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The Following Reports are available from Jamaica:
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Jamaica July 8th-16th 2012 a report in .pdf format (1MB) by Ian Mills

Jamaica March 28th - April 4th

  • This tour to Jamaica was the first by Birdwatching Breaks and was an immediate success for the company recording all the endemic species (28) including the scarce Jamaican Blackbird and the beautiful Crested Quail-dove. The tour covered all the important bird areas of this unique island situated on the western extremity of the West Indies. In addition to these areas visits were made to a selection of wetlands and lagoons for migrant waders and ducks....Mark Finn Reports for Birdwatching Breaks

Jamaica April 1 - 8, 2008

  • We hade an early start to reach the Cockpit Country, an hour east of Marshall’s Pen by dawn. The targets here were the two endemic parrots. While walking along the road, we were able to get scope views of both the Black-billed and the more common Yellow-billed Parrots....Gary and Marlene Babic report.

Jamaican Euphonia

Jamaica 31/7-13/8/2007

  • This is a brief report of a 2 week holiday I had in Jamaica. I was able to see all the Jamaican endemics and most of the near endemics and hopefully the report will be of use to people doing a similar holiday to mine...Paul Noakes reports.

Jamaica 4-14 April, 2004

  • Main purpose of this trip was visiting a friend working on a Smithsonian Institution study of wintering American Redstarts in southwestern Jamaica.  However, included in this trip was a 3-day journey around the island - largely in search of endemic or Caribbean specialties....Jay Carlisle reports.

Trip to Jamaica March 2001

  • We arrived at Montego Bay airport early in the afternoon and quickly had a look around the bushes in the car park, as we waited for our car to arrive. We quickly spotted Bananaquit, Greater Antillean Grackle, Jamaican Mango and Loggerhead Kingbirdthere, and also added Antillean Palm Swift...Alex Kirschel reports.

Jamaica 1st - 9th September 2000

  • Jamaica is not a destination for anyone expecting to amass a large trip total - a trip list of 100+ would be a good score for a one-week trip.  However, what it may lack in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality.  The island boasts an extremely impressive total of 30 endemic species, all highly possible on such a short visit...Gruff Dodd reports

Jamaica Winter 1998

  • Gazing at our atlas during cold winter nights we would dream of classic journeys to tropical countries with immaculate sandy beaches lapped by deep-blue waters and fringed by waving coconut palms. To escape the brutal Canadian winter we would pore through our field guides dreaming of the hundreds of species we had yet to see....Keith Taylor reports

Jamaica 8th July 1996 - 22nd July 1996

  • Out at 5.30am flushing a Barn Owl out of the barn. Headed straight to the hillside spending nearly 3 hours creeping around in the forest fruitlessly searching for the Crested Quail Dove. However did see 4 Ruddy Quail Doves.... David Cooper reports.




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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Jamaica:
Do you have a good book for this region that we haven't featured? let us know


A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Jamaica (Paperback)
Audrey Downer et al: Buy from or

  • Containing hundreds of stunning photographs, Birds of Jamaica, provides full photographic coverage of every species on the Jamaican list (including vagrants). With a rich avifauna of more than 300 species that includes some 25 endemics, the island of Jamaica is an increasingly popular birding destination. Concise text for each species covers identification, voice, habitats, confusion species, status and distribution, with a map for resident and migrant birds. This guide is an essential companion for anyone visiting this amazing island.

Helm Identification Guides: Birds of the West Indies
Herbert Raffaele: Buy from or

This identification guide covers all the birds known to occur in the West Indies, a total of 563 species. Species texts cover all aspects of identification and include the full range of local names for the bird. Accompanying each speices text is a distribution map showing the bird's range within the West Indies. Every species is illustrated in the 86 colour plates, and many island "forms" (where relevant) are also depicted. The "locality checklist" included provides an at-a-glance, island-by-island guide to the distribution and status of all species. This is the BEST book available for the West Indies

Where to Watch Birds in Central America & the Caribbean
Nigel Wheatley, David Brewer: Buy from or

This guide covers the best birding sites in Central America and the Caribbean. In a format familiar to readers of this very popular series, each site is considered in terms of 'Habitat', 'Timing', 'Access' and 'Calendar', allowing birders to plan excursions to maximise the chances of getting the best out of each site and each region. The book includes detailed maps of the larger sites, plus general maps of the regions covered, and it is illustrated with line drawings.


Recommended travel books for Jamaica:

Lonely Planet: Jamaica
Christopher P Baker: Buy from or

  • This travel guide to Jamaica contains: cultural and historical information; health and safety advice; information on local cuisine; advice on customs and etiquette; and key words, phrases and basic grammar of local languages.

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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?