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The Following Reports are available from Ethiopia:
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Northern Ethiopian endemic birds plus Awash region 15th August 2012 -19th August 2012

  • Following on from my first trip to Ethiopia (see my earlier report), I wanted to return to pick up the remaining 9 species of endemic bird plus see breeding plumage bishops, weavers and whydahs. I only had four full days birding, but as it turned out this was adequate to meet my targets...Michael Grunwell reports.

Ethiopia February 2012

  • I can only conclude that the birding was great. We saw the majority of our target species. Of the real Ethiopian endemics we missed just two...Henk Hendricks reports.

Ethiopian endemic birds, Southern tour 28th December 2011-5th January 2012

  • The scenery and range of habitats is awesome. The birding is of the very highest order. Without trying for a trip-list I saw 308 species in 9 days, of these over 120 were world ticks. The birds are generally tame and allow close approach...Michael Grunwell reports.

Ethiopia 4-20 November 2011

  • A group of eagles at the side of the road comprising Tawny and Steppe provided fantastic photographic opportunities and whilst in the area the group picked up Woodchat and Steppe Grey Shrikes, three Temminck's Coursers, a couple of Crowned Lapwings....Mark Easterbrook reports.

Ethiopia January 29 - February 21, 2011

  • This is a report of a 24-day independent birding trip to Ethiopia by 5 Dutch friends. We rented a Jeep with driver, but without local guide. Because we still wanted to see all the good birds, we invested a lot of time in preparation of the trip. In the end, we were pretty successful as we recorded over 550 species, including all possible endemics...Sander Bot reports

Ethiopia March 12th - 27th

  • This was the third organised tour to Ethiopia by Birdwatching Breaks and like the two predecessors it was an excellent trip for birds and mammals. We recorded 429 species during the two weeks including Ruspoli’s Turaco, Stressmann’s Bush Crow, White-tailed Swallow and Spot-breasted Lapwing among the endemic birds...Steve Duffield reports for Birdwatching Breaks

Ethiopia Birding Tour 22 Dec 2007 5 Jan 2008

  • Our trip was quite experimental from our viewpoint as we had only met one person who had been to Ethiopia before; hence it was also quite exciting. Our preconceptions of the country were wildly wide of the mark and we were positively delighted with the experiences that we had, as always some better than others...Alf King reports

Ethiopia November 2006

  • At Yabello the Stresseman’s Bush Crows and White-tailed Swallows performed perfectly although the star of the show for some was probably the pair of Red-naped Bushshrikes, which showed so well....Steve Rooke reports for Sunbird
African Fish Eagle

Ethiopia-An Illustrated triplist
November 2002

  • With 342 bird species in under nine days, Ethiopia is an ideal destination for a short-range trip. With 30 odd endemics, some African species difficult to see elsewhere, and many birds quite approachable, it makes for a birder and digiscoper’s paradise...Nick Ransdale reports.

An Ethiopian trip (Main Report) 27th Nov -17 Jan 2000
  • This report by Giles Mulholland, written from a South African perspective, probably represents one of the most detailed works available on the birds of Ethiopia. An incredible trip, 563 species seen, and a "must read" for any prospective visitor. (each of the four HTML pages is about 100K) (If you print off the report it runs to about 80 pages!)
  • Appendix 1: Detailed Journal
    Appendix 2: Itineraries
    Appendix 3: Species lists

Ethiopia October1999

  • The following report covers the 19 days I spent in Ethiopia, in October 1999. The main objective of the trip was to see all of the endemic species... Ethiopia is not the famine-stricken and war-torn country most people imagine. On the contrary, it is, on the whole, stable and friendly, with a fairly good infrastructure and the almost complete absence of dangerous animals makes it possible to bird on foot in most places... A high quality report on Ethiopia by Jan Vermeulen
  • Appendix 1: Species Lists








Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Ethiopia:
Do you have a good book for this region that we haven't featured? let us know


Where to Watch Birds in Ethiopia
Claire Spottiswoode et al: Buy from or

  • Ethiopia is one of Africa's top birding destinations, harbouring dramatic scenery, a wonderful diversity of habitats, over 30 endemic species, and a number of other regional specialities that cannot be easily seen anywhere else in the world. No self-respecting world lister can afford not to go there! This new book is a comprehensive site guide to the 50 best birding sites in the country. The book is completed with an annotated checklist of all the country's birds and more than 150 photographs of birds, habitats and even some of Ethiopia's other fauna and flora.

Birds of The Horn of Africa - Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Socotra (Paperback)
Nigel Redman et al: Buy from or

  • Long awaited, (and now updated!) the first ever field guide to North East Africa. More than 1000 species, well illustrated with concise text and up to date maps on the facing pages. A very welcome addition to African bird literature.

Birds of Ethiopia and Eritrea: An Atlas of Distribution (Hardcover)
John Ash: Buy from or

  • This atlas provides, for the first time, an accurate assessment of the distribution of each of the 870 species known from Ethiopia and Eritrea, including valuable information on breeding. The succinct text summarises the results and discusses distribution to subspecies level. There are extensive introductory chapters covering topics such as topography, geology, vegetation, climate, habitats, conservation, migration, breeding seasons, bird ringing, and the history of ornithology in the region. This is not a field guide and should be used in conjunction with the above book if identification features are needed.

Collins Illustrated Checklist: Birds of Eastern Africa
Ber Van Perlo: Buy from or

  • I took this book with me for a two week family holiday in Kenya where I visited Tsavo game parks, coastal regions and also went on a bush walk near Mombasa. As a beginner to African birds I found the illustrations and brief descriptions very helpful and in some cases it was superior to the larger reference books that I had studied before I went.

Field Guide to the Birds of East Africa
Terry Stevenson, John Fanshawe: Buy from or

  • This field guide to a spectacular region for birding covers all the resident, migrant and vagrant birds of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, describing a remarkable 1388 species. The plates show 3400 images illustrating all the plumages and major races likely to be encountered. Set opposite the plates are concise descriptive accounts describing identification, status, range, habits and voice, and range maps for each species.

Where to Watch Birds in Africa
Nigel Wheatley: Buy from or

  • One of a series of guides devoted to birdwatching, this book contains site accounts, plans, maps, lists of birds in the regions and advice on planning bird-watching trips. It deals with over 200 sites in detail, and mentions many others. Each country is covered alphabetically, including archipelagos and isolated islands off the African mainland, for example, the Azores. Bird lists are included under the headings "Endemics", "Specialities", "Others" and also "Other Wildlife", if relevant. Access details are given, often with detailed site maps. The emphasis of the book is "bird finding", that is, where to go for the "best" species.

Lonely Planet: Watching Wildlife: East Africa
David Andrew, Susan Rhind: Buy from or

  • This invaluable guide covers more than 100 bird and wildlife-watching destinations in East Africa, (Kenya, Uganga, Tanzania and Rwanda.). The itineraries include the Amboseli, Tsavo and Masai Mara National Parks and the bird rich areas of Lakes Naivasha and Begoria. Each featured destination is accompanied by maps to the best sites. An extensive photo gallery features all the main bird and mammal groups. Recommended.

Recommended travel books for Ethiopia:

Lonely Planet: Ethiopia and Eritrea
Jean-Bernard et al: Buy from or

  • This guide explores the region's national parks, historical sites, tribal villages, modern cities and old monasteries. It contains practical advice for independent travellers, covering getting around and where to stay. It also offers details of the region's tribes and languages.
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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?