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The Following Reports are available from Madagascar:
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Madagascar November 1st -14th, 2013

  • Our first full day in Madagascar was greeted by the wailing sounds of indri coming from the surrounding forest, while Madagascan Stonechats sang in the garden. For a few who also woke early the sounds and sightings of Stripe-throated Jery and Malagasy Coucal greeted us....Mike Nelson reports for Birding Ecotours.

Madagascar November 7 to November 30, 2011

  • Madagascar is truly a singular place for the naturalist. With the exception of introduced plants (which, bizarrely enough, the government encouraged until just a few years ago), everything looks, well, odd. The plants have flowers and thorns in the “wrong” places, the insects have strange appendages and colors, and nearly all of the land birds are endemic with several unique families...Gary and Marlene Babic report.

Madagascar in the low season 20th July-11th August 2009

  • The purpose of this short report is to outline a birding and natural history trip undertaken to Madagascar in the summer of 2009...Oscar Campbell reports.

Madagascar September 14th-September 29th, 2007

  • It was still very hot and Mosa would have us hurrying around in impenetrable thorn-scrub trying to catch up with an elusive bird – it was very tough going. However, we eventually had good views of Hook-billed Vanga and White-headed Vanga...Roger and Louise McGovern report.

Madagascar May 25-June 16, 2005

  • The advantages of travelling at this time of the year are that the weather is superb, and you avoid the big birding parties which hog the guides and crowd the parks in the peak Sept-Oct season. This was the tail end of the wet season, but we lost little time to rain...Greg Roberts reports.
Subdesert Mesite

Madagascar 17 October to 6 November 2004

  • The fact that many trip reports record a lot of endemics gave me the impression that many species were quite common in Madagascar. However, this isn't the case, and the birding, especially in the forests in the east, is pretty tough as most species occur at very low densities. It's a matter of specifically going for each bird, and generally seeing it just once....Clare Moger reports

How to clean up in Madagascar? Sept 25 - Oct 31, 2004

  • We had a great trip with many highlights: birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, butter- and dragonflies, fish (while snorkeling), orchids, baobabs, beetles, as Madagascar surely is one of the most rewarding destinations for anyone with a broad interest in nature....Remco Hofland reports

Madagascar 20th October to 16th November 2003

  • Madagascar has been separate from Africa about 165 million years. This early separation and the consequence of evolution has made its nature one of the most unique and remarkable in the world. The country has a very high degree of endemism. Five families of birds are found only here in the world...Michiel de Boer reports.

Madagascar: An Island full of endemics October 6-29, 2001

  • This was a trip my wife, Dollyann Myers, and I have wanted to do for a long time and it was well worth the wait. It was simply superb! We had a realistic chance of finding 129 endemic or near-endemic species and we encountered them all!!! We actually saw 127 of them and the other two (Yellow-bellied Sunbird Asity and Henst's Goshawk) were heard either by us or someone else in the group....Ron Hoff reports

Madagascar November 5 through December 2, 2000

  • We saw 200 species (more for those who used Sibley & Monore taxonomy instead of Clements). Bird sighting highlights included 65 Bernier's Teal and 6 Madagascar Sacred Ibis on a mangrove mudflat 3 hours boat ride from Majunga (never before seen by a group); Red-tailed Newtonia by a stream and waterfall on a special expedition early one morning (never before seen by a group), and nesting Red-tailed Tropicbirds on the island of Nosy Ve...Garry George reports

Madagascar 15th - 30th July 1998

  • Madagascar is home to three endemic bird families being the Mesites, Ground-Rollers and Asities (as well as the Couas included with Cuckoos) and shares Cuckoo-Roller and the Vangas only with the nearby Comoros... David Cooper reports

Madagascar 26th November to 15th December 1995

  • This report covers my trip to Madagascar. My three weeks trip encompassed many of the well‑known sites in the eastern rainforest, the western deciduous woodland and the southern spiny desert of Madagascar. Some 1600 km long and mostly about a quarter as wide and because Australia is ranked as a continent, Madagascar - or the Malagasy Republic - is the world's fourth largest island after Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo... Jan Vermeulen reports

Madagascar 2-31 August 1995

  • Birding in Madagascar is brilliant. The reserves are good with good systems of trails and excellent and very knowledgeable English-speaking bird guides. The accommodation basic and the roads bad....Richard Fairbanks reports

Reports from Mauritius and Reunion Islands


Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Madagascar:
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Mammals of Madagascar
Nick Garbutt: Buy from or

  • Excellent photography, good maps and well written by Nick Garbutt, an aclaimed expert on Madagascan wildlife. The guide covers all 184 native species of mammals, including some only recently described.

Madagascar Wildlife: A visitors guide
Nick Garbutt et al: Buy from or

  • Not only is Madagascar a mecca for Birdwatchers if offers the wildlife enthusiast some utterly unique moments ranging from dancing Lemurs, endemic oddities, camouflaged snakes, giant moths and mysterious nighttime encounters....there is a chapter on each. Superb photography throughout.

Guide to the Birds of Madagascar
Olivier Langrand: Buy from or

  • The guide to individual species is the heart of this book. Full information on each bird species is presented - descriptions of adults and immature's, song, habitat and dietary requirements, nesting habits, and distribution and status.

Birds of Madagascar
Peter Morris: Buy from

  • This is a comprehensive photographic guide to 260 species of Madagascan avifauna. A few species for which no photographs are available are depicted in colour paintings by Mark Andrews. It should be of interest to the increasing number of birdwatchers visiting the island.

The Amphibians and Reptiles of Madagascar, the Mascarenes, the Seychelles and the Comoros Islands
Henkel, Schmidt: Buy from or

  • With their unique flora and fauna, Madagascar and the surrounding islands of the Indian Ocean are some of the most interesting vacation destinations for nature lovers, herpetologists and amateur reptile and amphibian keepers. There are 240 descriptions with colour photos of each to aid in identification of these animals.

Chamberlain's Birds of the Indian Ocean Islands
Ian Sinclair: Buy from or

  • Following in the format of "Sasol Birds of Southern Africa", this guide presents all the birds of Madagascar and the other Indian Ocean islands, a great many species of which are endemic to these islands. In field guide form, this text presents concise descriptions of each species

Recommended travel books for Madagascar:

Lonely Planet : Madagascar
Deanna Swanney: Buy from or

  • This updated edition of the Lonely Planet guide to Madagascar features information on where to whale-watch, trek, dive and swim, details on the national parks and reserves, a full-colour wildlife guide, and a language chapter covering Malagasy and French.
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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?