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The Following Reports are available from Central Southern Turkey:
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Southern Turkey June 2010

  • In the Tea Gardens in Biricek, after a lot of scouring, we found a family group of roosting Palid Scop’s Owls – predicted, but nevertheless a memorable sight....John Clark reports.

South East Turkey 18th-25th May 2010

  • The first bird we saw was an Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler, which was a good start. The surrounding area of the plantation consists of rough grazing interspersed with rocks, bushes and trees. In the next couple of hours some impressive birds were seen including Ruppell’s, Olive Tree, Eastern Orphean and Eastern Olivaceous Warblers...Ray Thorneycroft reports.

Southern Turkey 9-23rd May 2009. Report in .pdf format (133kB) by John Gallagher

South Central Turkey April 18th-24th 2007

  • After breakfast I drove East out of town looking for sunshine and clear skies. Leaving Birecik the fog began to clear and immediately revealed about 10 Red-footed Falcons sitting on telegraph wires...Hugh Dorrington reports.

Southern Turkey September 11-22 2006

  • The main general observation about the birding was that virtually all of the species which are summer visitors to southern Turkey seemed to have already departed. Maybe this was an unusual feature as a result of the very hot weather, or maybe mid-September is simply too late to expect to see them...Steve Lister reports.

Birding Tuzla Gulu, Demirkazik, Birecik and Işikli May 2005

  • I flew to Adana for three days, hired a car and spent probably the best three days birding I can remember in the western Palaearctic...Michael Grunwell reports

A weekend birding around Adana 2nd – 3rd April 2005

  • I flew to Adana for the weekend of 2/3 April 2005, I birded the coastal areas near Karatas and Tuzla and explored the coast SW of Iskenderun plus looked for raptor passage across Nur Dağlari....Michael Grunwell reports

Birecik and surrounds 11th-12th December 2004

  • I flew to Gaziantep for the weekend of 11/12 December 2004, I visited Birecik, Halfeti and followed the river south to Gurcay.  The key discoveries were wintering Radde's Accentor at Halfeti, a large concentration of water birds south of Birecik and a huge winter roost of black kite....Michael Grunwell reports
White-spectacled Bulbul

South central Turkey 23rd-29th June 2003

  • Turkey has long been recognised as an essential birding destination. A large country, spanning both Europe and Asia, Turkey supports several species which are either very difficult or impossible to find elsewhere in the Western Palearctic.... Chris Batty reports. (Big report - lots of photos)

Southern Central Turkey 26th May - 8th June 2003

  • The weather had cleared by now, sunny and warm in Birecik, saw the N.Bald Ibis on the cliffs, Pygmy Cormorants on the Euphrates, Menetries Warblers easy to see, Dead Sea Sparrows nesting in the Ibis Centre, LE Owls, Bee-eaters. Yellow throated Sparrows in the Pastachio Orchard....Simon Hartill reports.

Birding in Eastern Turkey  2nd – 15th of June 2003

  • The trip with Hasan Safak into the Demirkazik mountains cost us 75 Euros. The reward: Several Caucasian Snowcocks, Radde’s Accentor, Red-fronted Serin, Wallcreeper, Alpine Chough, Chough, Rock Thrush, Blue Rock Thrush, Black Redstart, Snow Finch, Water Pipit, Golden Eagle.....Lars and Joachim Enger report.

South Turkey near Side April 2003

  • Side itself proved to be something of a treasure trove as a migrant stopover and on at least 2 days I enjoyed a tremendous fall of migrants with birds turning up so fast that I frequently found myself not knowing quite which way to turn...Neil Fox reports.

Turkey, birding trip report 2-22.09.2001

  • It is spectacular and quite impossible to miss Demirkazik Gorge which opens at the roadside, ca. 1-2 km from Demirkazik village. The gorge was steep, but the footpath was rather easy. I followed the right turn in the fork inside the gorge. The gorge had very many passerines, including Radde's Accentor and Wallcreeper....Jerzy Dyczkowski reports.

Turkey May 13th - May 20th 2001

  • We flew to Antalya and worked the known sites east to Birecik.......Shortly after entering the forest, at the second left-hand bend beside a hollow on the right, we heard the distinctive "thick" sounding "tchuck" call, and saw a male White-backed woodpecker as it flew up from a dead stump in the base of the hollow. Careful stalking resulted in crippling but brief views of the bird on a low tree branch and further flight views, before we realised that the bird's calls were being answered by a female nearby....Dominic Le Croissette and Tim Harrop report.

Birding in Central Southern Turkey May 21st - 29th 1996

  • The cheapest option for this trip was to book a one week package tour  to the coastal resort of Side and then fail to use the offered accommodation except for the final night and for the remainder of the time, travel around the country arranging accommodation as and where appropriate.  This option was cheaper than a flight only option (believe it or not).  In the one week, we were able to visit the main birding sites in central-southern Turkey, from Akseki in the west to Birecik in the east...Stephen Mawby reports




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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Central Southern Turkey:
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Birds of the Middle East
R.F. Porter, S.Aspinall: Buy from or

  • This is a completely revised second edition of the bestselling field guide to the birds of the Middle East. For the first time, the text and maps appear opposite the plates, and as a consequence there are fewer species per plate than before. The text and maps have been fully revised and many new artworks have been painted. There are more than 100 new species in this new edition, which features more than 810 species in total. It will be the essential field guide for anyone visiting the Middle East.

Birds of Turkey

The Birds of Turkey (Helm Field Guides)
Guy M. Kirwan et al: Buy from or

  • Detailed accounts of the status and distribution of all the birds ever recorded in Turkey. An indispensible guide for any serious birder visiting Turkey.

Birds of the Middle East
R.F. Porter, S. Christensen, P. Schiermacker-Hansen: Buy from or

  • If your going to this region you must buy this book. It is a great break through. Comprehensive and complete, it eliminates the need to carry too many books in the field: we know how important that is! The text is well written by experts, and many of the plates are fantastic; those by John Gale especially stand out; just dream about those raptors! Birds of the Middle East" is the first comprehensive field guide dealing exclusively with the birds of this region. It covers all the species, including vagrants likely to be seen in Turkey

Collins Bird Guide
Lars Svensson et al: Buy from or

  • Described by some as the best field guide in the world, and 15 years in the making. Has it been Worth the Wait?...Yes definately! If you buy just 1 book a year then make sure that its this one. Stunning drawings by the worlds finest bird illustrators..and it shows..check out the plates on tern, Skuas, and the Ducks...not forgetting the Finches and Crossbills.

Recommended travel books for Turkey

Lonely Planet: Turkey
Tom Brosnahan, Pat Yale, Richard Plunkett: Buy from or

  • This guide to Turkey provides details on getting around, places to stay, places to eat, and entertainment options.

The Rough Guide to Turkey
Rosie Ayliffe, Marc Dubin, John Gawthrop: Buy from or

  • I used this book on holiday in Turkey last year and I found it had all the vital information required to make my holiday a greater experience. Every detail beaches, restaurants, customs, food and what to watch out for were all explained very clearly. On the subject of food, I was advised NEVER to eat mussels sold by locals on the beach, but unfortunately I read the book 1 day too late!
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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?