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The Following Reports are available from Indonesia:
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West Papua July 29- August 16, 2013

  • Most of the birds we saw are those usually and easily seen on a standard trip to Papua New Guinea. We had hoped to see many of the West Papua endemics as well as specialty New Guinea endemics that are not readily seen in PNG...Gary and Marlene Babic report.

Sulawesi 18 July- 5 August 2012

  • We focussed on Sulawesi because we want to maximise our time and we tried to see as many of the endemics and specialties of this island as possible and I can only conclude that we had a really successful trip...Henk Hendricks reports.

West Papua 26 July - 27 August 2011

  • Ever since I visited Papua New Guinea in 2008 I intended to visit the western, Indonesian part of New Guinea. I almost made the trip in the mid nineties of the last century but because of civil turmoil I had to cancel that trip...Henk Hendricks reports.

West Papua, Indonesia 27 April-27 May 2011

  • West Papua with its extensive forests and great variety of habitats is one of the most important areas for biodiversity in the world. It is particularly noted for its avifauna with numerous species of birds of paradise. However, it is not an easy destination....Nicolaas van Zalinge reports.

Bali and Flores 28th May to 8th June 2011

  • I was on the edge of my seat by the time we got to Komodo – to search for the Dragon and the Yellow-crested Cockatoo...Duan Biggs reports

Bali, Indonesia 2nd April-15th April 2011

  • Birding is easy and most of the key species, including a surprising number limited to Bali and Java, can be found in four or five busy days in just two key areas ...Oscar Campbell reports.

Lesser Sundas and Bali. 9-30th Nov 2010

  • The Lesser Sundas & Bali had certainly been everything I had expected and more. We had seen a wonderful array of almost all-possible endemics...Jan Vermeulen reports.

Bali 1st-16th April 2010

  • Bali is not much visited by serious birdwatchers, as it only has one endemic (Bali myna), which is virtually impossible to see in the wild. It is a densely populated island and there is little forest left, apart from Bali Barat national park in the west. There are plenty of beautiful and exciting birds in Bali...Geoff Upton reports.

Lesser Sundas and remote Moluccas Aug - Nov 2009 a report in .pdf format by George Wagner.

Sulawesi & Halmahera, (Indonesia), 11 September-9 October 2009

  • The fields between Singsingon and the Gunung Ambang mountain are patrolled by Spotted Harriers....Spot-tailed Goshawks were highlights in the forest...Nicolaas van Zalinge reports.

Sulawesi 7-13th October 2009 A report in .pdf format (3.5Mb) by Peter Ericsson

Sulawesi and Halmahera August 14th- September 5th 2009

  • Sulawesi and Halmahera had certainly been everything I had expected and more. We had seen a wonderful array of almost all-possible endemics and only dipped very few species. The final total for the 3 weeks trip was 258 species of birds....Jan Vermeulen reports.

Indonesia, Java and Bali 16th August - 5th September 2009

  • Kicked off our trip with a few hours in a packed Bogor Botanical Gardens. Surprising number of birds in this fairly unpromising spot...Brendan Threlfall reports.

Western Java, Indonesia (Gunung Halimun, Pamanukan, Muara Angke) 8-12 August 2009

  • Report in .pdf format by Bruce Wedderburn

Western Java, Indonesia (Gunung Gede, Pulau Dua, Carita, Muara Angke, Pulau Rambut) 12-18th February 2009

  • This report is based on a seven day birding trip to Western Java which was organised together with Indra Ferdinand...The focus of the trip was on the Javan endemics and a total of 157 species were seen during the seven days of birding.....Bruce Wedderburn reports.

Lesser Sundas (Nusa Tengara - Bali, Sumba, Timor, Flores, Rinca & Komodo) 23th July-20th August 2008

  • I recorded a total of 225 species (incl.4 heard only) of which 70 that are endemic to the Lesser Sundas. Highlights were many but some species stand out like Sumba Hornbill, Citron-crested Cockatoo, the 2 endemic Boobooks and the gorgeous Red-naped Fruit-Dove....Henk Hendricks reports.

