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The Following Reports are available from Florida, USA :
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Florida Reports:

Birding the Orlando area 17th July – 6th August 2012

  • If you are a birder facing a family fortnight in Orlando in high summer, do not despair, if you can get away for a few hours, particularly early morning, then you should be able to see most of the central Florida specialties. Good luck...Michael Grunwell reports.

Florida August 4th and 24th, 2010

  • Last august I spent my holidays in Florida, with the idea of doing some birding...Antonio Rodriguez-Sinovas reports.

Birding the Orlando area 28/08-4/09/09

  • Late August is probably the worst time to go birding in central Florida – it is very hot, birds are quiet and there are very few migrants.  But as I was there on a Family holiday I thought I would give it a go. The result was some excellent birding...Graeme Wright reports.

Florida and Georgia 28th March - 24th April 2009

  • An invitation to celebrate a wedding on Tybee Island, Georgia prompted an extended holiday to take in some spring migrants, hopefully a number of warblers in their breeding finery, in both Georgia and Florida...Bob Marchant reports

The Great Florida Birding Trail 1st - 11th March 2009

  • We wake up to a clear blue sky in a new world, and dozens of American Robins are hopping around outside our rooms at The Desert Inn in Yeehaw Junction, while Cedar Waxwings drop into the bushes and a Red-shouldered Hawk looks down from the top of a telegraph pole...Chris Hall reports

Florida and Connecticut 2nd - 22nd June 2008

  • A family holiday based in Central Florida, staying with relatives at Whispering Point, Casselberry north-east of Orlando with an extra week in Connecticut....Bob Marchant reports with lots of photos.

Florida, St. Petersburg Area. 19th April-3rd May 2007

  • Atop a tree was an Eastern Wood-Pewee, and flitting about in the undergrowth at the bottom was a Worm-eating Warbler. A Kentucky Warbler came down to the fountain to drink....Ray Thorneycroft reports

Florida, Dec. 2006

  • At South Park we found small flocks of American Robin, most of the Woodpecker species including one good observation of Pileated Woodpecker, one Meadow Lark, one Ground Dove, a few Northern Cardinals, a skulking Brown Thrasher and Chipping and Savannah Sparrows...Jan Landsverk reports  

Florida 16th-30th November 2006

  • Corkscrew Swamp is wonderful and great if you are a photographer.  JR ‘Ding’ Darling National Wildlife Refuge is a 5 mile drive with plenty of viewing places. We had great views of White Pelican and a Yellow Crowned Night Heron. Tigertail Beach at Marco Island is good for waders....Kevin and Sue Boyd report.

Florida 8-29th Aug 2006

  • It spite of the ‘adversity’, I still saw between 90 and 95 species of which around 40 were lifers. Both these totals were about twice what I’d dared hoped...I was more than happy with my lot, and was able to thoroughly enjoy the holiday for what it was, knowing that the birding chances I’d had were good as well...John Armstrong reports.

Florida Feb - March 2006

  • “I’m just going to take a short detour, to a site you may like” Trevor announced. 30 seconds later, he pulled the car up on a roadside verge and we were looking at the nest of a Bald Eagle not 100 yds away, complete with adult and fledgling...Chris Wormwell reports.

Florida 20th Jan to 3rd Feb 2005

  • Follow the Osprey trail to see the nesting and roosting Great Horned Owls, If you have troble locating them, just ask the warden. The trail produced good numbers of Warblers, Vireos, and Woodpeckers, every other tree seems to have a Ospreys nest...John Brown reports.

Disney Magic-Birding the Orlando area. February 07-21 04

  • The very idea of theme parks and crowds of people would have most bird watchers heading in the opposite direction, but with over 3000 lakes, vast acres of forest and the coast approximately an hour away, Orlando in Florida has much to offer the visiting bird watcher...Brendon Fagan reports

Orlando Florida, Birding with the Mouse

  • In august 2001 and May 2003 our family holidays took us to that ultimate tourist destination, Orlando. Birding was not a high priority in their minds but was uppermost in mine, especially as it was to be my first visits to the other side of the pond. What follows will probably be of more help to a birder in a similar situation to myself, where holiday locations are based more on family requirements rather than species diversity!....Andy Benson reports.
South Florida & Dry Tortugas 29/03/03 - 12/04/03
  • A fantastic trip with the majority of target birds being seen, the only major dips being Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, Whooping Crane and Cave Swallow which I think we were a little early for anyway. However as time progressed the birding was so pleasurable the importance of seeing all targets seemed to dwindle as we were just enjoying being out there seeing fantastic wildlife....Marcus & Zoe Ward report.

Orlando Florida 23rd - May 6th June 2002

  • I persuaded the family that they might like to take in something of the “real” Florida and visit Orlando Wetland Park. This is a site on the Great Florida Birding Trail, about 20 miles east of Orlando, and more or less on the way to the beach. It was blisteringly hot, but it was a marvellous place, with good views of Least Bittern, Red-shouldered Hawks, Red-winged Blackbirds, Fish Crows, Purple Martins and American Purple Gallinules...Colin Davies reports.

