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The Following Reports are available from Peru:
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Northern Peru 23rd -31st October 2012

  • Our trip could be said to be remarkable for the birds we saw like White-faced Nunbird, Cinnamon-breasted Tody-Tyrant and Pale-billed Antpitta...Robert and Angela Page report.

Central Peru July 11-20, 2008

  • As I planned and daydreamed about the trip many months ago I correctly surmised that Peru was not a country that one could “do” in a single trip, or even three or four....Francis Toldi Reports.

Northern Peru 23 August 2006 to 14th September 2006

  • There were Tumbes Swallows feeding in the area and we had excellent views of them.  We walked into the scrubby woodland and looked for more birds finding Scarlet Backed Woodpecker, Harris Hawk, Peruvian Pygmy Owl, the red form, and Blue-gray Tanager....Joan Munns reports.  

Northern Peru October/November 2005

  • Peru is a special place, from the rich Humboldt Current and the majestic Andes, to the lush Amazon rainforest. Between these extremes are dry forest, high elevation grasslands and cloud forests that result in an unsurpassed geographic and climatic diversity that is reflected in the high number of bird species....Jan Vermeulen reports
Peruvian Pygmy-Owl

North and Central Peru 29th July -25th August 2005

  • From 29 july to 26 august 2005 I made a birding trip to Northern and Central Peru. In 1988 I made my first trip to Peru and this time I focussed mainly on the specialities of the north and the central cordillera....Henk Hendriks reports.

Peru July 2005

  • Peru has to be one of the most excting birding destinations on the planet. It has probably the first or second highest number of species for any country (1,850+) and encompasses the Andes, Amazon rainforest, dry west coast, Humbolt current, Cloud forest, etc. etc.....Stuart White reports

Northern Peru and Rio Napo area (Ecuadorian Amazonia) Dec 12th  2004 - Jan 19th 2005

  • This is a bird report from a trip we made in Northern Peru from December 12th 2004 until January 4th 2005 and our stay at the Yarina and Yuturi lodges from January 8th until 19th in the Rio Napo area (Ecuadorian Amazonia)...Martin van den Berg reports

Peru - Central Valley, Southern Andes, Amazonia May-July 2004

  • Itinerary and extensive trip list...Greg roberts reports.

Peru   April 21st– 30th  2003

  • A long drive from Cusco ( 120 miles - 4hrs ) to the pass at 14,000 feet above sea level. The scenery is spectacular and the air is thin!!  At an area of Bamboo forest called Canchayoc we walked along the road and saw many species. Parodis Hemispingus, Sword-billed Hummingbird, Mountain Caracara...John Kirby reports

Peru Jul - 2003 635 Bird Species recorded

  • As we pulled up, a Peruvian Seaside Cinclodes was seen and showed really well on the cliff top. The view here was amazing as we looked across at the really high sheer cliffs. Below us, we watched in amazement at the stunning Inca Terns flying around and we found some perched on ledges quite close to us...Nick Bray reports for Birdseekers

A birdwatching trip to Peru November 2002

  • Peru is a special place, from the rich Humboldt Current and the majestic Andes, to the lush Amazon rainforest. Between these extremes are dry forest, high elevation grasslands and cloud forests that result in an unsurpassed geographic and climatic diversity that is reflected in the high number of bird species. Indeed, with nearly 1,800 species recorded within its borders, Peru runs head to head with Colombia in being the country with the largest number of bird species in the world...Jan Vermeulen reports.

Northern Peru June and November 2002

  • In the higher temperate and subtropical elevations birds like Royal Sunagel, Bar-winged Wood-Wren, Cinnamon-breasted Tody-Tyrant and Lulu's Tody-Flycatcher can be found. Squawking pairs of Golden-plumed Parakeets frequent ridge-top forests where palms persist and on both tours we had excellent views of the rare Orange-breasted Falcon...Colin Bushell of Toucan Tours reports.

Wild Peru - Rio de Las Piedras, Tambopata and the Andes 11 July 2002 - August 30th 2002

  • The whole trip was absolutely stunning and I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone. It's got to be up there as some of the best birding in the world - some people say it is the best. A trip that incorporates the high Andes and the lowlands will produce an excellent trip list and a stunning example of how bird distribution changes with altitude...Tim Allwood reports
Andean Cock of the Rock

Manu National Park, Peru August-October 2001

  • In terms of birds, pride of place goes to the tame group of Pale-winged Trumpeters that we studied at Cocha Cashu for two months. Other highlights were Solitary Eagle, Scarlet-shouldered Parakeet, Pheasant Cuckoo, Rufous-vented Ground-cuckoo, White-throated Jacamar, Collared Puffbird....Joe Tobias reports

