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The Following Reports are available from Southern USA :
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West Coast Alaska, California, Oregon, Hawaii
South Arizona, Texas, Utah (This page)
East Coast New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington
Others Colorado, Dakotas, Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming, Tours

Arizona Reports:

Birding in Arizona 15th Oct - 3rd Nov 2009

  • It was my first visit to the United States, bird watching......Svetlana Baskakova reports.

Arizona (and Sonora Mexico) 21st Dec - 7th January 2009

  • Detailed report in pdf format from Hans-Ake Gustavsson (Quite large - 800 KBytes)

SE Arizona: May 15-21, 2006

  • Went on a trip to SE Arizona using Tucson as a base.  Did a some additional touring as well as birding.  Tallied more than 60 species including over 40 new lifers.  Though the list is extensive, it is by no means exhaustive...Stephen Janko reports.

Arizona birding trip. May 10th - 22th 2005

  • Early start at the Shannon-Broadway spot in Tucson. After some searching saw the Rufous-winged Sparrow among the many House Sparrows. New and interesting birds were Gila Woodpecker making a lot of noice at the steel poles....Daan Planting reports

A casual bird watching visit to Arizona & Utah 5th to 21st Nov 2007

  • The main focus was on a coach tour of the parks and canyonlands of the Wild West. With 29 participants and, Irene and I the only two birdwatchers, we had to take our chances when and were. Nevertheless we still managed to see an interesting range of birds and, although this was our fifth visit to America we still saw some “lifers”...Alec Cheney reports

Texas Reports:

Texas birding trip. April 30th - May 9th 2005

  • Drove to Anahuac NWR. Drove the Shoveler Pond road and stopped at the Willows. Good birding. Common Nighthawk* was flying and calling at first light. Killdeer, Red-winged Blackbird, Northern Rough-winged Swallow, Eastern Kingbird*, shorebirds and herons were common...Daan Planting reports

Southern Texas 23rd April -2nd May 2005

  • This report describes a birding trip undertaken by three friends who wanted to see the maximum species of birds in the shortest space of time. We only had nine days but were able to maximise this time by visiting three key areas on the south coast of Texas...Wendy Newnham reports

Texas 5th - 26th January 2005

  • We had very distant views of the reserve's 3 Whooping Cranes from the substantial observation tower, along with our first views of Ladder-backed Woodpecker and Orange-crowned Warbler and our only sighting of Le Conte's Sparrow...David Mason reports.

Texas 9th -25th April 2004

  • In early 2004 I decided to take advantage of the favourable $/ exchange rate and plan a 2 week trip to Texas for the Spring Migration and specialities. I had previously visited Florida and Cape May, and in 1994 spent 6 weeks as a volunteer "bander" at Long Point in Ontario, Canada. However, Texas still offered many new species of birds....Simon Hartill reports

Texas and New Mexico April 2002

  • Highlights of a trip to Texas include the great migration hotspots of High Island, the incomparable Big Bend National Park and the Mexican 'feel' to birding along the Rio Grande. We elected to time our trip to allow us to be in Big Bend at the end of April....Phil and Charlotte Benstead report.

Fins and Feathers

  • Come to beautiful South Padre Island, Texas for a nature adventure. From Sunday afternoon to Friday noon we will Dance with Dolphins and learn all about our six year study with our dolphin family, you will meet our shore birds of the island up close with great photo opportunities. Roseatte spoonbills, oystercatchers, skimmers and so many more. A program with our sea turtles and marine life....Scarlet and George Colley.

Birding along the Gulf Coast and Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas 27th Dec 2001 - 6th Jan 2002

  • The participants on this short trip to a very big State were Stephen Mawby and John Price-Stephens. The time constraints placed on this trip were due to Christmas and the need to return for school term-time. That said, we estimated that the eight full days available to us would give us time to seek out all of the South Texas resident and winter specialities and as it turned out we possibly had time to spare.