Florida 30th March-10th April 2001

  • There were Alligators in all the pools, and we also spotted 3 kinds of snake in the water. One was about three feet long, two inches thick, black with narrow white/creamy bands. We later identified this as a Florida Banded Watersnake. There were also Turtles, Terrapins, plenty of Butterflies, Dragon and Damselflies. A truly wonderful place. The Limpkin was another bogy bird out of the way....Ray Thorneycroft reports

Florida March 5th-14th 2001

  • For various reasons we found ourselves in need of a short, preferably sunny break with reasonable birding thrown in. We opted for Florida with its guaranteed sunshine and some virtually endemic species...Mark & Sandra Dennis report

A holiday in Florida (9th to 23rd April 2000)

  • Florida was magic, and we didn't even visit Mickey Mouse. We did see the Everglades, brightly coloured American warblers, the Kennedy Space Center and lots more besides. For three-quarters of the time we followed our own itinerary. This enabled us to include non-birdwatching activities. The other three days - perhaps the highlight of the trip - were spent on an organised trip with American birdwatchers, visiting the Dry Tortugas. It was a good balance for a holiday.

Birding in Southern and Central Florida April 4th - 12th '99

  • The participants on this brief birding trip to Southern and Central Florida (including a day trip to the Dry Tortugas) were Jan and Steve Mawby and Sue and John Price-Stephens. The trip was made during the Easter school holiday period and to keep down the cost of airfares

Florida 2nd - 16th October 1998

  • Despite being a family holiday Dad and I managed to see 108 species. We spent the 1st week in the Orlando area and the 2nd on the Gulf Coast at Bradenton. Our fortnight also included 2 days at Key Largo which enabled us to spend 1 days birding in the Everglades National Park...Andy Wraithmell reports

Orlando -Disney - Merrit Island area.

  • A birders diary of how to spend no less than eleven days around the Disney Resorts and yet still see almost a hundred species of birds with no prior knowledge of where to go! John Girdley reports

Other Recommended Sites in Florida.

  • A compilation report based on the comments of experienced U.S. birders John J. Collins, Bill and Sue Nester and Ivan Oelrich. The Everglades and the Dry Tortugas are among the sites that they recommend.

Sanibel Island / Corkscrew Swamp /Captiva Island

  • Alec Cheney visited the Sanibel Island Area of Florida in April '99. He saw an impressive array of birds.

Fort Myers / Shark Valley / Ding Darling / Marco Island etc...

  • My wife Irene and I are two over sixties paying our second visit to Florida with the primary reason of enjoying the birds again. We did not expect to see as many new species as last April but we hoped that we would see some species that we missed out on last time...(Alec Chaney reports)


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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Florida, USA:
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Birding Florida (Falcon Guide) [Paperback]
Brian Rapoza: Buy from or

  • This long-awaited new volume in the acclaimed "Falcon Guide Birding" series provides detailed information - including maps, descriptions, and photographs - on 120 prime birding locations, and over 300 viewing sites throughout Florida. "Birding Florida" is an easy-to-use field guide to all the birds you can expect to see in each season, from flamingos and pelicans, to magnificent sea eagles. This is an ideal companion for anyone holidaying in Florida at any time of year.

"National Geographic" Field Guide to Birds: Florida
Mel Baughman: Buy from or

  • Each entry has a vivid photograph on the left page showing the bird in its habitat. On the right page is a list of bulleted points called field identification clues to confirm at a glance the bird's identity....

The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America: Buy from or

The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western North America: Buy from or

The Sibley Guide to Birds has quickly become the new standard of excellence in bird identification guides. Now come two new portable guides from David Sibley that every birder will want to carry into the field. Compact and comprehensive. Good illustrations. Great value for money.

The Sibley Guide to Birds (Audubon Society Nature Guides Ser.)
David Allen Sibley: Buy from or

  • David Sibley's new field guide to the birds of North America renders all the existing guides obsolete at one stroke. The book itself is beautifully produced and crafted - the sort of book that gives pleasure just in the handling of it.

Field Guide to the Birds of North America
National Geographic: Buy from or

  • One of the best field guide available... the big improvement for me in the new edition was the distribution maps, which have been done from scratch. Not only are they much more legible than the old ones, but they are much more accurate.

Birdfinder : A Birder's Guide to Planning North American Trips (Aba Birdfinding Guide)
Jerry A. Cooper: Buy from or

  • A do it yourself guide to birding trips around the country including detailed itineraries. Professionals in the nature tours trade may want to keep this book a secret since it allows anybody to reproduce many of their trips at a significant cost saving.

Advanced Birding
Ken Kaufman: Buy from or

  • Stumped by seemingly indistinguishable immature gulls covering the beach? Wonder whether the accipiter raiding your feeder is a female sharp-shinned hawk or a male Cooper's hawk? Well-known birder and author Kenn Kaufman presents some of North America's most challenging bird-identification conundrums in this guide for the advanced birder. Each chapter covers a group of difficult-to-identify or similar-looking birds, with analyses, tips, and drawings to aid in positive identification. Improve your birding skills and add more species to your life list with this excellent resource.

At Water's Edge : The Birds of Florida
Roger Bansemer & Renc: Buy from or

National Audubon Society Field Guide to Florida
Buy from or

  • just what we had been looking for, being useful for plant, mammal, butterfly, reptile and even fish identification. (Similar guides are available for other parts of the US.)

Recommended Travel Books for the USA:

The Rough Guide to Florida
Loretta Chilcoat: Buy from or

  • This book impressed me. For the traveling bird watcher with a family to entertain, there is no better destination than Florida. This book deserves to be your constant companion. The author misses no oportunity to point out the wildlife highlights of the area.
    For Birders, Merrit Island, The Dry Tortugas, The Everglades, Corkscrew Swamp and Sanibel Island, are all in here. (And for the rest of the family there is Disney, Busch Gardens, Cape Canaveral.....)

Hidden Florida
Ann Boese, Stacy Ritz: Buy from or

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