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The Following Reports are available from Trinidad and Tobago:
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Heatherlea: Tour of Trinidad and St. Lucia

  • A brand new, unique Caribbean holiday! On St Lucia five endemics and other Antillean specialities give great birding. On Trinidad we include all the key experiences from world-renowned Asa Wright Centre, including Scarlet Ibis coming to roost, the Oilbird Caves, and a leisurely boat trip though the mangrove swamp. British Airways international services all the way!

Tobago 13th-27th February 2013

  • A wonderful encounter with Southern Caribbean birds; being awoken every morning by Red-vented Chachalaca, Tropical Mockingbird and Bananaquit....Alan Miller reports.

Trinidad and Tobago, January 27-February 3, 2011

  • On this short trip we spent three nights at the famous Asa Wright Nature Center, one night in Grand Riviere which is the best site for Trinidad Piping-guan, and three nights at Blue Waters Inn in Tobago. We had approximately 30 target birds for the trip...Gary and Marlene Babic report.

Trinidad and Tobago May - June 2008

  • The most obvious and abundant species were Magnificent Frigatebird and Red-billed Tropicbird. There were also quite good numbers of Brown Booby, Sooty Tern and Brown Noddy, about 10 Red-footed Booby (all of brown morph), and 2-3 Bridled Terns from the boat crossing. Audobon’s Shearwater nest here, but as with many of their clan they are either far out at sea or deep in their nesting burrows during daylight, I had to be satisfied with seeing a single chick in the gloom of it’s burrow....John Armstrong reports.

Tobago and Grenada (.pdf) March 20th - April 3rd 2007 Jan van der Laan

Trinidad and Tobago January 18th to February 1st 2007

  • The surroundings were so picturesque, and we could see birds flitting around, and everywhere was bathed in birdsong. Our first sighting to open our account was a Bare-eyed thrush in a nearby bush...Brian & Isabel Eady report.

Trinidad and Tobago 16th to 28th January 2006

  • New birds came fast and furious here with, in quick succession, Yellow-headed Caracara, Red-breasted Blackbird, Savanna Hawk, Ruddy-breasted Seedeater, Grassland Yellow Finch, Striated Heron...David Mason reports.

Tobago 2 - 15 Feb 2006

  • This trip was booked primarily as a beach holiday with a little bird watching thrown in and apart from printing a checklist of Trinidad and Tobago and buying the Birds of the West Indies from the internet, our preparation was limited to packing the binoculars, insect repellent and a note book....Neil and Sue Jervis report.

Trinidad and Tobago April 2004

  • As dawn approaches, the stridulating orchestra of nocturnal insects gives way to a chorus of exotic bird songs and whistles, including the musical Cocoa Thrush and Rufous-breasted Wren. By 6am there is a frenzy of activity outside the verandah...Chris Hall reports

Observations in Tobago 13 – 27 November 2003

  • In terms of biodiversity, Tobago is the poor relation of Trinidad. Its list of 220 or so species is about half of the figure for the sister island, a consequence no doubt of the smaller size of Tobago and its much greater separation from the South American mainland. Nevertheless, the island provides a worthwhile birding destination with a good variety of species and excellent opportunities to view them...Dr Ernest Garcia reports

The Flying colours of Tobago. Available via: Tobago nature tours

A thirty minute video by award winnig cameraman Derek Budd, introduced and narated by local guide Peter Cox....A visually stunning introduction to the birdlfe of Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago April 27-May 5, 2002

  • Trip was 9 days and 8 nights from New York. The weather was warm and humid with intermittent showers most days.  Trinidad was delightful.  Tobago was more relaxed and the people overall very friendly.  Birded a variety of habitats including Tropical Forest, Swamp and Offshore Islands...Stephen Janko reports.

Trinidad and Tobago April 22nd - May 5th, 2000

  • I birded what turned out to be a small patch of secondary rain forest containing an initially bewildering number and variety of birds including several classic species. Tall flowering trees were soon seen to be buzzing with minute hummingbirds.. Dr. Steve Young reports. Excellent photograghs too.

Trinidad and Tobago 28 Nov - 11 Dec 1999

  • It always seems strange when we enter a situation about which we've read so much and it's seemed like a far off dream, and now it had arrived ! The verandah was wonderful - hummingbirds everywhere, tanagers, thrushes, honeycreepers - the illustrations in the guide books did little justice for these brilliant creatures - and the view was breathtaking....Dianne and David Lucas report.

The Birds of Isla Margarita and Tobago (July/Aug '99)

  • Charles & Joy Fletcher visited the Islands of Tobago and the Isla Margarita during July and August '99. This is their very detailed and fact filled account:

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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Trinidad and Tobago:
Do you have a good book for this region that we haven't featured? let us know


Birds of Trinidad and Tobago (Helm Field Guides)
Floyd E. Hayes et al: Buy from or

  • An excellent concise and well illustrated field guide from the Helm Stable featuring all the 470 species likely to be encountered on a visit to Trinidad and Tobago.

Helm Identification Guides: Birds of the West Indies
Herbert Raffaele: Buy from or

  • This identification guide covers all the birds known to occur in the West Indies, a total of 563 species. This is the BEST book available for the West Indies, however it does not give 100% coverage of all the birds seen on Trinidad and Tobago. A venezuela guide is useful in this repect. (see below)

Birds of Trinidad and Tobago (Pocket Natural History)  
Richard F. Ffrench: Buy from or

  • This is a short, lightweight guide to the birds on Trinidad and Tobago and is a good buy for those who want to know a little bit about the bird life they will see. The book has a simple introduction to birds and bird watching and has a good collection of colour photographs of the birds that will become familiar to you on the islands.

Where to Watch Birds in Central America & the Caribbean
Nigel Wheatley, David Brewer: Buy from or

  • This guide covers the best birding sites in Central America and the Caribbean. In a format familiar to readers of this very popular series, each site is considered in terms of 'Habitat', 'Timing', 'Access' and 'Calendar', allowing birders to plan excursions to maximise the chances of getting the best out of each site and each region. The book includes detailed maps of the larger sites, plus general maps of the regions covered, and it is illustrated with line drawings.

A Field Guide to Birds of the West Indies (Peterson Field Guides)
Buy from or

  • Describes more than four hundred species of birds and includes information on range and habitat. Essential reading.

Birds of Venezuela
Steven Hilty: Buy from or

  • Very useful to the visitor to Trinadad and Tobago as it covers mainland birds seen on the Islands and not covered in the Helm Guide.


Recommended Travel Books:

The Rough Guide to Trinidad & Tobago
Dominique De-Light, Polly Thomas: Buy from or

  • The Rough Guide to Trinidad and Tobago is by far the most informative and absorbing guide to these islands. There are lots of meaty facts here about what to expect when visiting a location which for many people will be far from anything they have experienced via the usual package holiday breaks. One needs to be well informed prior to take off in order to get the most of your vacation, and together the authors have made sure that the information you'll need is there, whether you are a young energetic eco-traveller keen to explore one of the world's oldest rainforests, or a sun worshipping retiree, heading for the luxuriant options of spa and golf courses under the tropical sun. Quite simply, you would be mad not to read this book if you are planning a trip to Trinidad and Tobago.

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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?