Texas - A Birdseekers tour 3rd -18th April 2000

  • One of our best stops was beside Lake Texicano where we watched both Double-crested and Neotropic Cormorants as well as several common heron species such as Great White, Great Blue, Tri-coloured and Snowy Egret. Scissor-tailed Flycatchers were now being watched with ease and rightly became many people's favourite bird. A Belted Kingfisher sat on a wire, whilst lots of Cliff Swallows flew around...Steve Bird reports...Good Photo's too..

Birding trip in South Texas 11 February to 7 March 2000

  • Aransas National Wildlife Refuge (fee) is an obligatory place for Whooping Crane sightings! There are also Sandhill Cranes, White-winged Dove, Couch's Kingbird, Sprague's Pipit and numerous Sparrows. On the Rail Trail, (near the Headquarters) watch for alligators on the trail ! There are numerous alligators at the Jones Lake viewing area (we saw 64 !)...Georges & Mireille Olioso report.

Texas (April 1999)

  • Once inside the park, which was blissfully peaceful compared to the previous afternoon, birds started to appear; and alongside Couch's Kingbird and Golden-fronted Woodpecker we also saw Nashville Warbler and then, after much searching, located the nest with a sitting female Grey Hawk; a Rio Grande speciality...Keith Shepherd reports

Texas (April - May 1997)

  • Since our highly successful trip to California in the Spring of 1996 we had planned to return to the USA this year and our preferred destination was Texas. Articles in various birding magazines plus Harold Holt's excellent books on birding the Texas Coast and Rio Grande Valley provided enough evidence that Texas in Spring should be every birder's "most desired destination"




A Birder's Guide to Planning North American Trips

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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Texas, USA:
Do you have a good book for this region that we haven't featured? let us know


A Birder's Guide to the Texas Coast (Lane/ABA Birdfinding Guide)

Harold Holt: Buy from

A Birder's Guide to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas
Harold R. Holt: Buy from

  • Both Books are essential reading for Texas

The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America: Buy from or

The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western North America: Buy from or

  • The Sibley Guide to Birds has quickly become the new standard of excellence in bird identification guides. Now come two new portable guides from David Sibley that every birder will want to carry into the field. Compact and comprehensive. Good illustrations. Great value for money.

The Sibley Guide to Birds (Audubon Society Nature Guides Ser.)
David Allen Sibley: Buy from or

  • David Sibley's new field guide to the birds of North America renders all the existing guides obsolete at one stroke. The book itself is beautifully produced and crafted - the sort of book that gives pleasure just in the handling of it.

Field Guide to the Birds of North America
National Geographic: Buy from or

  • One of the best field guide available... the big improvement for me in the new edition was the distribution maps, which have been done from scratch. Not only are they much more legible than the old ones, but they are much more accurate.

Birdfinder : A Birder's Guide to Planning North American Trips (Aba Birdfinding Guide)
Jerry A. Cooper: Buy from or

  • A do it yourself guide to birding trips around the country including detailed itineraries. Professionals in the nature tours trade may want to keep this book a secret since it allows anybody to reproduce many of their trips at a significant cost saving.

Recommended Travel Books for the USA:

Lonely Planet Texas
Nick Selby, Julie Fanselow (Editor) Buy from or

  • I brought along this book for a month-long tour of the state, and itproved invaluable. Tons of information, all expertly detailed andarranged. In particular I like the numerous "background boxes" whichprovide extra, useful and informative information on a multitude ofsubjects - from the Texas twang to the pick-up truck. Wonderful! Anendlessly entertaining as well as an extremely useful book.

Globetrotter Guide and Map - California
Nick Sinclair: Buy from or

  • A handy little tourist guide and map combination for the birdwatcher with a family to entertain. It is crammed with useful information, travel tips and recommendations for the traveller. The detailed text is complemented by photos, charts and tables, maps and town plans. Full colour throughout.
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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?