Sumatra and Java 27th July-16th August 2008

  • The Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java are two of the primary birding destinations in south-east Asia with a wide variety of endemics, regional specialities and pan-Asian species. It remains a major destination for all serious world birders (of which I’m not one!)....Martin Wootton reports

South Maluku, Indonesia, July 21st- 19th August 2007

  • Some of the harder endemics on Seram are only available at higher elevations, so we decided to drive to the highest point accessible to us. We did some birding on our way up there, especially to look for the Salmon-crested Cockatoo on the slopes just below the high point...Ron Hoff reports

Sumatra, Indonesia 19th July - 4th August 2007

  • I knew beforehand that the birding would be difficult and that it would take time to get to grips with the specialties of the area. Some species like Schneider’s Pitta and Sumatran Peacock-Pheasant are much harder to find nowadays then in the past...Henk Hendricks reports.

Bali 10th-24th July 2007

  • Moving off down the hill we saw 5 Black Thighed Falconets, who posed on a dead tree nicely for us, and at the bottom by a dry riverbed with pools, we saw Giant Tree Squirrel and Black Monkey....Martin and Gill Parr report

Sumatra and West Java 4th-23rd July 2007

  • A trip report covering the logistics & results of a visit to the islands of Sumatra & Java in the Indonesian archipelago. Sites visited included Gunung Kerinci and the Kerinci Sebalat national park (Mauro Sako or Tapan Road as it is also known), Way Kambas all on Sumatra and Gunung Gede on Java....Jonathan Williams reports.

Gunung Gede, Java, Indonesia, May 18-22, 2006

  • Gunung Gede – Pangrangro National Park in western Java, Indonesia, is easily accessible from Jakarta and is reported to hold nearly all of Java’s endemic birds in its montane forests...Gary Babic reports

Notes on short trip to West-Timor 15-16/9/2005 and 13/11/2005, Mark Schellekens

Sumba, Indonesia 27/8 - 1/9/04

  • The objective of the trip was to see the potential new birds of Sumba.  While we did not know whether we would find accommodation outside of Waingapu, and in reasonable proximity to forest, we did end up staying at Waikabubak...We were pleased with our views of the Elegant Pitta and Sumba Hornbill, both of which we were keen to see....David Milton and Sandra Harding report.

Notes on short trip to 3 Locations in West-Timor 21/11/2004-23/11/2004

  • Trip list from Mark Schellekens

Muara Angke Nature Reserve, North Jakarta 26 September, 2004

  • Trip list from Mark Schellekens

Ujung Pangkah and the Lemahan River mudflats. (+ Java and Trawas ) December 20th , 2003.

  • Notes on short visits by Mark Schellekens

Wallacea, Indonesia 3 to 24 August 2003

  • Two of my friends were doing a 2 month tour of Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sulawesi and Halmahera and I decided to join them for the Wallacean part of the trip. The trip was rather eventful, but still produced a good list of endemics and otherwise excellent birds. Although Halmahera has been off limits for a few years , the situation has calmed down and it is now perfectly safe to visit again...Wim Heylen reports

Java, Bali and East Sumatra (Way Kambas) 27 June – 21 July 2002

  • This report is based on our first birding trip to the Indonesian archipelago. First of all we were interested to find as many of the region's endemics as possible. Of course we did not see all the endemics but then you have to be very lucky. W saw a good selection of Indonesian's birdlife with 237 species during 22 days of birding...Peter Collaerts reports

Sulawesi & Halmahera 25th May 2002 to 15th June 2002

  • Wallacea is a transitional zone between the Oriental and Australasian faunal realms. At 379, Sulawesi, formerly known as Celebes, has the smallest numbers of bird species of any of the seven biogeographic regions in Indonesia, though hosts 96 species not shared with other regions. Birdlife International has identified 24 Endemic Bird Areas (EBAs) within Indonesia....David Cooper reports.