Photo: Andean Cock of the Rock

Peru 17th November to 23rd December 2002

  • Planning is the key and we planned this leg of an 11 month trip  to fit in with being in other parts of the world at optimum times.November/ early December is the latest you would want to travel along the Manu road, and by the time we got to Amazonia Lodge it was very wet and some of the trails were flooded. Manu is virtually out of bounds between January and March/April as it is flooded....Neil Osborne reports

Peru November 2002

  • During the morning we saw Black fronted Nunbirds, an Undulated Tianamou calling, Lesser Greenlet, Spot winged AntShrike, Black capped Becard, White winged Shrike Tanager, White tailed Trogon, Black faced Antbird, White necked Thrush and loads of Screaming Pihas calling...Simon Hartill reports.

Observations in Peru 25 July - 10 August 2001

  • The visit included three distinct areas; the Peruvian coast and offshore islands of the Paracas peninsula, the Amazon rain forest along the River Tambopata, and the Andes mountains of the Inca trail. There was relatively little overlap in species between these three regions and each is treated separately...Dr EFJ Garcia reports

Peru September 2000

  • This trip focused on south-east Peru, with emphasis given to the Humboldt current seabirds on the Ballestas Islands, the cultural experience of flying over the Nasca Lines, the Amazon Rainforest in Tambopata and the Inca Trail through the Andes to Machu Picchu.....We recorded 385 species in Peru, including 11 that were "heard only". Our list was not the longest ever recorded in Peru but included a number of fantastic birds and trip highlights, including many endemics and range-restricted, rare, or just difficult-to-see species...Andy Tucker reports

SE Peru May 8-June 1, 2000

  • 542 species of birds with almost 200 new. Outstanding looks at 4 species of Tinamou, rare Humboldt Penguin, Crested Duck, Razor-billed Currasow, Pale-winged Trumpeter and Diademed Sandpiper-plover, 3 species of Pygmy-owl, 43 species of hummingbird (5 endemic), 49 species of Furnarid (14 endemic) and critically endangered Royal Cinclodes...Garry George reports.

Peru South April 1999

  • Here is a summary of John van der Woude's report of his independent trip to the South of this country: Tambopata tropical lowlands, high Andes and coastal desert.

Peru 11th - 27th October 1996

  • An Itinerary and detailed list of the birds seen by David Cooper on his trip to Peru.



A Field Guide to the Birds of Peru or




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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Peru:
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A Field Guide to the Birds of Peru
James F. Clements, Noam Shany: Buy from or

  • A new and up to date field guide to Peru. Essential reading from the master list maker.

Where to watch birds in Peru (Out of Print Aug 2009)
Thomas Valqui: (See authors website.) or buy in the UK

  • This is a fantastic and essential guide for anyone wishing to find birds in Peru. Good maps, good site descripions and most imprtantly, how to find those key species. The book includes a checklist of the 1800 species that could be seen in Peru.

A Parrot Without a Name : The Search for the Last Unknown Birds on Earth
Don Stap: Buy from or

  • The visceral details of collecting specimens of tropical birds and the gruelling politics of bringing such an expedition to Peru make for intense reading. An avid birder, Stap managed to hook up with LSU ornithologists John O'Neill and the late Ted Parker. Through the dense canopy he followed the crew and documented their trials and triumphs. Most notably a new species of parrot was found.

Where to Watch Birds in South America
Nigel Wheatley: Buy from or

  • Covers over 200 sites in the continent of South America. An introduction includes, general travel information as well as details of habitat and bird diversity. The site accounts cover the places to go, and the birds to look for when there.

Birds to Watch 2 : the World List of Threatened Birds
N.J. Collar: Buy from or

Recommended travel books for Peru:

Lonely Planet: Peru
Rob Rachowiecki: Buy from or

  • Once again the best guide book for those planning a trip to Peru. It goes through the country, describes unknown places and the peruvian culture and the way of living in an overlooking way. Accurate information about hotels, restaurants, tour agencies and infrastructure. The book gives one good tips how to get to all interesting sights and places. The book is a must!

The Inca Trail with Cuzco & Machu Picchu
Richard Danbury: Buy from or

  • This guide is all you need to hike in the Inca heartland of the Machu Picchu historical sanctuary, with detailed trekking maps, a chapter on the Incas and their Peruvian ancestors, city guides to Cuzco and Lima, a section on safe and responsible trekking and more.

Nelles Map: Peru
Buy from or

  • Part of the "Nelles Maps" series, this up-to-date, detailed relief map covers Peru. Tourist attractions are indicated, and inset city maps are included.



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