail, White-throated Silverbill and Pied Cuckoo. Checked in to the Vikum Lodge at Tissa. After lunch drove to the Deberawewa Tank where we had reasonable views of Yellow and Black Bittern.....Moira and Graeme Wallace report.

Sri Lanka 6 - 21 January 2001

  • The target of this birding trip was to see all the 26 endemic bird species of Sri Lanka. We thought that we reached our target but a few weeks after our return, we heard the news of the discovery of a new owl species in Sri Lanka, just one day after we left the island...Peter Collaerts reports

Sri Lanka Trip Report March 21 – April 4, 2001

  • Started early (4:30 a.m.) and drove to the Horton Plains in order to be there by daylight. It worked, as we saw the Sri Lanka Whistling-Thrush as it got light. We later added Dull-blue Flycatcher and Sri Lanka Bush-warbler, also both endemics, and a few more trip species. Our afternoon session was spent driving around the area trying to find the Black-throated Munia. We never found it....Ron Hoff reports

Sri Lanka 23rd Dec-7th Jan 2001

  • This report covers a 14-day trip to Sri Lanka.  Our main aim was to see as many as possible Sri Lanka endemics.  Amazingly, it is now possible to see all the "specialities" in 8-9 days by visiting only two areas (Sinharaja and Nuwara Eliya). Birding in Sri Lanka is enhanced by the outstanding beauty of many of the birds, the unique richness and variety of landscape, and the pleasant tropical climate...David Van den Schoor reports.

Sri Lanka November - December 2000

  • The Sinharaja Man and Biosphere Reserve is the most important site in Sri Lanka (endemics) and internationally important for its biodiversity. The reserve encompasses some of the few remaining sizeable tracts of undisturbed primary lowland rainforest. I saw Green-billed Coucalabout halfway between Martin’s place and the forest station....Stijn De win reports

Sri Lanka Bird List: 28 March - 14 April 2000

  • Chris Cook gives his itinerary and bird, mammal and reptile lists for his trip to Sri-lanka.

Sri Lanka Dec 1999 - Jan 2000

  • With luck and good planning all 26 endemics can be seen in 8-9 days. I saw them (with Barry Reed) in 11 days, but I recommend 12 days if you wish to include waders and waterbirds sites. Our trip was in late Dec 99/early Jan '00... This is a very cheap birding place, easy to see most of the endemics, and a safe country (as all the endemics are in the south and problems are in the north). Steve Webb reports

Sri Lanka 20 October to 4 November 1997

  • Michael Bowman used his Air Miles for this two week trip to Sri Lanka. In the end he saw almost 200 Species.


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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Sri Lanka:
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A Field Guide to the Birds of Sri Lanka
John Harrison: Buy from or

  • This field guide describes and depicts all of Sri Lanka's 426 official avian species. The text, highlights the important identification features, such as plumage variations, size, calls and songs, range, distribution, and status, for every species. The plates illustrate the various plumage variations for each bird, and show the birds perched and also in flight. An introduction to the guide describes briefly some of the best sites for watching Sri Lanka's abundant avifauna.

Where to watch birds in Asia
Wheatley, Nigel: Buy from or

  • This guide to birdwatching in Asia deals with over 250 sites in detail, and more in passing, from Turkey to Thailand and India to Indonesia. It is designed as much for pre-planning birding trips as for use in the country or countries on the itinerary. The countries are dealt with alphabetically and after a general introduction, there are site details, which include a list of birds to be seen, organized under the headings "Endemics", "Specialities" and "Others"; a list of "Other Wildlife" is also included where there is something of particular interest.

A Field Guide to Birds of the Indian Subcontinent
Krys Kazmierczak: Buy from or

  • This up-to-date pocket-sized guide is essential for anyone interested in the birds of Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka. The book includes information on field identification, habitat, range, and status of the 1,300 species of birds found these countries, as well as illustrations and distribution maps for each.

A Photographic Guide to Birds of India and Nepal
Bikram Grewal: Buy from

Recommended travel books for Sri Lanka:

Lonely Planet: Sri Lanka
Verity Campbell: Buy from or

  • For the visiting wildlife enthusiast there are details of all of countries National Parks, with hints about the animals and birds to expected and a full colour photographic wildlife section. This guide to Sri Lanka also provides practical information on most aspects of travel, including health and safety advice, information on local cuisine, advice on customs and etiquette, historical and cultural information, and maps.

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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?