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Reports from 2004 onwards.

South-east Brazil July 5 - August 3, 2003

  • Brazil has got a lot to offer. Many endemic species occur in the atlantic rainforest of South-east Brazil, as well as spectacular (but difficult to find) mammals, such as Jaguar and Brazilian Tapir, beautiful butterflies and –at times- a wonderful scenery...Wim Veraghtert reports

Brazil: South East 4th-18th July 2003

  • In July-August 2003 I undertook my first visit to Brazil, and planned two weeks in the southeast and three and a half in Amazonia, (see below).  My personal total for the five and a half week trip was just over 700 species, including, in Amazonia, some of the least known species on the continent...Simon Allen reports.

Brazil: Amazonia 18th July – 14th August 2003

  • Suddenly a rather motionless rufous-brown shape materialised into a magnificent Pale-faced Antbird, perched defiantly in the centre of the ant swarm, remaining for minutes on end in the same place and picking off hapless insects whilst we enjoyed marvellous, extended views of this coveted species...Simon Allen and Mike Catsis report.

Cristalino Jungle Lodge and Alta Floresta June-Aug 2003

  • I spent the period 6th June 2003 - 19th Aug 2003 as a volunteer guide at Cristalino Jungle Lodge (CJL), prior to embarking on Graduate Studies in avian ecology and behaviour, at UCLA....Alex Kirschel reports

South East Brazil 26 July-17 Aug. 2002

  • This trip covers a 23 days trip to Southeast Brazil and was a combination of bird watching and holiday because I was accompanied by my girlfriend Rosian.  Southeast Brazil is famous for its many endemic bird species in the remains of the Atlantic Rainforest belt...David Van den Schoor reports

Brazil 29 May-6 July, 2002

  • With Glenn Scherf. We flew into Rio de Janeiro from Santiago and hired a vehicle for the trip through “south-east” Brazil - Itatiaia, Ubatuba, Serra Canastra, Caraca and Serra Dos Orgaos. We then flew to Cuiaba and hired another vehicle for visits to the Pantanal and Chapada. From Cuiaba we took the overnight bus to Alta Floresta for the visit to Amazonia, returning the same way before flying back to Rio...Greg Roberts reports

South-eastern Brazil 10-16 November 2001

  • We began the day at Fazenda Angelim and the place was full of birds. As we entered the forest we were greeted by several antbirds, including Scaled and Squamate Antbirds, Streak-capped Antwren, and Tufted Antshrike.  We spent over four hours at FA and it was some of the best birding I have experienced.  Highlights included Swallow-tailed Hummingbird, White-barred Piculet, Blond-crested Woodpecker.....Mark Lockwood reports

Brazil Southeast13 October - 5 November 2001

  • A summary of John van der Woude's birding trip to this vast region teeming with endemics.

SE Brazil August 22-September 13, 2001

  • We spent over an hour on an endemic Such’s Antthrush aka Cryptic Antthrush. We heard it in the bamboo below us so we crawled down into the bamboo and sat in the middle in the darkest spot and played a tape. Sure enough, the Antthrush entered the dome created by the stand of bamboo, circled us slowly calling all the time, and lept up onto a rock forty feet away to stand erect like a chicken and alternately preen and call while we watched, rapt...Garry George reports

South-east Brazil July 2001

  • Having visited South America already four times we decided to visit southeastern Brazil, a must for the serious global birder. The Atlantic rainforest area, one of the most threatened habitats in South America, is an area with a splendid variety of endemics. It has more species restricted to it than any other place of comparable compass, and many of them are among the rarest birds on the continent. Birding-wise, and ornithologically, Brazil is still a "frontier". Maybe 3-4 resident, experienced birders in all of eastern Brazil....Jan Vermeulen reports

Iguazu Falls, Brazil/Argentina Aug 21-26, 2001

  • Several species such as plain xenops were already nesting. There is a white bearded manakin lek along the trail and blue manakins are quite common--the green and red juveniles being especially eyecatching....Glyn Dawson reports

Brazil    3rd-22nd September 1997:

  • Rick Simpson saw 295 species on his trip to Brazil..... or or

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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

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Illustrated Checklist: Birds of Southern South America and Antarctica
Martin de la Pena: Buy from or

  • This field guide illustrates and describes 1140 species of bird found in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, southern Brazil and Uruguay. The text details what kind of habitat the birds are found in, key identification features and notes on the songs and calls of each species.

A Parrot Without a Name : The Search for the Last Unknown Birds on Earth
Don Stap: Buy from or

  • The visceral details of collecting specimens of tropical birds and the gruelling politics of bringing such an expedition to Peru make for intense reading. An avid birder, Stap managed to hook up with LSU ornithologists John O'Neill and the late Ted Parker. Through the dense canopy he followed the crew and documented their trials and triumphs. Most notably a new species of parrot was found.

Birds of Venezuela
Steven Hilty: Buy from or

  • This book will surely become the definitive guide to Venezuela, with over 1300 species illustrated and expertly described. Accurate range maps are complemented by detailed notes on identification, similar species, voice, behavior, status and habitat. A comprehensive introduction includes a photographic guide to the main habitat types plus sections on migration and National Parks.

A Guide to the Birds and Mammals of Coastal Patagonia Graham Harris: Buy from or

  • This is a guidebook to the birds and mammals of the coastal region of Patagonia, an area at the southern tip of South America. It describes the 185 species of birds and 61 species of mammals known to inhabit the land and sea along 2000 miles of the Patagonian coast, from Peninsula Valdes to the Strait of Magellan. It contains information on identifying all the birds and mammals of the region, as well as details of the natural history of some of the more common species.

Recommended travel books for Brazil:

Lonely Planet : Brazil
Mitchell Schoen, William Herzberg: Buy from or

  • From the stunning splendour of Iguaçu Falls to the mysteries of the Amazon River to the wild debauchery of Carnaval and the cosmopolitan streets of São Paulo City, Lonely Planet's Brazil will help you navigate this vast country in the style that suits you, from low-budget to no-budget. Highlights include extensive coverage of parks and festivals, well-researched sections on ecology and environment, a Portuguese language chapter, and a special feature on Carnaval.

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