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The Following Reports are available from Lesvos, Greece :
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Mainland Greece
Ionian Islands: (Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakinthos)
Cyclades: (Naxos, Delphi, Santorini, Folegandros)
Dodecanese Islands: (Samos, Kos, Rhodes)
Northern Aegean: (Thasos)

Lesvos 28th April - 5th May 2012

  • The first target today is the tiny Scops Owl, and by 8.40am it’s ‘in the bag’...Chris Hall reports.

Lesvos 5th to 19th May 2011

  • The Greek Island of Lesvos: Located in the Eastern Aegean, Lesvos or Lesbos is famous for its Petrified Forest and is the third largest island of Greece...Tina and Mick Sway report.

Lesvos 23rd April to 7th May 2009

  • And what of the birds? Just brilliant: a superb mix of breeding specialities such as Eleanora’s Falcon, Kruper’s Nuthatch, Rufous Bush Chat, Ruppell’s Warbler, Olive Tree Warbler and Cinereous Bunting and exciting migrants including Dalmatian Pelican, Pallid Harrier....Ian Kinley and Dave Thexton report.

Lesvos 30th April 2009-7th May 2009

  • All in all we had a fabulous time and saw some pretty spectacular birds, most of which gave views to surpass anything we have had before. We were away a week earlier than usual but it has to be said that this year we were there when migration was at its height. The sheer number of birds at times was staggering...Mike Fox, Sean Murphy and Colin Murphy report.

Birdwatching Report from Vatera - Lesvos 29.04.02 - 13.05.02

  • We visited Vatera, Lesvos for the first time with our young family and a friend and stayed at comfortable and homely apartments...The southern tip of Vatera on the island of Lesvos benefits from some unique advantages, it is ideally situated for bird migration coming in from Africa and Turkey due to its southern location on the island and it has a protruding point into the sea, the cape of Agios Focas, which naturally attracts a lot of migratory birds.....Dirk Demey & Karen Op de Beek report.

Lesvos 19th May - 2nd June 2005

  • We chose to visit Lesvos in the “off season” just outside the main migration period, hoping the weather would be more settled, and that there would still be plenty of birds to see – but no so many birdwatchers!...Alan Saunders reports

Lesvos May 5th - 12th 2005

  • On the way back to the apartment we visited the Salt Pans where we had 4 Collared Pratincoles, a flock of c40 Whiskered Terns plus the usual single Sanderling and small flock of Curlew Sandpipers.....David Mason reports.

Lesbos Greece 7-21 May 2004

  • Although this was already our 7th visit to Greece this was actually the first time that bird watching was one of our main occupations. Greece is a wonderful country to visit with very friendly people, a relaxed atmosphere and excellent food in cosy taverns. Combining this makes Lesbos an ideal destination for a relaxed bird watching holiday...Jos Wanten reports..

Lesvos 27th of April to 6th of May 2003

  • Those with special interest in migrating raptors and other large birds should pay a visit to the lay-by about 2 km North of Kalloni. On the fifth of May the winds were more easterly and the raptors tended to take a course right above a small chapel close to the Limonos Monastery...Niclas Winqvist reports.

Lesvos 1-8th May 2003

  • Immediately after seeing the Dalmation Pelican, a Little Crake appeared out of the reeds.  Things were looking up. We then moved to the Saltpans and got excellent views of Lesser Grey Shrike and distant views of a number of common waders....Bob Biggs reports.

Mytilini/Lesvos in winter 06-13.01.2003

  • A little bit further from Vatera, but still within a 45min. drive along the road towards Kalloni is the flatland of Derbyshire which produced 30 wintering Great White Egret, 8 Ruddy Shelduck and also some Mute Swans. Another day 9 Whoopers came to visit this beautiful area too....Dirk Raes reports.

Lesvos, Greece 26 April to 2 May 2002,

  • This was our first trip to Lesvos and we were very impressed with the quality of the birding. The speciality birds were easy to see and there were good numbers of passage migrants moving through all week, with a noticable fall occurring on the 1st...Peter Alfrey and Lee Dingain report,

Birding Lesvos 3rd -17th May 2001

  • Having read reports about how good Lesvos is for spring migration we decided to give it a try. We stayed at the Kalloni 11 Hotel at Skala Kalloni and had a ground floor room with terrace onto the garden in front, and a view of Skala Kalloni Pool. We were greeted with Whiskered Tern, White-winged Black Tern, Black-winged Stilt, Squacco Heron, Purple Heron and Garganey from our room as we unpacked...Alan and Anne Miller report

Lesvos Trip Report April 12th - 19th 2001

  • We decided to try Lesvos in April after reading several good trip reports, mainly when visited in May. Several reports indicated that late April would be worth a visit, and having 2 weeks off in mid-April we decided to give it a whirl...James Eaton reports

Lesvos 04/05/2000 - 11/05/2000

  • Thirteen members of the Cambrian Ornithological Society visited Lesvos from 4th to 11th May 2000. We were fortunate in the week we chose, in that rain during the previous week meant that there was quite a lot of water at sites such as the East River and Kalloni Pool early in the week, with impressive numbers of herons, egrets and waders present....Rhion Pritchard reports

Lesvos 24th August and 4th Sept '97.

  • "If we ever won the lottery there would be a more than even chance that we would look for somewhere to buy on this lovely island." John Jennings explores the birds and the character of the Island of Lesbos.



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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

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Vatera – Around & About ( No 2 in the LESVOS GUIDES series), Published in Lesvos- Greece ISBN: 960-87892-0-6

Will guide you step by step along the local tracks and paths through some of the best scenery and to some of the most interesting places in the area, such as traditional villages, picturesque harbours, olive groves, orchards, pastures, forest, rivers and waterfalls…also a ruined castle, thermal baths, country chapels and cliff tops. Price: UK only: £ 4.00 + £ 1.70 p.p. or 6 Euro + 2.50 Euro p.p.

Available from the Publisher: Dimitra Balkizas, MADONNA EDITIONS Vatera Beach, Vatera- Lesvos 81 300 Greece
Tel + 30 2252061121 or E mail:

Collins Bird Guide
Lars Svensson et al: Buy from or

  • Described by some as the best field guide in the world, and 15 years in the making. Has it been Worth the Wait?...Yes definately! If you buy just 1 book a year then make sure that its this one. Stunning drawings by the worlds finest bird illustrators..and it shows..check out the plates on tern, Skuas, and the Ducks...not forgetting the Finches and Crossbills.

Birding on the Greek Island of Lesvos
Richard Brooks: Buy from or

  • I found this book invaluable on my visit.....The systematic list is comprehensive, listing every bird recorded on Lesvos together with detailed information on status, distribution, and occurence. The book contains a useful index to the bird species, and contains some stunning photographs taken by the author to wet the appetite.

Recommended travel books for Greece

The Rough Guide to Greek Islands
Mark Ellingham, et al: Buy from or

  • A thoroughly functional guide to the Greek Islands. There is a small section on the natural history of the Greek Islands included

DK Eyewitness Travel Guides: Greek Islands:
Buy from

  • This quide is not only stunningly beautiful but full of general info as well: along with the Rough Guide, DK's is absolutely essential. No other guide has so much to show you - visually. It seems incredible that so many finely rendered photographs have been included - but they have! This book is a triumph over mediocrity: it bristles with colour and light and we can only get lost in the splendour of it all.

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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?