Sumatra August2001

  • There are many spectacular birds lurking in the few remaining areas of forest which once covered this vast island, but Sumatra is not one of those destinations that gives up its birds easily! Our third visit to Sumatra proved to be every bit as challenging as our previous two (though thankfully with less rain!). It also proved to be every bit as successful with a 'big bag full of goodies' to gloat over after all of our effort!...Pete Morris reports.

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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Indonesia:
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A Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo, Sumatra, Java, and Bali
John MacKinnon: Buy from or

  • This book provides a complete identification guide to the birds of this important region, including descriptions and colour illustrations of all 820 species found there, many of which do not occur anywhere else. Information is provided on where to look for endemic and insular forms and on major birding localities. Introductory chapters discuss habitats, climate, land-use, and conservation. This volume is intended for reference and for pleasure, for amateur and professional ornithologists, for birdwatchers and for tourists to Indonesia and region.

A Photographic guide to the birds of Indonesia
Morten Strange: Buy from or

  • The first comprehensive photographic guide to the birds of Indonesia ever available, this superb volume covers 686 species in one of the world's most diverse avifauna regions. The highlight of this book is its almost 700 stunning colour photographs--many appearing here for the first time. Attractive and easy to use, this guide is indispensable reading for all bird lovers.

A Field Guide to the Birds of South-East Asia
Craig Robson: Buy from or

  • A new flexi-cover edition of this superb and influential book is now available (UK) making it far more useful in the field. The birds of South-East Asia details the identification, voice, breeding, status, habitat and distribution of the 1250 species and distinctive sub-species of the region covering Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, West Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. The illustrations are excellent and Craig Robson's text reflects his position as one of the foremost ornithological authorities of S.E.Asia. Indispensable for anyone visiting the area.

Birding Indonesia
Paul Jepson: Buy from or

  • This guide to birdwatching in Indonesia contains travel tips and articles which cover many species of birdlife, with information on sightseeing tours to many little-known places. Detailed maps show the different habitats. There is an index of English and scientific names

Where to watch birds in Asia
Wheatley, Nigel: Buy from or

  • This guide to birdwatching in Asia deals with over 250 sites in detail, and more in passing, from Turkey to Thailand and India to Indonesia. It is designed as much for pre-planning birding trips as for use in the country or countries on the itinerary. The countries are dealt with alphabetically and after a general introduction, there are site details, which include a list of birds to be seen, organized under the headings "Endemics", "Specialities" and "Others"; a list of "Other Wildlife" is also included where there is something of particular interest.

Recommended travel books for Indonesia:

Lonely Planet : Indonesia
Peter Turner : Buy from or

  • The tri-coloured lakes of Keli Mutu on Flores have a habit of changing colour in their volcanic craters. This guide includes travel information for Lombok, Flores, Sumbawa, Sumba, Timor, Komodo, Rinca, Alor and Solor Archipelagos, Roti and Sabu

Get by in Indonesian: the All-in-one Language and Travel Guide: Travel Pack
Diana Flint: Buy from

  • Combining a language course with travel information, this pack consists of a guidebook for visitors to Indonesia, an accompanying audio-cassette, and a booklet which summarizes phrases and conversations and is designed for quick reference. The guidebook contains phrases, dialogues, a 1000-word dictionary, and information on topics such as transport, accommodation, shopping, food and drink, entertainments and emergencies. Fold-out flaps carry key phrases, numbers, a short pronunciation guide and a map. The cassette presents model dialogues and pronunciation tips.

Indonesia: the Rough Guide
Stephen Backshall: Buy from or

  • Written since the coup, this guide covers practicalities of travel in this Southeast-Asian archipelago, from catching the right city "bemo" to negotiationg a boat ride, from wildlife and trekking to surfing and scuba, with directions to the best places to eat

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