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The Following Reports are available from The West Coast of the USA:
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West Coast Alaska, Nevada, California, Oregon, Hawaii (this page)
South Texas, Arizona
East Coast New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington
Others Colorado, Dakotas, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, Multi-state Tours

Alaska Reports:

Alaska (Spring 2000)

  • Ken Harrison and other members of the Lancaster and District B.W.S. visited Alaska during Spring 2000. This excellent report also includes photos of some of the sought after species.

California Reports:

California Quail

California 4-20 September 2007

  • For me the morning birding today was some of the most enjoyable on the whole trip. It started at Alisal Canyon with a lovely Red-shouldered Hawk sitting on a telegraph pole, which was quickly followed by our first Yellow-billed Magpies...Helen Heyes reports for Birdfinders

California 17 April-8 May 2008

  • My wife Sue and I planned a 3-week stay in California. We are keen birders, but not hard core, so some days were leisurely with exploration of a new part of the US as much an interest as the birds – though they always took precedence...Graham Burton reports.

California 7th-23rd September 2007

  • Chevron Meadow was Alive with birds which including Northern Flickers, 2 White-headed Woodpeckers, Western Wood-pewee, Townsend’s Solitaire on the ground being hassled by Orange-crowned warblers, great views of 3 fly-over Clark’s Nutcrackers, 1m Black-throated Grey Warbler and 4 very obliging Lewis’s Woodpeckers...Simon Harthill reports

California (and Las Vegas) August 2006

  • From San Francisco I then made the five hour drive to Yosemite National Park., which is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Rage....Chris Hill reports

San Francisco 3rd April-10th April 2006

  • A wonderful City to easily find a great variety of birds within walking distance or by taking short inexpensive bus rides. Early April is a great time to avoid the crowds and see a huge numbers of sea birds...Mark Graham reports.

Southern California, with side trips to Arizona and Baja California 2005 (351kB .pdf) Herman van Oosten

The U.S South-west  -  Birding the Kokopelli trail May-June 2004

  • Our trip took in four states - Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California and we travelled over 2,700 miles by car in our three weeks from May 19th to June 8th. The weather was unsurprisingly warm and dry, though the canyons could be fairly cool during the morning and we did encounter about hour of rain when in Northern Arizona...Andy Benson reports

Southern California 24th March - 5th April 2003

  • New birds came thick and fast. A large flock of Western Grebe had just one Clark's Grebe in it. A flock of Black Turnstone flew by. A nice group of Brandt's Cormorant's sat on a rock promontory. Heerman's Gulls proved to be easy to see. Glaucous-winged was looking difficult until Mary Beth picked one up in a fly by flock. I was most impressed..... John Girdley reports.

Southern California 3-12 November 2001

  • After breakfast, we drove north to Torrey Pines SP, one of my favorite places for walking in the San Diego area. There we spent 1 1/2 hours wandering the trails to points overlooking the ocean. For quite a while, we enjoyed watching a peregrine perched on a dead snag close to Razor Point. Other highlights for us were Ravens, Surf scoters and Western grebes in the ocean, and a jaeger (probably Parasitic) which was chasing a gull....Mike and Gabi Tanis report

California November 17th-December 2nd 2000

  • This report is not aimed at mainstream clean-up crews, more at people looking for a good birding holiday in some comfort and with results. We chose the time of year in order to see large numbers of wildfowl and still have reasonable weather...Mark & Sandra Dennis report

California Trip Report 26th Aug - 11th Sep 2000

  • We decided on going to California at this time of year to get the start of the autumn migration, while hoping that many of the summer visitors would still be present. Overall I think we did very well, covering about 3200 miles and managing to record 281 species. As with any trip we missed some birds that we thought we might see, but also saw several that we weren't expecting... James Eaton reports.

California, Arizona, Utah (April / May '97)

  • This is the report of a trip by camper to Southern and Central California, plus the spectacular canyons of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. The trip was partly for birds and partly general natural history.... Stephen Poley reports



Hawaii 5th -12th December 2004

  • Hawaii's isolation in the middle of the Pacific has meant that it is an incredible centre for endemism. This is not just for birds but for all groups that managed to get to the islands. Mammals, except for one bat, failed to make it so the radiation of species was incredible. Honeycreepers are now the best example of this and there were probably at one time in excess of 70 species on the islands...Paul Noakes reports




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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for The West Coast of the USA:
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The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America: Buy from or

The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western North America: Buy from or

The Sibley Guide to Birds has quickly become the new standard of excellence in bird identification guides. Now come two new portable guides from David Sibley that every birder will want to carry into the field. Compact and comprehensive. Good illustrations. Great value for money.

The Sibley Guide to Birds (Audubon Society Nature Guides Ser.)
David Allen Sibley: Buy from or

  • David Sibley's new field guide to the birds of North America renders all the existing guides obsolete at one stroke. The book itself is beautifully produced and crafted - the sort of book that gives pleasure just in the handling of it.

Field Guide to the Birds of North America
National Geographic: Buy from or

  • One of the best field guide available... the big improvement for me in the new edition was the distribution maps, which have been done from scratch. Not only are they much more legible than the old ones, but they are much more accurate.

Birdfinder : A Birder's Guide to Planning North American Trips (Aba Birdfinding Guide)
Jerry A. Cooper: Buy from or

  • A do it yourself guide to birding trips around the country including detailed itineraries. Professionals in the nature tours trade may want to keep this book a secret since it allows anybody to reproduce many of their trips at a significant cost saving.

Advanced Birding
Ken Kaufman: Buy from or

  • Stumped by seemingly indistinguishable immature gulls covering the beach? Wonder whether the accipiter raiding your feeder is a female sharp-shinned hawk or a male Cooper's hawk? Well-known birder and author Kenn Kaufman presents some of North America's most challenging bird-identification conundrums in this guide for the advanced birder. Each chapter covers a group of difficult-to-identify or similar-looking birds, with analyses, tips, and drawings to aid in positive identification. Improve your birding skills and add more species to your life list with this excellent resource.

A Birder's Guide to Southern California
Harold Holt: Buy from

  • Having just returned from Southern California, this guide is an absolute must! Buy it.

The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mammals
(Chanticleer Press 1980): Buy from or

Recommended Travel Books for the USA:

The Rough Guide to California
Deborah Bosley, Jeff Dickey, et al: Buy from or

  • A very informative guide to California, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. This book includes all of the attractions of these areas, visiting arrangement's to all the bigger National Parks, useful travel information and accommodation recommendations. A must have if you are visiting the areas covered.

Globetrotter Guide and Map - California
Nick Sinclair: Buy from or

  • A handy little tourist guide and map combination for the birdwatcher with a family to entertain. It is crammed with useful information, travel tips and recommendations for the traveller. The detailed text is complemented by photos, charts and tables, maps and town plans. Full colour throughout.
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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?